Tuesday, January 29, 2019


How hard is it to have fun on a Tuesday night?

At least that was the case last week, when the snow was sugary and shallow enough to shred; the moon was big;

and the tacos were served with tomatoes.

More easy fun this week, nice temps and groomed soils.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

This Land Was Made for You and B

By popular demand, a second Pollywood performance was added to B's mandatory ski tour. It has taken all week for my DTI and liver to recover from the first night.

Fro might remember this moment:

Pollywood resident Buttons reported up to six inches of snow that crusted overnight but should be soft by ride time. Might not even be that slushy. Except for some places.


Many of you are tempted to participate in recreational activities other than mountain biking at night through freezing slop. This is very dangerous. Only mountain biking at night, in a competitive group, after pre-ride refreshments, preferably in snow or rain, is safe. 

Rubber shove.


Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Even as the weather forecast continues to deteriorate, the FT3 fun forecast gets better. Our Knot Lot dressing rooms will include both the Sprinter and the Dolphin! The Man, the Myth, the Legend: B will be joining us this evening. He has heroically maintained a cheerful disposition through this difficult time as he has been forced to not work and go skiing. And the gov't shutdown has gone on for sooo long that he has made it all the way to Pollywood.

The tricky bit is, he didn't anticipate that his mandatory ski vacation would drag on for sooo long so he didn't bring a bike or riding gear. And conditions tonight are not for the unprepared. 

The list of critical items is:

  • Bike: Niner, Nocar or XT
  • Bib: NoHandle
  • Bar light: ???
  • Helmet and helmet light: B
  • Gloves: B
  • Shoes and shoe covers: Nocar
  • Rain jacket: Nocar
  • Rain pants: ???
  • Bottle of whiskey: ???
  • Best attendance for 2018 FT3 shirt: ???

Don't be late.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Pleasant Weather Warning

Should be lovely in Pollywood this evening. At least through ride time.

Perhaps a little more damp than last week, when we had an almost complete showing by the active FT3 roster.  And after shredding perfect trails getting to order dinner from the full menu was mind blowing. Who will maintain an unblemished 2019 attendance record for two weeks?

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Fresh Start

Did anybody else go to bed early last night to rest up for the big party tonight? Finally a holiday celebration that includes mountain biking. Seems like forever since the last FT3. On that ride we rang in the season with caroling. Well, we went to one house and wouldn't leave until we finished all their whiskey.

To make up for lost time tonight's ride will be extra special. Meet up time has been bumped up to 4:30. Stragglers can be accommodated, but chime in, so plans can be arranged. Also, the Knot Hole will be serving their full menu! So if anyone wanted to break from the traditional order, here's your chance. 

Should be a bit chilly; puffies for the lot, neckies for the ride, and sticks for the fire.

Looking forward to ringing in the New Year properly. We can discard last year's grievances like taco tabs on Tacolicious's last night and reminisce about all of the great rides of 2018. Which was your favorite?