Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Moon Rise Fire Pit

Four of us idled in the Knott Lott, as B assured us that Councelman was on his way. As the clock ticked well past the 7pm hour we reviewed the texts that B had received from Cman. Sure enough the more recent text concluded by saying IN!!!. However, the previous text concluded by saying OUT!!!. After closely reading the full content of both texts we concluded that Cman would not be joining us. Spirits were high after so much waiting and as soon as B finished fussing about in the Element we raced out the gate.

RideLeader Xteric took us out the back, to horse trails to first dam around to Fleming where we dropped the horse trail to climb Palins, followed by a full, fast Fleming CCW loop. At that point, with full ceremony, B was anointed RideLeader. We dropped Palins climbed out then bombed cross country to a cliff face. 
Newb went balls to rubber and rolled it. The rest of us hucked our bikes over the edge and climbed down. From below the second dam B rolled to the first dam and we momentarily got lost. When we dead-ended in a concrete channel we backtracked towards the first horse trail. 
After spending the evening hanging off the back and complaining about how tired he was Xt found his inner puncheur and railed the climb to the horse camp.
The weather man called for a clear cool evening and the soil man called for perfect trail conditions. They were both right. We mostly encountered super tacky fast rolling dirt, with a bit of crusty snow thrown in for flavor. The highlight was a patch of heaved frost that had the consistency of styrofoam spikes. In fact conditions were so good that this isn't a ride report, it’s a callout for tonight.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And now back to our regularly scheduled bike ride

My soul was nourished by back to back long rides. But, no sooner did I get home than I jumped on the FT3 blog to catch up on the latest shenanigans. There's just no substitute for a proper Fat Tire Taco Tuesday.

Temps dipping into the thirties tonight. Brrr.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Bundle of Bike Rides


Panamint Range


Kelso Dunes

Mojave Preserve

Borego Springs to Julian

Julian to Mount Laguna

Mount Laguna to Agua Caliente

Agua Caliente to Borego Springs

Newport Beach

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Don't Hold Them In

Here are some images from this week's edition. Feel free to add some text to the post, fellow riders with editing credentials.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's Only A Week Late!

There was an event that took place last Tuesday, to merely call it a ride forgoes the long held FT3 motto that” we are doing a lot more than riding on Tuesday!”  With many a descriptive moment missing I suggest to follow highlight reel as remembrance:

  • ·         The ride was immediately dubbed the first annual FT3HHMR.
  • ·         After 4 wheel drive was deemed necessary to enter the Knot Lot many riders were giddy with the unexpected.
  • ·         What was really unexpected was Cappy’s rousing and very humorous pitch of Nevada’s Silver and his first interview with Darcii (yes two i’s are necessary in this particular spelling).
  • ·         The ride started with a descent of the Classic California Climb that some local ruffians and turned into a true luge course. 
  • ·         The lake trail was in great shape and held our attention for most of the night. 
  • ·         Half way around the lake we encountered two headlights off in the distance, as no one else ever recreates on our trails, it must be some late FT3ers.
  • ·         Much to our surprise, two riders were enjoying the great winter ride but were versed in FT3 lore and immediately launched into spot on Huell impersonations!
  • ·         Palins and Blairs were surprising rideable (but when are they not?) and the FT3 logo rounded out the ride.
  • ·         Tacos were small to begin with but grew to meet our needs throughout the evening, and the sauce choice was plentiful.

Trail Update:  Not much is going to be clear tonight.  With evening lows dipping into the teens and daytime highs not much above the freezing mark, the little new snow is entrenched for the duration.  Regardless, the boys are on the hard court (I am curious if I could sell the team to Seattle, that could possible free up some riding time?) and I am out (unless there is a late night run for Knot tacos)


Monday, January 7, 2013

Back To Pollywood for 2013/ RIP Huell Howser!

