Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chasing Tacos

 Everybody loves Tuesdays, but no one loves them more than the guy on a new bike. Meet the Big Top.

After a fashionably late rollout, we bombed straight to the lake. Rolling a little giddy from the first descent, past a threesome of walkers, I experienced the awkward moment of being recognized as an individual amongst the brightly costumed pack.
Climbed the Qualifier (all present re-Qualified) to Park Creek to Hazel, to Highway 50, to the SF American River. We stood for awhile and contemplated the full XP ride, complete with river crossing.  
 Stopped at the Pacific House for steaks and beer.
 Rode through the tunnel under 50 and followed the single track into Fresh Pond and asphalt back to Park Creek.

Headed to the summit-top of Power Line, we strayed into the heart of darkness. A fork in the road turned into a maze of quad tracks; past the fallen log where the deerbrush closed in on us; up the trail towards a house, noisy with dogs. Doubling back we finally followed the unknown, improved road that brought us back from the wrong side of a couple gates. We descended, away from Park Creek Road. Reached asphalt, Highway 50, again. After the reality of our location became clear, a clamor of route discussion roiled. Cappy and B left to snoop around for the flume. As if the starting pistol had been fired, Rock God was off and running, back to tacos via asphalt. Xteric and I agreed on the wisdom of turning back the way we came, but then cursed our fates for not being ride leader. Some poor soul, driving out of this area, became engaged in a long conversation about our location and FT3-style route choices.  To free himself, he led us across highway 50, and pointed out some pinner roads that dropped to Pony Express. We busted back to asphalt. Under 50 on Sly park Rd, some kids hollered at us from their car, mistakenly thinking that we were faggots. Strange, that's happened before. As the climb continued, a truck rolled past slowly and pulled in to a pullout. I recognized the PBR flag flying on the rack -Green Fro. On his way to tacos after a road ride, he gave a weary NoSauce a lift. (NoSauce went on to honor his handle by Notacoing and taking three ice creams to go). From Park Creek Rd, we dropped Power Line, straight through the first intersection and turned right at the second, heading back to Sly Park Rd. Xteric and I stopped and called everyone back. But, Sly Park was the goal, so we all climbed the forest road to the saddle on Sly park, climbed a bit more, then raced the fast corners, direct to the Knott Hole, ordering before dekitting.

Drama at the Knott Hole

Right away something was amiss. The bouffant had been restyled, less devil-may-care Pollock Pines, more keeping-up-with-the-Jonses El Dorado Hills. B was the first to receive the news. There he was, feeling all plucky with two handles of whiskey to offer the taco bitties as insurance for late night tacos on July 3rd. But, in a breech of contract, bouffant declined the whiskey since she might not be working next week. She took another job. GASP! Furthermore, Mother Rye announced that being short staffed through her busiest month would be too much for her to bear and she may SHUTTER THE KNOTT HOLE. B, consoled himself with an 0-0-10 order. Disbelief, was followed by panic as the news settled in. What is FT3 without the Knott Hole? We may soon know.

Still shaken, we headed for the cars. Mother Rye helped Cappy, Booker and I extract B from the bar, and we drove towards Wednesday.   

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Short Ride Report

 Councilman picked up Newbie and I at the Mosquito lot and drove past Nocar and B who rode up to the Knott lot.  After Xterric arrived, the 6 of us took off with Xterric ride leading.  I'm not sure of the trails we took but some parts of the evening included a hike a bike loop (north east  most portion in the map above), Nocar backtracking when he was the last rider (thanks for looking out for me), and Councilman allowing me to ride ahead of him so I could photograph him coming up the hill.  If anyone else would like to add details to the ride and post ride meal, please do so.  The specs of the inaccurate GPS are as follows:

16.51 miles,
2hr 50 minutes total
6k feet of climbing according to Garmin = way off

 With that said, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Click on the photos for a larger view.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who needs rehab, make mine a Double!!

In this year of electoral shenanigans, you might think your councilman would be out kissing babies and shaking hands with his constituents. You might wonder what shadowy force was behind his campaign, dumping untold hundreds into his tiny coffers. You might consider his 6 month absence a cunning attempt to rebrand his image and widen his appeal to the masses. Well, you'd be wrong on most counts. In fact, after half a year spent combing the darkest recesses of the mind, shoveling the dankest of shite in the fields of Tuscany, and enduring a second operation in as many years, this politician has been straight jonesing for some saddle time. And so, what better way to ease in, to rehabilitate oneself, then to show up on any given Tuesday (or Sunday for the Long Ride and Skinny Tire crowd) and have your @$$ handed to you.

