Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ride Report

Seeing how some of the comments, pictures, and ride conversation were in the "tasteless" category yesterday, I will attempt to recapture the good name of FT3 with a glorious ride report:

Ghost, B, Bambi, Rock God, VD, Xteric, and I all arrived at the designated parking area last night ready to tackle a ride dedicated to "super nurse" Cap'n and "family guy" NoHandle. A variety of summer woes and wants left those two stalwarts out of the line up. On a similar note, I will also acknowledge the absence of Councilman, who like any good politician, was tirelessly working on our behalf keeping our money safe from sucky hackers (see last weeks post). To continue down this side bar for a moment, in yesterday's mail I did receive a letter from Nashbar say that I, "might be vulnerable"...thanks for that one, a little late aren't we boys? They also offered a whole 30% off my next purchase...So let me get this straight, after giving you my banking info you let some scumbag get a hold of it and rack up some charges and made me do all the long houred phone calls to the bank, and now what do you want me to do...right, give you my credit card info again...yeah, I don't think so! But I digress. Seeing how the ride was to be ridden on behalf of some missing members, we started off hitting NoHandle's super secret trail and dropping the hiccup onto Sly Park Rd. We crossed the road, and then dropped the yet to be named rock slide down to the lower bridge, climbed back up to Mormon Immigrant and headed for Flemming. Did a half loop of Flemming and climbed Red Neck Rising to drop the left lip. I was chasing Xteric on the way down and was impressed by his skill in hitting some little off trail options I had never seen. We headed around the lake, took a quick, B inspired, detour to nowhere and then popped out at Hazel Creek campground. We were heading out for B is for Barf on the lake loop and at this moment Ghost and B absolutely dropped the hammer and left us all in a mad chase. 8hrs of Kirkwood? I think you guys are in the money if you do it! At B is for Barf, Rock God pulled the "no need to Barf" card and heading for the Hole, while the rest of us started the climb. One word, LEGIT! A few made it to the crux atop the climb, but no souls cleaned B is for Barf. We headed down the qualifier and completed the ride with a quick swim in the lake. Pulling into the Hole we were pleased to see less of a crowd this week, cold PBR's and tasty tacos!

Taco Report:
It was a pretty uneventful taco session. Ian's brother (Taco Handle: Stetson) and girlfriend showed up and she tasted some Bomb right off the stir stick, Spot On! VD complained about the heat of the hot beer. Rock God pondered an Its It and then made a move on Ben and Jerry's Half Baked Bar, good choice. Ian swore at his brother and Ghost texted Cap'n. Pretty standard I'd say. However, unbeknownst to us, something spectacular was happening at the end of the table. B, thinking he was immune to Da Bomb, had gone for the straight pour onto taco #2. I found it a bit odd when the reorder option came around that he only went for the additional beer. Stoic as B is, not a word was uttered until the bikes were in the truck and we were about to head out. At that point Ghost and I found B doubled over in Da Bomb pain behind the truck writhing in the GI track pain waging war on his innards. He declared the need for a milk based product and wandered off back to the Knot Hole. We later caught up to B, speed drinking chocolate milk, and being tended to by both proprietors of the Hole! The milk did the trick and B will fight again.

Upcoming rides:
OG, Camp Crasher, Expat, Utah Rambler, what ever we want to call him, but non the less a founding member or FT3, will be in town for next weeks ride. Taco Mama announced last night that he would be showing us some new trails, highly unlikely, but the challenge is on...Seeing how one must earn a nickname either by action or in some cases inaction, I will just use the given name and drop the challenge...So Chris here it us something we don't already know!

Worth Note:
The rumors around the lake and trails are apparently true, a local rider without a helmet on, took a spill and landed on his head and has died from the result of the injuries. Keep those helmets on and encourage others, especially the younger folks, to do the same!

Some of you may be aware of the bike blog of fat cyclist: . Fat Cyclist's wife is fighting and appears to be losing her fight against cancer. I caught on to Fat Cyclist's blog via Puddin Rider when Spencer was going through the bulk of his treatment. Fat Cyclist is keeping sanity by getting out on rides when possible, a few days back he posted the video below. There isn't much there, aside from and awesome downhill, but as we have stated before, we are doing a lot more than riding bikes. I can't imagine what it would be like to go through something like that, but pedal therapy is pretty important and a good reason to keep on riding.

Six Minutes of Joy from Fat Cyclist on Vimeo.