After a very jealously missed event and feast last week, I'm hoping for a return to normalcy, tacos and some dirt.
Do we have a report from any resident members on the surface conditions.  Speaking of surface conditions, this must be what it was like in the old days of ski areas when you had to guess what conditions were like at the hill, there were no live web cams or hourly mobile device updates of trail conditions back in the day.  I'm speaking out my ass of course because back in the day for me, I could dial in the recorded message at 6:am and get the Mount Shasta Ski Park or even better Lassen Ski Park recorded snow report.  That is, unless the line was busy because so many other freaks who were not even skiing that day (like me probably) were just jonsing for an update and locked up the old analog system.

Back to 2013 and while we don't have a live web cam of the Pollywood Megaplex, we do have a pretty good idea of what is happening up on Pony Express from the Pollock Pines web cam. And yet, I find that still lacking.  What is the status and plan for this week?
Will there be less snow on the ground near the water due to the micro climate?

California public TV icon Huell Howser dead at 67

As I went to bed last night I saw this sad but uplifting story on CNN and could not help but laugh and feel sad at the same time at how much fun we have all had recalling Huell's funny and insightful antics. He will be well remembered tonight!

I'm down for and hoping for riding the Pollywood. 

One -for whatever we ride - except I'm not riding to Salmon Falls tomorrow from town FYI.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Tuesday

Has anyone been riding? Were the ancient Mayans predicting the end of FT3? If anything the apocalypse portended was snowmageddon. Known white powder addict, B, has all but disappeared from the bicycling ranks. Even devout mountain biker Newb is eager to get on the slopes to snort a few lines. And the condition in Pollywood is less biking more hiking. Facing these facts a quorum at the Mosquito Lott decided to stay local for biking, and drive up to tacos after. It was the right call. A car was dispatched to collect Chet who was lazing about in Camino.

Our Dear SteepsLeader wasted no time discussing ride options. With a heave and a ho we crossed Main Street and churned up our first steep. That got us to the Cedar Ravine Steep to Big Cut, to Pardi, dirt to Forni and the EDT. Cappy suggested a bit of hoboing along the tracks, but the crew was eager to feel the warm embrace of the Knott Hole. The Spotters are a bit thicker in Pville. One mistook us for a pack of dirtbikers on suspiciously quiet motorcycles.

While convenience would dictate that we found dinner in town, our loyalty to the Knott could not be shaken. And our steadfastness was dearly rewarded. We have been blessed with offerings before, but the New Year’s Tuesday ride was unprecedented. Immediately upon taking our seats, Mother Rye plopped down two trays of nachos and a plate of seven layer dip. Meanwhile, Councilman unwrapped four new and wonderful sauces that he found while in the sauce lands of AZ. Mother Rye then offered a plate of beef enchiladas. Right behind that, the Chickenbaker shared a container of her homemade crackers. They were like saltines that had been dry rubbed with paprika and cayenne, and were damn tootin’ good. Mother Rye added a bowl of homemade salsa to our banquet, and then the centerpiece arrived – piping hot from the oven, a pan of Chickenbake. Slowly our appetites were sated and still Chickenbake remained. We gorged ourselves until uncomfortable. I wrapped up my full taco order (stuffed with Chickenbake) in its wax paper and put it in my pocket.  

(addendum from Councilman)

Given my egregious failure to post the promised RR, I feel obliged to illustrate the extent of our multi-course feast last Tuesday. As Nocar deftly portrayed, we were treated to a veritable cornicopia of spicy foods. It was presented in an elegant and professional manner; each dish besting the last and culminating in that heavenly bake. I, for one, found the service and offerings exceeding that of many fine restaurants I've visited. As FT3's title sponsor, and official caterer, my helmet is off to the Knott staff. A happy new year, indeed!

Notable notes:

 Cookie Dough Gatorade:

Nocar's stunning warranty replacement build, resplendent with white wheels and details. I was already envious of his stable, but this is a fine addition. 

FTSKI, redux? There IS plenty of white stuff in our beloved Polly...

Talk of solo 24's at Cool, credit card long rides, and much, much more.