Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Flouting FT3 norms, PC and I decided to ski Pollywood last week, instead of going with the majority decision to ride mtn bikes in the El Dorado Hills area. It was a decision that I'm still paying for seven days later.

Coming off a successful FTSki the week before, PC and I were ready for more. In winters past FTSkis have been bumbling affairs more centered on trying to match feet to borrowed boots than actually covering ground. Having all participants on their own, familiar gear was a game changer. After checking in at the Knot Hole and getting a 9:30 mandatory return time for tacos, and being parked by 5:30 we reasoned we could complete the Fleming Loop.  Perhaps "reasoned" is too strong a word. More like we applied FT3 dreaming against all evidence to the contrary.

We churned our skis in the deep snow, climbing awkwardly over downed trees, and slipping in icy patches. It was impossible to stay on the single track, so we picked lines based on openness. And as we continued to arrive at each subsequent landmark we just kept going. Not until we were deep in the wilds of Fleming did we stop and check the GPS, only to notice the time. We turned our tips towards tacos and hurried back as best we could, chattering and crashing on the descents. Arriving at the Knot a little before 10, we were offered left over taco meat, but the kitchen was closed. Not so much hungry as achingly exhausted, we went home.

Perhaps one of the main event riders will fill us in on their adventures...

Another alternative outing night. Pollywood is still buried under soggy snow. Heavy rain in the forecast. What to do? I'm up for something. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Ride or Slide?

Fun was had by three riders - ehm, sliders - last Tuesday. With a relatively early start, Nocar, UL, and PC slid out the Qualifier, navigated a couple downed trees, then zigged down a snow-frosted hill. Not exactly earning turns, unless you call a full-stop one-hundred-eighty-degree step turn a 'turn'. That and ass over tea kettle. (Actually, Nocar managed some carving turns; I'm just speaking for myself).

The Knot lot, reduced to a single parking space.

The fun begins.

Some wore bike helmets, another wore a running vest. What the hell is going on here?

Having been warned of a firm 8:30 taco deadline that night due to snow-induced transportation issues, the three returned to the Knot Hole promptly at 8 and change. Too early! The bar was full with eaters and drinkers; Trainwreck was only half drunk. Tacos were phat!

In the meantime, rain melted some of all that snow. Then it snowed again, and we're back to a nice 48" snowpack. If you want to ride, give Cappy a call. Unless Cappy is feeling like some snow play?

I'm in.

Monday, February 11, 2019

So it snows . . .

Maybe you are thinking that there is too much snow in Pollywood to ride this Tuesday night. You'd be right.

So, no. There will be no FT3.

Correction: there will be snow FT3 . . . FTSki.

That is, there will be at least one rider at the Knot Tuesday night with no bike, but instead a pair of Nordic touring skis (me). Got a free heel? Brung it and run it.

Maybe everyone else will want to actually ride bikes on Tuesday. Folsom road ride? Placerville steeps?

As for me, I'd rather trudge through powder more fit for snowshoes. That and fall down like an idiot a couple dozen times each time the trail turns downhill. Maybe it's foolhardy. Maybe it's sacrilege. But you know it sounds fun . . .

Pretty too: