Monday, January 31, 2011

Was that Winter yesterday? Should be good tomorrow

Well, like any smart guy who has a choice on how to spend their weekend, I chose to use the sunny and warm Saturday to do yard work and hang out with the family. Then I got up early Sun. morning and road in the rain for 3 hrs. Green Fro met me exactly 15 minutes late (he was actually 1 min. earlier than me - perfectly timed) yesterday. We managed to get ready in the parking lot during a lull in the weather. Of course, we then proceeded to get poured on for the following 3 hrs only to be met w/sun and clear skies as we got back to our cars. We both noted that before the ride we saw a gap in the dopplar, boy were we fooled. It was a very cold and wet HTFU Sunday ride.

As for Tuesday night this week I think we should be treated with cool temps and clear skies. Our local weather expert up in Pollywold has this promising info to report: "Probably two inches at lake level, and the well covered trails should be in ok shape." I read into that "perfect conditions" for Feb.

Let's not forget that Tuesday, Feb 1st is SSFT3 and now that cross season is over I would hint that the frestyle SSFT3 take on a more pure SS flavor, you know, "less gears, more beers". Especially given the conditions up the hill.

Well gents, this is your call out.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What no Ride Report?

Since the bunch who rode last night couldn't get a ride report up between them, I will report on my uber commute which took place today, Wednesday. I had to spend the day in Sac for meetings so I decided to drive to Folsom and Saddle up on the road bike sans messenger bag for a delightful day of urban transpo meetings. The morning leg featured this unusual moist haze we are not accustom to hear in the hills, I hear they call it fog. There were a few other commuters out there, but not many. I wonder if they are not only flat land riders but also fair weather riders? The American River Bike trail is in excellent condition and actually makes for decent riding. One wet corner provided a sweet two wheeled slide. I had to hit up the surface streets from Sac State and made it to my first meeting in the nick of time. The ride home was better, I enjoyed an alternate surface street route which allowed me to survey the urban architecture which differs quite a bit from what we are used to seeing on our apple hill rides. Of course, I saw several fixie hipsters as well at that time. I even passed my place of birth, Sutter memorial Hospital. That was exciting, haven't been there for 37 years. Once back on the familiar bike path, there were a whole slew of roadie racers out 'training.' At least four or five of the popular teams were out in two-up (two riders) full kit groups including Sac CX Series 35+ A Masters Champ Jesse Scatton and another East Sac biker. Mad Cat, and Davis Bike Club also represented on the bike path. I even saw Paul out there. Seriously. It was definitely him. He was on a super sweet, white, Colnago, with matching white hoops and bar tape. He was in a full race kit, cycling cap, (no helmet) and was all shaved up cleanly. Of course when I 'caught' Paul, he naturally had to turn off to go ride with his faster and cooler friends. He obviously must have been looking for his turn off, and that is why I caught him. In the end, it was a 50 mile day, (which I'm sure Paul would scoff at), if I was the Photog B is, I would provide pictures, but alas, I am not (how did he get all those pics of himself?). I'm a decent scibe though.
Ride Like Paul,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sub 24 Ride One Speed Dominated Ride

I figure last night's ride might as well be dedicated to the Sub-24, as the bike dictated some of the route and garnered much attention from FT3 riders. The Sub 24, as it was named last night, is yet another recipient of the great FT3 Collective, including support from Bambi, C-Man and NoCar, not to mention Golden Spoke Bike Shop and Pedro, who initiated all this by purchasing my fixie. The Sub-24 single speed received its name because it went from frame to riding in sub-24 hours, and actually weighs less than 24 pounds, and cost just over 240 dollers. The Frame, which is an old KISH, was built special for Bambi, and broken specially by Bambi, two times, until he was cut off. All that said, there was some risk involved in said investment. Not to worry, I am inclined to believe the repairs are solid and I am likely a bit easier on bikes than a 90's fitness Bambi. Speaking of repairs, the sub-24 required a re-route of the proposed route due to some chain jumping. The group that included XTeric, Bambi, B, Safety First, Booker and I all headed back to the lot to institute a repair after a jaunt down the horse trail, under the damn and up a portion of Fleming. The quick repair was classic FT3 and utilized a Suntour rear derail as a chain tensioner, with a rock limiter and electric tape insurance. Bambi literally "rocked" this repair with a smile.

Happy as can be that the sub 24 was now FT3 worthy, the group headed up the Qualifier. Safety First, who made his return from fitness boot camp, held his own on the qualifier. Welcome back Safety. After a failed attempt to find the illusive chopping block trail, we headed for a classic wedding march-qualifier return to the Knott. Luckly none of the riders were decapitated by low hanging foliage on the wedding march. At the Knott we were met by a dashing Lars all decked out in an italian hand made high fashion suit (unfortunately, not a cycling suit), and a smiling NoCar, who enjoyed his first real ride since the installation of a steel? plate in his shoulder. Welcome back NoCar!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mid Morning Call Out

Yes it's Tuesday again and time to ride. Some of us have been very busy doing long road rides, worthy trail maintenance efforts, taking FT3 Gen two riders on Epic MTB rides or building super sweet low budget single speeds. Thus the late call out for tonight's ride.

Hopefully I will be riding the new super sweet low budget single speed, but only time will tell. Thus far it is not looking promising, but certainly not due to any lack of effort on the part of Bambi who put forth a tremendous late night push to get it rolling. The Spoke came through big with inexpensive parts from 'upstairs.' So much appreciation and a big shout out goes to them.

Which bike will I ride?



Friday, January 14, 2011

Is it Sunday Yet?

Well, it has been almost 24hrs since the last hidden comment field comment on the Tuesday ride report, so I'm feeling compelled to make a weekend callout. Looks like weather is improving for us. May not be real sunny but should be plenty warm. Look at the overnight low for Sat.- wow 49 - I think we can handle that, especially with a high in the 60's. Sweet!

Given the warmer temps, I'm inclined to roll a bit earlier, maybe 9am. I'm looking for a moderate ride this weekend 3hrs or less. Fire off your comments and let us come to a consensus

BTW, I can roll earlier or at late as 10 if that is the inclination of the group. I'm sure Paul is riding in the sun wherever he is and will be warm and fast as all hell.

Monday, January 10, 2011

FT3 Don't FTE

What's wrong with this picture? No MTB Tracks. That's right. FT3 Don't FTE. Ball Don't Lie. FT3 Don't FTE. Yes, come January 11, 2011, a pithy core of FT3 riders once again won't "Fear The Elements" as the group takes on another MTB outing in weather in the 30's. Our good friend Noaa said; and I quote, "Tuesday Night: Rain likely, mainly before 10pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 35. Southeast wind between 6 and 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%." He also said their is only a 40% chance Peter will show up.

As with any Tuesday, this is the call out for another FT3 adventure. And, for those of you who missed it or were home waiting for football to come on (does anyone who reads this blog do that?), a pithy core of Cap'n, XTeric, RG, LarZ, and NoHandle took on on the roads of ElDo in the form of FT3 Sunday School. Beginning with the jitters that weren't from the coffee shared by riders courtesy of LarZ at the Bagel shop, we ventured straight up Mosquito and into Apple Hill for a somewhat non-standard Apple Hill loop. While it was 10:00am when we rolled out it felt like 7:30am on a typical day and there was some argument about whether or not the weather was the product of an inversion layer. Apparently the FT3 riders think they know a thing or two about the weather. I, for one, will defer to Noaa, who wasn't on the ride. It turns out we do know a thing or two about the weather. LarZ was right, the sun was shining up the hill a ways, so we enjoyed the clear, cold transition into noon-time upon Ridgeway and through the Hills of Pollock (not to be confused with the Hills of Beverly). The snow on the edge of roadway and ice on the roadway only added to our man egos as we conquered the elements like those on the cover of Colorado Cyclist. Little did we know, we had another thing coming as we began our descent toward the P'villian center of the universe. Just prior to our grand entrance into the dense fog the pace krept up and Jack Frost krept in. Riders were cold, car headlights were on, visibility was low and riding conditions were straight up treacherous. LarZ launched his attack just before the Camino sign and managed to stay away in spite of counter attacks by NoHandle and Cappy. LarZ, here's yer sign. Well, the pithy core lived to fight another day. It was an outing none of us will soon forget.

Ride Like the Wind,

Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 2 of FT3 Sunday School

That is right boys and men. This Sunday is the second meeting of the Church of the Skinny Tires for the year of our youth 2011.
I have discussed with Cappy that another 10:00 AM role out from the bagel shop is in order. I know it is late in the day for some, but it will be dry and much warmer at that hour. If you get pushback on the home front, just point out a few frosty spots on the road and remind the loved ones how much safer a later ride will be.
I for one am planning on a big day in and out of the saddle, but will augment the general effort as needed.
10am roll out! We should target a 2PM return for the pithy core.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FT3 Hygiene Hold Over

Since there has been an unfortunate delay in this weeks' ride report, I will post the following video to hold over the 250 plus page viewers awaiting a superiorly splendid and interesting ride report noting the 2,000 plus feet climbed by FT3 riders last night.

For those of us looking toward an end to this years' cross racing season, this viddy will be especially delightful.

Ride like the wind,