Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hotel Pain Cave

Rooms available!

With three days to go, it seems that plans and prep are all coming together for a solid race effort. The weather continues to look like it might be a factor. The good news with weather is that everyone will have to deal with the same offerings. We have done our fair share of foul weather training of late and I think this actually will work in our favor!

Ride number 50 for FT3 is in the books. A solid group, Cap'n, Bambi, NoHandle, In-Law, Ghostrider, B (and dog), Rock God, and I, all hit the trail on a very cool yet clear night. We hit the lake trail via the picnic table graveyard and then rounded off the back side of the lake with the horse trial, before finishing off with a small sampling of Fleming. The trails are still in fantastic condition. After a flat a couple early mechanicals, it was a smooth ride with lots of long stretches of continuous riding. For the first time this spring, lights, although some were turned on, were not necessary, the lake was spilling, and the camp grounds had clearly started to be used in earnest. Ended up riding a bit over an hour at a pretty good clip and then called it a night, taper week and all, had to keep the legs fresh.

There was some considerable planning over tacos and beers. Councilman made a surprise Taco showing and presided over the planning issues. Ghostrider appears to be taking his roll as team wrench very seriously, spot on mate! The night wrapped up pretty early, for lots of sleep and general rest prior to race day.

"By a blessed dispensation, human beings forget physical pain much more quickly than they do their joyous emotions and experiences. A merciful Providence passes the sponge of oblivion across much that is suffered, and enables us to cherish the great moments of life and honor which come to us in the march" (Churchill)

Who is ready to start marching? The cave is calling!

Until we ride again

Monday, April 27, 2009

"He's Going the Distance, He's Going for Speed!"

Call out for ride #50

We are now 4.5 days out from the 24 hour race, and you best believe I am digging out the game face! Body's getting some good well deserved rest, and we all are ready to roll! I don't even see why I am going to work this week, clearly the priority is the bike...

Race info:
We need lights. Clearly we have all been running all winter long with good set-ups, but just to be safe, if we could borrow a few additional lights that would be great.

The racing starts at noon on Saturday running to noon Sunday. All visitors are welcome and encouraged. The FT3/Velo LoCo camp should be easy to find and we will have last years banner up again. Curtis/Green/'fro had threatened a late night visit but it looks like the wife unit has to be out of town. The late night visits are awesome, if anyone is willing to pull this off it would be most appreciated. We have elected to run single lap rotations this year. I am putting out there: We are going for the most laps of any group or individual. The time has come to Man Up Hard As Hell and Throw Down!

Late breaking news: Rumor has it that In-Law is running on a two man 24 hr team? Is there truth in this? Way to man up!

Ghost Rider will be leading our pit crew: Many many many thanks for this contribution of time! A clean bike is a fast bike - That's the pit mantra, learn it and love it!

Ride Reports:
There was some good riding taking place over the weekend. After I got over the Peter Pissy Pants episode of Friday (stress is a terrible beast) and after successfully getting another Prom on the books, Sunday's roll out was totally necessary. Cap'n, NoHandel, Ghost Rider and I all took off a bit late for a cool spring outing. The four of us clicked off a standard Apple Hill loop. I am getting pretty comfy with the aerobars and was able to hammer a bit on the flats and downhill. Cap'n joined Ghost Rider and me up to Lions Park, and then Ghost and I took off for some more riding. Cruising down Lotus road I hit something on the road, neither Ghost Rider nor I saw what it was, but it must have been sharp. The object cut my tire in half and put a nick in the rim, bummer! Calls had to go out to the home fronts to get a ride back. There is most certain feeling of defeat getting a lift back from mid ride. I think all is well and the wheel just has a slight blemish, kind of like a supermodel with a zit!

Race Report:
That's right we have a race report from last weekend. Although it was with a Bicycle Planet kit on Curtis/Green/'fro fired off for the Wente Vineyards Road Race in Livermore over the weekend. I believe it was his first official road race. He tucked himself in to the Cat 5 group and went out to see what it was all about. After navigating his way through the first crash he stayed near the front all day and finished 10th about a minute back from the first group. Reports were of a windy course that required you to stay up front or ride alone. For a first outing all thumbs were up, and he is threatening to race again! We just got to get him in the right kit.