Speaking of that holiest of days, Sunday, Cappy and I took down the South Fork Double-Cross (in clockwise fashion), and it was a treat.  (51.1 miles, 7.500 ft of elevation, 5 hours ride time.) As I readied myself in the wee hours of the morning, and asked what the hell I was thinking, I found and donned the above socks, knowing it was surely a sign. After only a handful of recovery rides, this one seemed daunting. Were it not for Cap'n's keen orienting, sense of humor, and conversation, I might still be out there. In truth, it was a hoot, the weather was mild in the early hours, and only hottest as we came up Forebay road. We made the obligatory stops for bridge inspection. Upon careful review, we concluded B might have a screw loose.

We then opted for salty fries and frosty beverages at the Forester, before a relatively easy descent back to town.

In the end, following a long hiatus or injury, many folks opt for Physical Therapy and rollers. I got a better script: Any FT3 (or LRP), 4-2-1, take as often as needed for pain. Oh, look, it's Tuesday, and I'm due for another round of "therapy" tonight.


5:45 at Squito lot. I'm driving.

**As for the rest of the weekend, some co-opting Century blogger will have to give us the highlights from Saturdays fun fest. I'm certain, given the temps and the territory, that it was good times for all.

Sierra Century Report
Miles 0 - 40: WooHoo! We're riding our bikes, this is fun!
Miles 40 - 60: Wow, its getting hot, are you doing ok, NoHandle?
Miles 60 - 80 (the big climb):
Miles 80 - 100 (the big descent): Weeeee, we're riding our bikes this is fun!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


As we assembled in the Knott Lott it was readily apparent that some did not announce themselves on the call out. When the mystery rider who hastily strapped his bibs and readied his Rock Lobster also joined us, our numbers swelled to nine.

We were barely out of the gate when Bambi skidded out of control on a rogue patch of pine needles and was subsequently run over by Xteric.

<-    See the tire marks

NoHandle dutifully lead us to the Qualifier

and without much effort a new FT3er passed inspection. The fun started when THTH turned abruptly onto a log landing. Confused questions erupted from the crowd "what about the chopping block?" "where the hell are you going?" But, the Rideleader led, and we battled a slash strewn skid road through to the Wedding March. It was a blast. We dropped to the Rock Garden and RG picked it clean on his crosser. Lake loop to right lip climb, which is in desperate need of trail work.

Left lip descent and we all stood at the bottom with the countoff stuck at 7. After a few minutes we started back up the climb and found [insert taco handle] (who is not to be confused with "Newbie") and RG double teaming a tire back on to its wheel. Clearly another set of hands was needed so I grabbed a bit of rubber as well. Tire mounted and pumped there was a further complication installing the wheel on the bike. So many hands were on deck at this point that NoHandle didn't even get involved. There was some problem that has to do with single speeds so I didn't pay attention. But, it got fixed and [insert taco handle] got to experience the smothering support of FT3 teamwork. Rounded the lake to MET and hopped on to the bottom of Fleming. Newbie got a bit enthusiastic and almost went off the front as we turned and dropped Palin's. Climbing back out, several mutinous riders called for tacos and the group headed for the Knott. A clever few enjoyed a refreshing post ride dip. Bambi left without tacos, and, surprisingly, so did [insert taco handle], who was free from family obligations that night as the wife and kids were off at Squaw. Perhaps he headed straight for the Pine Lodge.


  • NoHandle, Rock God, Greefro, someone else, and i are riding the Amador century on saturday, should anyone care to join. 
  • Tahoe 59. Best supported adventure ride that i know of, is July 14th.
  • FT3 trail day. Its time to give back.
  • JF2T3 is gaining traction. Knott staff are on board and several riders have pledged to participate. In order to make this outing go off without a hitch, we have proposed a one hour earlier start time. This will happen if and only if everyone who wants to ride can make it early. Where will we be riding? See below.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Dust Free June

We can thank Mother Nature (not Rye) for the blessing of a June rain yesterday, trails should be as good as they ever get tonight.
After a long - fast ride on almost perfect trails, we will sit at the council table also know as a bar and discuss two very important topics.
1) New Kits
2) 4JFT3 - July 3rd is a Tuesday.

Also, don't forget that June 16 is the Sierra Century, RG and I are in.  Anyone else joining us, even if just up the Slug?

As cool as the matching "Smokey and the Bandit" wool jersey?