Until we ride again,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FT3 Rolls Along

Not much of a turn out last week. I believe that B and Bambi were the only two to roll out. However, they did roll out, thus continuing the FT3 tradition and practice of a Tuesday ride. Some weeks have a larger turn out, but all weeks, all Tuesdays, are FT3 Nights! We, or some semblance of us, will always be there, waiting for you to return and ride again. Who am I kidding, most likely B will be there waiting for all of us to show up! Spot on mate, whenever we get around to an award ceremony, consistency is all yours. But that is the great thing about tradition and practice, when you can't show, we still go, but when you can show, you know that you have a group. So who will it be tonight? I guess it doesn't really matter because, someone will be there, someone will keep tradition alive, someone will be there waiting whenever you make it again.

I have tried twice to cut a paste a few reports but for some reason it just isn't working. So allow me to summarize, no there it too much, I will sum up.

Twilight Crit:
As Ghost put it, "a learning experience". Lots of fast racing, some mechanical frustrations, and folks unwilling to pull...sounds like a bike race. The good news for Ghost in regards to crit racing, no crashes and he will race again.

PBR softball:
I think it is, without debate, well known that the FT3 crew is in pretty good shape. As John Kruk pointed out years back, fitness and baseball don't always have much to do with each other. Team PBR will try to shed some of it fitness and regroup for the fall league.

Mosquito 5:45...Exit 54?


Until we ride again,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hot and Dusty!

Haven't been on the trails for a week, but I am going out on a limb and saying it is going to be hot, dusty, and hot. Wait I said "hot" twice...that wasn't enough, how about this: hot, hot, hot, really hot, stupidly insultingly hot! Yeah, that's better. Our weather gauge has hit 105 or better for six days and running. That all being said, I think I am out for tonight, even though the post ride lake swim sounds perfect. It seems that the heat is taking a toll on other members of the Barnes family. I will leave myself open for ridicule and insult, but the wrath of a hot pregnant wife is worse than anything you guys can throw my way. Campers and road trippers are all back in town.

Ghost, got a race report for us...If memory serves, the Twilight Crit was on Sat. I can not find complete results yet on-line. If his riding of late is any indicator, I am sure he tore up those spuds and laid the hurt on some folks.

Not much to report from last weekend. Cap'n and I rolled a lunch ride yesterday. I don't know how he went back into an office post ride. I sat on a sprinkler for about an hour to cool down.

Cross season is right around the corner. If you didn't get the email here is the tentative calendar for the SacCX series. Looks like we are still planning a early Dec trip to Portland for the Crank Bros throw down. Finally, seeing how this group tends to plan things up fast, keep the date of DECEMBER 20 open. Its my birthday, a local cross race, close to the holidays, and totally in need of a party post race!

Sun. Sept 27
Sun. Oct. 18
Sun. Nov. 22
Sun. Dec. 20
Sat. Jan. 16

Last notes:
NoHandle is moving...up in the world or just to a new home, no one knows. But apparently even with two super strong sons, he has asked for bit of help. Aug 8th is the date and there has been an offer of one beer per item moved...I call the junk drawer!

Team PBR suffered a communication breakdown last week and therefore is without a softball update for this week. Looks like it is a double header this week with two games Wed and Thurs.

Cap'n is tapping into the philanthropic side of FT3 and doing the MS150 soon. Solid day on the bike and an even more solid effort for a cause...check with him for details.

Tour...haven't gotten my fix yet today, but that guy from Spain sure can go up hill like a bat out of hell.

Until we ride again,



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hackers Suck

So not much of a post today because I am still in the clean up process from the hacking incident at Bike Nashbar. I did contact the kind folks at Nashbar who played a "weak sauce" card as far as I am concerned. They said it wasn't their fault and I would receive a letter in the mail if I was one of the many thousands who's personal and bank info were in jeopardy. Seeing how I have closed accounts and ordered new cards, I would say I was in jeopardy, but still have yet to receive a letter from Nashbar...whatever.

Here is the skinny: If you made a telephone or Internet purchase from Bike Nashbar during 07 or 08 you need to go back to Jan 09 of your bank statements and use a fine tooth comb on those suckers. I purchased a stem in Aug of 2007 and that was all it took.

What to look for: It seems there are three or four companies that are breaking the law and charging without permission on this one.

Reb Mill
Profit GGP
Network Agenda

The charges are small in nature...$2 - $40.00. But after a few months they could start to add up.

The ride last night was a nice distraction for me. The recon led to some ok new stuff but nothing to write home about. Ghostrider is showing some good late season form and will storm Boise for the Twilight Crit. I topped the uphill crash with the no speed crash and then ran into a stick and impaled my don't get the name LOtB for nothing.