Speaking of which, sounds like Ghost Rider is almost ready to get something posted for voting. If we are not careful we will have a full on team running here pretty soon.

Tuesday Ride:
The ride will be on the mellow side as it's race week.

5:45 at Mosquito, exit 54?

This has made quick rounds and is totally awesome! After watching it way too many times I am stuck with two things:
One: I have to post it here.
Two: I have to learn how to do a back flip off a tree!

Until we ride again;

Saturday, April 25, 2009

7 Days and Counting

The recon trip of Friday night revealed a fast new course that will lend itself to some pretty wild racing next week. It seems to be much tighter than last year, with tons of single track and only limited sections of Fire Road.

Lap one was pretty calm and served as a good opportunity to find you bearings. Lap two was a bit different. The collective feet went down on the figurative gas pedal and off we went. I was caught off guard a bit and found with tired legs and a week of stress and fatigue, I was way off the back. I chased hard and ended up have a good lap. Cap'n, Bambi, and NoHandle almost took flight...

I was a bit tired this morning, but I think I may have been felt better than others?!?!?!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Missing Turtle

This elusive creature may or may not reside in the Jenkinson Lake area south of Pollock Pines, CA. It is known to be extremely aggressive albeit slow. This turtle may be recognizable by the recent TV commercials it stared in for high speed Internet. While Mt. Biking please use extreme caution when approaching, the Pond Turtle is known to possess extraordinary ninja skills.

Roll Out I Say!

Ride #49 was and interesting outing to say the least! Lots of rule #3 violations, some secret training, a catastrophic mechanical, and the return to eating outside...not to mention a 50 degree increase in air temperature.

NoHandle and I took off at 4:30 for some secret training. NoHandle fresh off his trip abroad, desired a slightly longer effort than the normal FT3 throws out, so off he went for a nice pre-ride loop. He was able to explore some trails that had been seen and not fully scouted yet. Unfortunately, I don't think anything was panning out as no "Epic" reports came back claiming new found trails. I fired off my second pre-ride swim of the spring. This swim was notably warmer and much more pleasant than the first. Actually a couple more days of this weather will have the lake spilling and the temps very comfy!

The remain crew of riders: Cap'n, Rock God, B, Bambi, and In-Law, all showed up at the normal time for a standard roll out. Cap'n did catch NoHandle's call for help and produced a needle to inflate the dead shock on NoHandle's steed, spot on Mate. The initial miles of the ride was marred with minor mechanicals and violations of Rule was a chatty bunch last night! Trail notes: In the spirit of NoHandles earlier exploration we struck out on some new trails. The day light trek over the new section of single track horse trail proved that this trail is a keeper. The new climb up to the yellow gate crossroads was good, there is still talk on the need to explore the non-permitted is clear some renegade work is being done. Councilman and Cap'n will need to discuss the professional approach the group chooses to take. The new downhill was a total bust, sticks, slash, did get us to the Left Lip and that was perfect. The return to the Knot Hole was a good new route home, and will be explore again.

The Rock Garden claims its first victim: It is without doubt that the Rock Garden is the most technical section of trail we have access to at the lake. There is much talk around cleaning the route either in the downhill or uphill direction, however there has been no talk as of yet of not letting the Rock Garden "clean" you. NoHandle had to pay the sacrifice to the trail gods with one bounce off a ill placed rock and "snap" no more derailleur! There was a group prayer, delivered with much compassion and sentiment by Bambi and then the decision was made. The road was in view, the sun was still up, there was still riding to be done, NoHandle needed some time alone, so we collectively decided to leave a man behind for a solo walk out! Way to take on for the team...we will continue to discuss the process and procedures of lost riders and proper protocol for major mechanical.

For the Taco portion of the night we were joined by Curtis, aka Green, aka 'fro, aka ???. We returned to our rightful spot outside, claimed the fire, and created some mood lighting with the life left in the lights! The Knot Hole was not firing off on thier "A Game" but we nothing will keep the FT3 crew from a lively Taco Session. NoHandle with the major mechanical, walk out, Knot Hole frustrations, and jet lag seemed to be having a real interesting night. B's keen observation skills noticed this situation and therefore he created a new award to be given each week for the "Peter Pissy Pants Rider" of each session. There was a slew of biting comments last night, good blog material, spot on!

