Tuesday, March 28, 2017

To Ride or Slide

This has been the question of late. Your Counselman has been battling the licensure process (soul crushing) as well as some cognitive dissonance related to the aforementioned leisure activities. Which one fulfills the need more? Where are my loyalties? Are they mutually exclusive?

While I know this is a cycling blog, there are a fair number of folks who are equally torn between which surface to navigate. Of course, both are preferable, but at any given moment (on any given day) that is the domain of a rare few.

So, as the seasons turn, and we consider how best to earn our turns, I am settling into the idea that there is only one imperative: What am I called to do in this moment? Tonight I am called to wheels and wet earth, to whiskey and the whiff of spices emanating from the Knott.

**Oh, and I'm bringing along my Uncle from Seattle...

What's your calling?


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Make FT3 Great, Again

Not many riders lately, so let me recap.

In the not too distant past, FT3 survived another Fat Tuesday.

As happens, the start of lent caused an attendance regression. Riders suddenly found they had competing interests, such as "family duties."

Last week Fro, XT, and I shredded on perfect soil, through perfect climate, and even started with lights off. We made it to the Knot a little early, and were greeted warmly. The  Taco Staff was considering the issuance of a Commendation.  The conduct of the Taco Table has risen above the decidedly lofty standards of the Knot Hole.  The riders present pleaded the case yet no acknowledgements were issued.

Wet today, but only a 60% chance for less than a tenth of an inch during ride time. And temps should be pleasant. Just a little spring shower. No reason to miss a Tuesday.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Warming Sun, Melting Snow

If you can roll, you should go. It appears our supreme blogger and top attendance gold shirt rider has gone off the radar, so it's up to me to post the call out, even as a non-participant. The great demands of parenting and family life will keep me away once again this week, hopefully the nice weather will bring the crew back to the Pollywood trails to forge the duff and assess trail damage. Get out there and ride!

Here's to NoHandle who rode half of the Solvang Century over the weekend. Welcome back to road form, looking forward to seeing your huge calves on a MTB soon.

Nil for now!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dregs of Winter

What say yee FT3'ers? With abundant snow coverage on the trails of Pollwood, and the great ski supplier up in the north state slaying pow, what say yee? The dregs of winter have stricken now more than thrice, what say yee? Ride the pow as best it will allow, or take the bikes into the downtown? Branch out to A-town, or hit the trainer on the low down? What say yee? As for me, I am out, you all need to figure it out.

The count holds at Nil.