The Knot Hole got some quality new sauces in. Matilda and I enjoyed our night together, but she sure was unkind to me this morning.

Back to banking.

Until we ride again (Sunday?)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Complex and Simple

The bike, when you think about, it has not really changed that much, ever! Two triangles, a fork and some wheels will just about do the trick. The simplicity of S2FT3 reminds me of this on at least a monthly basis. Additionally, nothing is more simple than the therapy of a group of guys meeting for a weekly ride and some teenage based humor. We have stumbled across a very simple thing with profoundly complex results. For example, we are currently in the midst of planning the first out of state FT3 cycling adventure. The allure of Portland CX racing is calling us. On this complex front, I know there are some people who read our blog but have no idea what we do on Tuesday nights. To that end, I need some help. I have attached a video sent to me by my buddy Justin (Wentworth Springs Ride guy). This is the WA state equivalent to the death ride. Anyway, this is a pretty simple video that allows others to see how complex the riding is. WE NEED VIDEO! There is no way I can put together videos, so I was hoping someone else might be interested in this duty.

Softball Update:
The PBR's gave that evil Casino team a run for their money last week. After a back and forth effort in the early innings, the simple little team from P'ville tied the game in the top of the 9th (may not be 9 innings, but that sounds better). The complex monstrosity that is Casino politics, sovereign nations, and laws were able to squeak on last run in and scurried back down the hill. Our hero's will return to the diamond on Thursday for another attempt at glory.

Weekend Ride Report:
Green/Fro and Bambi did the death ride, no report yet, it rained in the afternoon which could have been interesting for those guys. I know that Ghostrider headed out to Toads for a spin, but have no details from the ride. Rock God, fresh off his road trip, headed out on a standard Starks Grade loop with me. Great ride and good catching up on a simple Sunday effort.

Ride #61
Might be a light week with folks off camping, but hey this is a simple outing right!
Mosquito @ 5:45...Exit 54?

Until we ride again,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Single Speed Fat Tire Taco Tuesday Tour de France Team Time Trial, is a really long name that will work well in the confusion factor of those who read this blog but are not regular members of the riding group. Maybe next week I will create decoder rings for everyone, I could even hide them in your cereal box to find early in the morning, thus leaving you excited all day to break some hidden codes. The code I am looking to break is to discover who the team leader of Astana is? The Live Update Guy is giving me 2 min updates on today's stage, nothing major to report yet, but it does not appear to be an easy day in the saddle for anyone.

Ride Report
S2FT3TDFT3 was a great ride. The mandatory pre-ride hydration and general lolly gagging at the parking lot resulted in pretty late roll out. There was a need to swing by Hazel Creek Campground for a hello to some family campers. So a route was established that would serve this purpose. Actually the route turned out to be a new favorite of mine, but took a lot longer than I anticipated. We had a semi new rider in the group, who unfortunately did not adopt a pre taco nickname and will now be known as VD, too bad sorry about that, but I guess that is now your name. Anyway, with a newish rider (he did one ride last winter I think) we headed out the qualifier, that apparently isn't hard enough for the PCRS Women's Beginner Champion, but will suffice for us. After the qualifier we headed out the the flume in the reverse direction riding the flume up stream. BTW, another first, I suffered the first FT3 bee sting right on the noggin, ouch! From the flume we headed up to the crossroads of Park Creek. Then ventured off to the Barnes Back descent. At the top of Barnes Back we sent Cap'n off to meet the campers and keep himself out of trouble, and then regrouped we headed down. About a quarter mile out from the campground, B flatted on the super squish single speed (S4 for you keeping code). The flat took all the remaining light out of the sky and left us limping back to the knot hole in the dark. We missed the Spencer swing by, but did make it home all in one piece. I guess we need to roll lights.

TDF just ended, interesting???? Good fighting spirit today by some!

Taco Report:
Fire pit was void of Frenchies or Alliens but the bar was crowded. We took over the entire outside area and sent warm up excursions off to the fire pit to keep warm. It was a bit chilly for a early July evening. Tacos were good and Ghostrider provided a new bottle of Berzerker (enjoyed by all) and more onion peach, together this ensure a No Weak Sauce Night (NWSN as opposed to the Weak Sauce [WS] which is no fun at all). There appeared to be split in the group for Pino Lodge and those who were wanting to go home. Being on the "home" team, I must note that our Taco outings have gotten later and later of late (that's a LandLofL). Rolled into bed a midnight with my fill of tacos and riding, already looking forward to next week.