All in all shortish ride, good climbing and some good new is always said, we are doing a lot more than just riding bikes.

Upcoming Rides:
4/24/09: 2nd Annual Who Brought the Cooler Night Recon Session: Meeting at Cap'n's at 6:00????
4/26/09: Sunday Road Ride...anyone up for a 6:30 departure?
5/2-3/09: 24 HOUR RACE!!!!!!

Unit we ride again.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fuel the Fire!

What a difference a week makes. Last Tuesday it was 30 degrees and snowing. Now, seven days later, it is pushing 90 and I am worried about dust. The one thing this nice weather has done is made me realize that racing is now a part of our schedule! The anticipation of the 24 hour race has made it difficult to get any tasks done at work. Actually, come to think of it, the fact that I know that there is a bicycle somewhere with my name on it has made it difficult to get anything done period! Sunny warm days were made to be on a bike. Looks like most of the group is healing up, back home, DTI pampered...all in all we are ready to go! So what are we waiting for?

Is your fire adequately fueled for the next stretch? If not, Ghost Rider has thrown out there a guys movie night to view 24 Solo to make sure the passion for the bike does not subside. I can personally feel the energy in the air that we are indeed coming into pretty heavy racing season and that there is a vacancy sign blinking on the "Pain Cave". I think I will go in a take a look!

Mosquito @ 5:45...Exit 54?

I am going to do a bit of Secret Training again and will meet you guys at the Knot Hole (Patrick, were you serious about the extra riding?)

Until we ride again.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Update

It appears everyone was out enjoying this absolutely perfect weekend. Doesn't appear everyone was out on bikes, but it sure seemed like a lot of folks were out and about. Rumor has it we may push a record tomorrow with highs approaching 90 and then plummet back down for some rain next Saturday. As for the Barnes family, well we got some our garden in this weekend and the kids got a new mega supreme sandbox! I think I equaled shoveling hours to pedaling, so it goes. I hope you all enjoyed the hot weather and didn't get burned!

Ride Reports:
Super Secret Mt. Bike Ride: Jerry and Ian fired off at 6:30 on Saturday morning for a dirt outing. It sounds like the hit both Cronan and the Olmstead area, hitting Cronan twice. The return trip set them into a couple of horse groups. I will refrain from too much horse bashing here, but I really hate horses...Tires stayed down all trip for both riders and after 3+ hours they were good to go and returned home. Did I mention that horses are dumb! I caught Jerry while watching a little league game, seemed like some good DTI work taking place there. I also saw Ian shuttling one of his little ones around today, also quality DTI effort. Looks like the early departure worked well for them. Maybe we are approaching the next time change for weekend AM ride departures? Sorry Rick, I know early mornings don't bode well for the fun factor equation.

Standard Sunday Roll: Curtis, Rick and I rolled out of Starbucks @ 7:30 as usual for a Sunday Classics. I forgot to put the bottles in the cages, so a mandatory warm-up up Big Cut was put in place. We then headed east doing a fairly standard Starks Grade loop. Just before the big switch back on Starks, Curtis caught fire. It took everything I had to hold his wheel as the big man started make up for lost time, I guess the berries are feeling better! I eventually got around him but just to slow the pace, he was a man possessed today. He easily took the lead to the bus station where Rick and I were left to wonder how he stayed so fit off the bike! Once we got into Pollock proper, Curtis got on 50, by bike, to join a Folsom Lake College group that was being supported by Bicycle Planet. No word by press time, so I am assuming everything went well. Rick and I continued back to town and rolled into Chez Rock God for Lattes and Roubiax. Even though I knew who won and who crashed it was an awesome race to watch. We should try and make this into a bigger event. Watching riders wilt under the pressure of cobbles and attacks is pretty amazing. The strong men had to earn that title and strong they are indeed.

Sea Otter? I know Councilman was word yet? Young Bolster was throwing down as well.

