Thursday, December 27, 2012


In keeping with the common New Year's tradition of "best of's" and "look back's," as FT3 enter's its fifth year of epic existence, I would like to take a moment to capture some of the events, occurrences and incidents that  mark our storied history. This, of course, is only a partial list, and I am hopeful it will continue to develop as we approach the first day of the year, the first Tuesday of the year, and the first Tuesday in a post apocalyptic world. If the first Tuesday of the month is SSFT3, what is the first Tuesday of the year, when it falls on the first day of the year? Ponder that, and this list, as the day approaches. Those of you with admin capabilities, feel free to jump in here and bring more life to this list. Others are relinquished to the HCF.

Incidents, events, and occurrences that mark FT3's Epic Existence as of the end of 2012....

Proper young man, proper
The snowy night when we rode to taco's in the snow, stopping at various establishments along the way, visiting with friendly locals (how did we get back, anyway?)
The Hurricane of Fat Tuesday
What's yer time, dude?
26" wheels
The Kish
B is for Barf
When we were 3/10th's of a mile from ....?
Winter Solstice FT3
Aliens or Frenchies
Tuesday Tour of Pville Steeps
Strawberry to Kirkwood, January edition
Chicken Bake
When No Sauce didn't sauce his tacos
When the Lynskey broke
When the Carbon Specialized broke
When the Spot broke
When NoCar's Collarbone broke
When Cap'n should have got stitches
B's Chin, where he got stitches
Rock's tow strap
Team 1
Team 2
In Law
Slightly undercooked bacon
To go tacos?
Possible Side Effects
Arm wrestling at the Pino Lodge'

and... much, much, more

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Tuesday Before the End of the World

So gents, this is the last Tuesday before the end of the world. What are you going to do? Sit at home and watch The Voice? Go to Peter's house and cut out paper snowflakes? Prepare for world's best end of the world party set to take place this Friday night? Start training for the Coolest 24 hour race which is slated to return to Cool, California in 2013 - six months after the world ends?

Will there be snow? Will it be cold? Will Rock God show up? Will a ride leader or other new guy show up?

For some of us, cyclocross season has come to a close. I fought some tough battles this year, nearly actually got in a fight, made a showing when I was down with the sickness and got shelled, and missed the last race due to that same sickness. Such is the life of a Master's racer. I finished fifth overall in the Sac CX Series, which is two better than last year. Can't ask for much more than that. So, for cross season closure and closure of the world, I leave you with this epic cyclocross vid.

Also, mark your calendars for the epic Old Caz Grasshopper Cyclocross ride event set to occur on January 19th this year. Some of you will recall that Green Fro, Ghost and I took this on last year and returned with rave reviews. Hopefully more can join us this year, provided there is a January 2013.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Great weather, Awesome trail conditions

On my way out to the Squito lot I get a call from B requesting me to shuttle a rider.  So I picked up Nocar and we met the other 4 riders (Newb, B, Councilman, No Handle) at the Lot.  The temperature was nice out (mid to low 40s) but I still brought my ski jacket and full fingered gloves.  Newb took us out the back door to B’s chin. We climbed horsetail, crossed MET to the 2nd Dam.  Then we took 8  out to Palins, dropped Palin’s, made a sharp left on the bottom for a steep climb up back to 8.  B managed to power up the steep climb, nearly blowing apart his heart, while the rest of us walked up.  We continued around 8 CCW.  There a fallen tree across part of the 8 and some large branches caused me to unclip and walk.  We then climbed Redneck Rising.  The bottom was full of mud and lakes of dirty water across the trail.  I slipped on the trail and was immediately dropped from the group of riders but re-grouped at MET.  We dropped the Left lip and continued CCW around the lake.  About half way around the lake we took the pavement back as it was already after 9:30PM and we wanted tacos.  There was no way that we’d get tacos if we continued to ride to Qualifier and then down powerline as Newb wanted to.  The rain started coming down as we arrived back at the Lot.   Other than B tinkering with his stem bolts, no mechanicals occurred.  At taco session, Captain got an order of tacos even though he wasn’t present.  We told them to put it on his tab and No Handle enjoyed that order.  I remember hearing, “now that’s blog worthy” over taco session so if you remember what was said, please enlighten us.  On the way back down the hill it was extremely foggy with visibility less than 20 feet at times.   I managed to get Nocar down the hill with Safety Style.

Departed: 6:58PM
Distance: 18.7 miles
Total duration: 2hr 49 minutes
GPS says 4,600 feet climbing

Above: Councilman showing off the real way to sauce tacos

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Last Tuesday of the Week

That's right, after tonight there won't ever be another Tuesday this week. So, don't miss your last chance this week to head out on a Tuesday night and hit some super-prime Pollywood trails.

Temps should stay above 40 and no precipitation through ride time.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Missing Tuesday Nights Won't Get You Up Squaw Ridge

When I got home from work, Mrs. Nocar asked me who was in the crew for last Tuesday’s FT3. I told her it was just the troublemakers. She responded, “that’s you and B, and…” she paused and thought, “Nohandle? No, not Nohandle. Newb.”

The pre-ride activities commenced with a session of rider grooming. B had spent the day in Georgetown and required tick removal. We enjoyed a protracted kitting session, while enjoying non-traditional, pre-ride hydration.

Newb made his FT3 RideLeader debut. Out the back, cross Sly Park at MET, up the steep trail to the horse camp. At this point I had already failed to remain in compliance by changing gears. As the ride Peter, I struggled to keep up with the SSers, and relied on the bits of flat section to catch up. As we loped up Chiquita, we wondered if we could include a new permanent section on the blog: the wiener box. In it would appear the top 3 most Petery riders. We spent a significant portion of the ride debating who would be in the wiener box. 

B was enjoying a ride on Newb’s latest addition (a SS, double rigid, steel Voodoo), when we turned down the Right Lip. He shredded the corners with Newb and I in hot pursuit. With a sudden jerk, B was flying off the bike and barrel rolled over a downed log. He had first thought he was going to bunny hop the log, then realized he couldn’t and made desperate evasive action. He emerged unscathed, but when we reached the bottom of the Lip, he realized that the Voodoo’s front wheel was less true than a political campaign ad. Newb commenced beating the wheel against the ground and tightening spokes until the bike was rideable.

Lake loop with Mars roving to horse trails to Rock Garden up the wedding march, and then the utter lack of trail skills of our little party of misfits became apparent. Nothing looked right and we stopped to consider where we were and put on our rain jackets. Somewhere on the forest roads between the march and the qualifier, we chose left turns over rights, finally bombing a bit of singletrack back to the Lake and more Mars Roving to tacos.  

We took the corner spot at the business end of the bar. All of the sauces were assembled before us and the beer cooler was just inches away. Mother Rye engaged us in serious discussions about the effects of mine tailings on lacustrine ecosystems, local homicides, and 70s music. B summed it all up by telling the parable of the mercurial taco.