FT3 Softball Spin-Off (FT3S2...very similar to the S2FT3 but oh so different)
The PBR's are poised for their first win. They have been honing both fielding skills and timber swinging. Personally I think this is the week it all comes together. Furthermore, this is the week they need to show some local pride. I will refrain from politics but just state that any team backed by the Casino down the hill needs to be sent back down the hill! 8:40pm on Thursday...PLAY BALL!

What can I say I am hooked. It is amazing what a little star power can get you. Personally, if I had a bike as nice as this, I would shoot the schmuck that jump aboard for a quick spin!

Ben on Lance's TT Bike Before Stage 4 -- powered by

Until we ride,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July S2FT3

In case you missed it, tonight is the first Tuesday of July. Bring one and only one gear to do battle. Watch to cross winds, anything can happen. I think Big George is still riding for Lance! Have more to write about but am doing interviews all day, sorry.

Viva la Tour!

Mosquito 5:45...Exit 54?

Until we ride,

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sunday Ride

Anyone in for a Sunday morning ride? I don't know any better way to celebrate our countries independence then rolling out of bed early on the 5th of July and spending a couple hours on skinny tires talking about what is going on in France.

On a similar but slightly different note, we did to find a new meeting location. Any ideas?

Sunday 7:30 @ ???????

Until we ride again,

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

on tuesday HE created tacos!

And what a spiritual creation that is! I honestly don't even know where to start the report from last night. On the craziness factor, it wasn't much of an evening, but there were lots of firsts and my stomach hurts this morning from laughter. I am bound to forget some details seeing how there is just too much to remember, feel free, as always, to chime in with the missing details.

Bambi crawled out from under his rock and joined Cap'n, B, Ghost, and me for In-Laws final outing with the FT3 crew prior to his move to the big city. In honor of this event, and because it is just the way I roll, I sported the pointy TT helmet and Tri skin suit for the evening ride. I also thought In-Law might enjoy the preview of Bay Area fashion. The aero advantage of the outfit helped me race right the the back of the pack. Even though I was still feeling a bit tired from my big day, Cap'n allowed me to reclaim my spot as ride leader. I do think we should institute the rotating ride leader duties again. Anyway, we headed up to the Picnic Table Graveyard, linked the horse trail onto the Interpretive Trail (not a great new find) and then headed up P is for Puke and dropped B is for Barf, we then climbed Rock Garden 1a and took Rock Garden Proper headed out to Barnes Back. As always Barnes Back caused conversation topics to become interesting. We ended with Wedding March, 1a in the more frequently travelled direction, and then the lake loop, finally saying hello to In-Laws grandma camped at site 15 at one of the lovely Sly Park camping locations. The ride officially ended with a swim at the boat launch. The swim was a nice way to remove the excess dust from ones body. Yup, it is that time of year again, dusty as hell. Cap'n suggested a two heat race for a beer and all were game. In-Law won the first leg of the race but suffered greatly in the second heat from his "fly and die" approach to long distance swimming. Little did we know that this was foreshadowing the remainder of the evening for In-Law. I took the front spot for swim #2 and save Cap'n from buying beer.

Our arrival at the Hole was marked with an odd atmosphere and little attention paid the the FT3 boys. As the night wore on, it was clear it was one of "those nights" and the folks at the Knot Hole were just trying to keep a lid on the events. We settled into our usually summer outside sitting location adorned with mood light. Again the fire pit was already claimed by Frenchies or Aliens, possibly both. In-Law did state that he was going for the record and produced two "8 count" taco orders to get things rolling, too bad 12 tacos and a few beers is not the record. While In-Law was in the midst of his record attempt, we were all entertained by the B Show. First, B suffered a jump up - fly away leg cramp that had him hopping all over the back patio. Second, Da Bomb presented B with the biggest hot sauce battle any of us have seen him take on. No one saw the curtain of Bomb applied to said taco, but the aftermath was massive. He finally recovered just in time to see that In-Law was not only not going to make the record, he was actually starting to give away tacos! Fly and Die, what can I say? To keep the events interesting, our friendly taco serving barmaid threw out probably the most colorful and tasteless justifications for oral sex any of us were expecting to hear, especially at an establishment claiming to be family friendly. Well that did it, the night was not going to end cleanly. The "taco comment" was followed by the arrival for the cougars, clearly forced out of their natural habitat by the heat. They came in force and it was with sheer luck that we all made it out safely. Good ride, unforgettable taco event!

Upcoming events:
Tour de P'ville Steeps (6 pm on Saturday July 18th????)
FT3 CX Tour: Dec 4-6 2009 to Porland OR for Crank Bros CX Grand Prix

Until we ride again,

(I honestly do not think I will ever look at a Taco the same way again)