Injured Reserve: What's the status?

Upcoming Rides:
Tuesday: Should be nice, if not dusty for this weeks outing. I am going out on a limb and guaranteeing no snow!
Wednesday: PCRS #4 I think I can watch kids for this one (Sorry Jerry I just got your message over the weekend).
Friday: Not so secret Night Training Outing. The 2nd Annual Who Brought the Cooler Night Ride. The 24 hour race is one week out and we are hitting the course for some night time recon. We reconed the Coloma Club last year as well.
Saturday: ??????
Sunday: Long Ride on Skinny Tires. 6:30 Departure?

Until we ride again,

Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend Warriors

I am yawning, groggy and struggling to make it through the week, but riding on a nice warm weekend is keeping me going.

Not much else to report today. Did anyone race PCRS this week? We have a couple rides going off this weekend.

Ride #1: Road ride will meet at the soon to be closed Starbucks on main street. We will meet @ 7:30 and head out on a mid length ride. Ride will be followed by a viewing of last weeks Roubiax race at Rock Gods home. Top notch coffee drinks will be served.

Ride #2: Cap'n is heading out on the dirt. No details have been provided yet...Cap'n whats it gonna be?

Ride #3: If anyone is planning a Saturday outing let me know and I will post details.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Perfect Ride

Last night was one of the those incredible special rides that come along every now and then and are just a treat for those who decide to roll out. Cap'n, Bambi, Rock God, B, and I all took off for yet another snow ride at about 6:30. The light snow quickly picked up to a pretty heavy storm for about an hour. Dropping down the wedding march was really cool. Although visibility was near nothing, it was the only time we rode that trail with the appropriate throwing of rice to line the trail. Once again Rock God cleared the Rock Garden, and Bambi and Cap'n found lines of interest to revisit and record to memory. While rounding the back side of the lake we were guest to a moment in the world where beauty truly stops you in your track. The setting sun had cast and pale pink color over nearly everything in sight, we had a good dusty of snow on the ground by that point making everything else white. It was truly spectacular. We attempted to write a Haiku and then quickly resorted to debate of format for Haiku vs Limerick. After the perfect sunset and the less than perfect poetry slam, we turned the bikes uphill to march up Left Lip. Again, the surreal nature of the light snow covering was awesome, and the traction on the way down was surprisingly good. We capped off the ride on the horse trail and actually discovered a new section that will be often utilized, as it really added to the later portion of the ride. B and Cap'n delved into the new hot sauce, "Da Bomb", and discoverd a new rival to "Possible Side Effects." The consistant pace and few stops got us to tacos and home at good time, all with a great ride in the bag! And so it goes that ride #48 is done and will be remembered!

Sunday will have a couple different rides taking off:
Road Ride: 7:30 @ Starbucks followed by a viewing of Paris Roubiax at Rock God's (he has it on the DVR)
MTB Ride: Cap'n is leading this one and I don't have the particulars yet.

Trails are in great condition and rumor has it that the Dogwoods are in bloom, so maybe last night was it for snow. Get out while you can, the heat is coming soon (like Sunday).

Thanks for a great ride!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Forecast calls for Pain

Ride #48


Why is it that on a week when the high temps are climbing up into the 70's and there is an abundance of sun, why is it that the forecast for Tuesday night has the possibility for SNOW? So, don't put away your winter gear quiet yet and get ready to HTFU!

As we rapidly approach our one year mark, please be aware of potential awards floating out there to be earned. There is yet to be a determination of what the celebration will be, but rest assured there will be a celebration! How do you want to be remembered as we reflect back on year one of FT3. Do you want to be memorialized as the fair weather turn coat unwilling to brave the "foothill" elements? Or, do you want life long fame as the HTFU rider willing to ride any bike, in any condition, on any trail, while Wolf and canine companion give chase? You decide your own fate!

Mosquito 5:45...Exit 54?

