Friday, July 2, 2010

Thursday's CX Adventure Delivers

NoCar and I got off to slow start but in the end the this Thursday's edition of the CX adventure proved to be yet another outing worthy of the name "Adventure".

Having forgotten my spare tire at home, we headed back up Big Cut for the pick up. We did tickle Gold Bug prior to the return home, and immediately checked the CX necessary box. From the top of Big Cut we were on pavement for a bit until we headed down Hanks Exchange off Pleasant Valley. From here we dipped off on to Nashville Trail and then started winding our way on dirt roads and the like to hook up with Oak Hill Road. From Oak Hill we swung by the chateau of he without handle for the next set of directions. NoHandle delivered in spades! He set us off on his super secret back door trails back up to Diamond Springs. This route took us by a pond that I could have gone my whole life without ever knowing it was back there, awesome!

Saturday's early roll out appears to be on with at least B, Cap'n and me rolling out at 5! Any other takers?

Until we Ride:


  1. 5 am?!? Fine.
    Count me in. Where are we meeting, and how much food do I have to carry?