Dates of Importance:
April 15: PCRS #3
April 24th: 2nd Annual Night Time 24hr Specific Training Mission
May 2/3: Coolest 24 Hour Race
May 12th: One Year of FT3!
May 30th: Tour de Wentworth (yes this is a Saturday and goes against the established Sunday ride...sorry part of IM training!)
June 21st: IM CDA

I'm in: ONE

Saturday, April 11, 2009


It is good to know that FT3 has friends far and wide. Early in the week when I was complaining about being wet and cold, I got some sound advise from a FT3 follower in Seattle. Justin ( link off to the right) told me to get a fender and HTFU. What the hell does HTFU mean? Well a quick check of the email indicated that Justin had sent a link with the new FT3 mantra. So today for the Mattman, when things got hard, the rash from the wet suite was raw, the stomach was upset, or I was cold, you got it, I just took the time to HTFU! More on the Mattman to follow! You need to ask yourself one question: Are you ready to HTFU? As we go into the next week of training and you are trying to decide between Tuesday night or PCRS, I saw HTFU and do both. If the family commitment is such that you have to train early, well HTFU and get it done. There was a new tradition established for S2FT3 that required proper "hydration" prior to riding, I saw we all HTFU and commit this tradition on all FT3 rides! On that midnight lap at the Cool 24, HTFU and remember you are racing! If you can't tell, I am a big fan of HTFU, thanks Justin, we will get some mileage out of this one!

Ghostrider, spot on mate, hope those wounds are getting better!

FT3 Invite List:
Justin Angle
Huell Howser
Chopper Reid

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mattman Beckons?!?!?!

We are one day out from the 2nd Non-Annual Mattman!
The swim will start at 8:00 am at the east end of Lake Natomas. I will be staging in the parking lot just past the main park entrance. This is a free parking lot and perfectly set up for this purpose. The swim leg will be about 40 minutes and the bike leg will start rolling at about 9:00. Anyone wanting a totally substantial cool down is welcome to soft pedal the run while I go exploring in the pain cave.

Bike: ~ 60 miles around Folsom Lake (including the climb up Salmon Falls and Old Forrest Hill)

Directions: Drive West on Hwy 50 and exit at Hazel. Drive past the first park entrance on the right (paid lot) and enter the second parking lot on the right (also the entrance to the CSUS aquatic center). If you see the hatchery on the left, you went too far. Look for my car with the bike on top.

Departure: I will be gearing up to go at 9:00 for the bike leg. I should be showing up from the lake at about 8:45! The Mattman requires long transitions.

Post Ride: I promise to have canned sandwiches waiting in the car and depending on how many show, we have the option of the Man Cave for some post event festivities!

I hope to see you (anyone) there! Thanks for the help!

LOtB (Crash)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ride Report

This weeks report is easy:


Winter showed its face one more time. That's it, we have now done a geared ride in the snow, road ride in the snow, and now the S2FT3 ride in the snow. We can now stop riding in the snow, thank god! I do think my hands are wrecked after this winter, my knuckles were totally swollen this morning and very achy.

Cap'n, No Handle and I all showed with no gears, a pure outing. We hit and enjoyed a new trail section. After that it was muddy and cold! We cut a few adventures short due to deep and sticky mud and ended up sticking to the lake trail. Got back early and experienced a totally packed Knot Hole. Ghost and In-Law showed for tacos and shared some nasty pictures of Ghosts laceration (we are experiencing email difficulty but will post photos soon).

Just getting warmed up and time to go back out into the rain for the long haul to the south bay!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One I say, All You Need is One!

Ride #47

So I was watching the Tour of Flanders the other day (see previous post) and I was caught off guard to see Fabian Cancellara throw his bike into the crowd. Yes, actually pick the thing up and chuck it at some fans. The entire thing probably only weights like 2lbs, so even with cleats on he got some good distances. No carbon smashing as it came down on a grassy section, but very unlike the normally subtle rider. So what gives? It appears that Mr. Cancellara took a chapter out of Barrett's book of bike repair. Yup, snapped a chain on the Koppenberg! Its so easy, if feels like there is no chain! It got me wondering, why do we bother with all the nonsense on a bike! Gears, levers, pulleys, cogs, really all just leads to broken chains.

Editors Note: If you name is Barrett, EVERTHING leads to a broken chain! What will the bike be tonight?

How do we avoid the snapped chain, the chain suck, the ghost shifting, all that do we remember the purity of the sport, the true essence of the bike, the connection to the ground? You go On One! That's right, tonight is the first Tuesday in April thus S2FT3 is in full effect. Ride what you got, but keep it simple, the less to break the better. Unicycle anyone? As we have had high adventure of late and some serious training taking place, I am declaring tonight as a simple outing on simple bikes, to remember why we love to do this! I have a few secret trails that I have been keeping up my sleeve and feel tonight might be the night for a little newness! So come One as long as you are on One.

Mosquito at 5:45...Exit 54?

I again will have little bit of secret training going on, so I will meet you guys up there.

ONE, no really One, as in I'm in!

Ghost Rider has promised some pictures, I had to get this post up early, so pics will come in the ride report! Apparently they are not for the faint of heart!

Until we ride again,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

De Ronda van Vlaanderen

Curtis, Rick, and I took off Sunday morning in search of some P'ville cobbles. We found a great loop but no cobbled sections, too bad. This was my first outing with the TT set-up. Having only one bike to work with, I will need to talk with April about this one, I need to keep a pretty good road set up or else riding around here would suck. All in all, I liked the set up and felt pretty comfy down in the bars. It did give me a reason to hammer a bit more than I wanted to. Rick also seemed to be in a feisty mood, and continued on for a longer ride. Curtis and I pulled off at Greenstone and rolled through the ghetto for our route home. There was much talk about Flanders while riding. This weekend and next mark the holy grail of the classics. I got home fired to up watch the race but unsure how to pull it off.

April took off to a baby shower as soon as I got home, so it was the kids and I for the afternoon and a race that needed to be watched. This was a three step process to ensure watching and day long satisfaction.

Step One:
The drink of choice: Knowing a coffee drink was in order for me, I had to build up the "specialness" of a kids warm milk drink for the race. We took orders and decided we would fire up a vanilla milk (Jackson), hot chocolate (Molly), and mocha (LOtB). Needless to say, the FrancisFrancis got a good workout pre-race! The kids loved the treat and this will come in handy for future racing events!
Step Two:
Decorations were absolutely necessary. Jackson directed which bikes and jerseys needed to be included for proper ambiance. We capped the decor off with some drawings awaiting the first pedal stroke of the day. Although we did not even come close to Councilman's man cave, it was a pretty cool set-up!
Step Three:
Constant and over the top cheering. Every time Big George's mug was on screen Molly screamed with delight. Jackson appreciated the crashes. The lasted about 45 minutes before the swing set started calling. But I did get to finish the race! If you didn't get a chance, it is well worth digging it up.

In the end Jackson gave me the comment, "Dad, this was the best day ever!". I just need to figure a way to pull this off on Easter?

See you on Tuesday!

Until we ride again!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday's Ride Report

Although I was not there and Jerry is currently watching California Poetry Out-Loud State Finals, this is the best effort for a ride report and a ride that sounds 100% worthy of any props it can get. The details are fuzzy but this is what I got!

It appears the group, No Handle, Cap'n, Bambi, and Ghost Rider, all headed off with the best of intentions on a beautiful Saturday morning. All went well for the groups as the hit Cronan Ranch and then headed off to Cool and the Olmstead Loop. If you have been paying any attention to the weather you may have noted that the rain of a week or so ago was followed by very dry yet cool weather. This combo has made for some nasty ruts and bogs to be approached with utmost care. Ghost Rider apparently did not approach with utmost care and is now in the care of Kaiser Permanente (or at least was in the care, he is probably home right now wishing things had gone otherwise). Anyway, as reported to me, while at fairly high speed Ghosty practiced a running dismount and did not stick the landing, or stuck the landing but stuck it with is shoulder, forearm, head, other shoulder, head again, and buttocks! The other riders found him prone, silent, and well in need of a ride. Let me stop here and give a shout out to wives in general, they really are the best! When we get buggered up while riding with our buddies, who comes and gets us, dropping everything that they are doing? Our wives? Ghost Rider may not see another Tuesday ride in while, not because of injuries sustained, but the DTI is going to need some recovery! In all seriousness, as pointed out by No Handle, that is one tough guy! Bumps and bruises aside, I am sure Ghost Rider will roll again soon!

The remaining group rounded off a FIVE HOUR effort on dirt and were all around to talk about it post ride.

Sunday: Starbucks @ 7:30 for a recovery ride or easy roll (depending on what your Saturday had in store)

Until we ride again,

Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekend Outings

Friday: I will be doing a short ride from EDHS to the Shingle Springs Park and Ride. Leaving the high school at 4:00.

Saturday: Cap'n, No Handle, Bambi, and Ghost Rider will be leaving from Starbucks at 7:00 tomorrow morning for a long, really long, really really long, and fast dirt outing.

Sunday: Normal 7:30 Starbucks roll out. Anyone doubling can plan for a recovery ride as Rock God and I are planning a couple hours of slow smooth riding!

Mattman: One week from Sat. 60 mile hard(ish) ride or 13 mile really soft pedal. I think there should be folks for both!

24 HR: 4 weeks out!

IM: 11 weeks out!

Until we ride again!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am still your ride leader

We took Councilman for the longest ride of the day. I truly appreciate the offer of the "man cave" for a G10 Summit to save the FT3 movement! In the end we will not need the cave for such a reason. However, might the cave be available on the afternoon of April 11th for a post Mattman award ceremony?

As for the ride:

Yes we did indeed have an eventful ride on Tuesday. We went back to make sure the flume trail had made it through the winter without harm. It was good to be back on that trail, a real sign that the days will be hot a dusty soon. At some point on the return we lost Bambi, I kinda freaked that a rouge Pollock Pine hunter may have gotten him (authors note: Wolf is on the loose, we did not seem, nor have not seen his encampment for a long while, heads up!). Anyway, once again we found the group totally spread out. I admit it, it makes me nervous and I get hell of pissy when we loose folks. Bambi, of all people, failed to follow FT3 rule #1, as I heard no high pitched screams. In the end we all were able to regroup, we did have to chase the Rock God down a random trail. We sang kumbaya, signed up for couples counseling, and got on with the task at hand (riding bikes!)

Taco Notes:
The hot sauce book did come out and we did make some ambitious notes on future orders...beware of the coming hot sauce hangovers. Justin turned the hot beer on its head by mixing some beer in the remaining amounts of Possible Side Effects before dressing the taco with the beer mix...that's right folks a beer dressed taco...only at FT3!

Justin is on the kit order! Looks like we are heading toward a Voler set up with the Prison Tat theme. There might be some copyright violations but hey we have to do something to earn those prison tats.

On the side:
I woke up the morning totally worked! Justin is racing PCRS tonight and Jerry is taking the bye. I will post results when I see them. Jerry is planning a very ambitious dirt outing on Saturday, long and fast is the word I am getting. Sunday will still have the Starbuck meeting at 7:30 for a recovery ride.

Until we pedal again!

Moving On

I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, instead I sat awake most of the night wondering what I really want to focus on. I have determined that triathlon is where my heart is and the dirt just gets me frustrated, not to mention the hot sauce hang-overs. Therefore, I will be opening up the author position and quietly slipping off into tri-geek world. I am pretty sure that by selling off all the Mt. Bike stuff, I can outfit the road bike with a good TT set up and maybe buy that extra time needed to get to Kona.

I don't mean to over react, I just need to go where I am feeling the most passion for sport. I have been thinking about this for some time. I do think this is a spectacular area for tri training. The swim yesterday, although cold, was an indicator of how prime our area is. I hope over the next few months to build a core group of triathletes willing to train in this area. Maybe our paths will cross with a Tuesday night outing. I am currently thinking that I will incorporate a Tuesday night workout with hill repeats on Mormon Immigrant, maybe I can work it to include tacos?

So I guess with that, I am signing out! Although, collective thought is that it might be great for a girl, the Rocky Mountain has treated me well and if anyone out there is looking I can make a good FT3 deal! Sometimes you come to a fork in the road and you need to decide which route to take. When it happens at night, you kind of hope its the same route that everyone else is on, or maybe it is time to stray off on your own. Carry on my friends and do FT3 proud!

Enjoy April!