Monday, January 30, 2017

Tyranny of the Majority

The FT3 Select Committee on Snow Riding met Sunday night to discuss Pollywood conditions. They concluded that the lingering snow pack would prohibit any meaningful mountain bike riding.

Which leaves us open for another FTSki. We have been making considerable gains, both in form and gear familiarity, so there is definite value in continuing our training. However, FT3 has also defaulted to a Tour de Steeps ride in such circumstances. Since some dislike skiing, it is fair to consider that alternative. As I see it, the debate hinges on prioritizing riding or dinner. So, we'll vote. If you're IN, what do you want to do?

One, ski

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

FTSki Reprise

Tonight's forecast shows a zero percent chance of precipitation. However, the past few days precipitation is still blanketing Pollywood.
Live view from the home office window

Which means another edition of FTSki! After he finishes shushing across the Sierra Nevada B is IN, and he will share his armory of snow sport equipment. And at least half of FT3 has a pair of boards with a free heel. Buttons and Unknown Local probably have closets full of yesterday's skis.

Can we get into the Knott Lot? I don't know. Will Cappy need to stop and change boots three times? I'm afraid so. Will this all be fun too miss? Absolutely.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Some Like It Wet

Remember how we had to ski just ot get out of the Knot Lot last week?

And we laughed at the rain, because after you've rolled around in soggy snow a few times, who cares about rain?
What a difference a week makes. The snow is gone. In its place will be puddles and wet soil, if not little streams running down the trails. Once again, the forecast promises cold, heavy rain. Of course, conditions are usually much better during ride time than what's forecasted.

But if you like conditions as sloppy as an over-sauced, blown out taco that was made with meat from the bottom of the pot, then don't miss this Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Stick Night

Its been 305 Tuesdays since the last FTSki. Once again, B opened his equipment locker and found 4 sets of skis and boots.


Cappy on the way up


B on the way up


B dog
Fro distinguished himself as a natural. We crushed through heavy, wet snow all the way up part of the Qualifier. 

 Cappy distinguished himself by requesting to switch from fat skis to skinny skis at the top of the climb. A short way into the descent he cursed the skinny skis and requested to switch back.

No sooner than the switched boots were laced up, he requested to switch back.

 We went straight into the Knott, and celebrated our successful adventure.

Which included awarding the best attendance for 2016 shirt.

Monday, January 2, 2017


Beautiful snow today.

Our ride time forecast couldn't be more dismal. After several inches (a couple feet?) of snow accumulation, temperatures rise above freezing and the snow turns to a bitterly cold, heavy rain.

I remember the last ride of 2015, when the snow was so deep we could only follow the wheelers' tracks up MET, then descend Park Creek and Barnes Back to the lake road. We might be able to repeat that route. Or we could have a big snowball fight. Regardless, its going to be wet and its going to be cold. A good night for gaiters and water proof socks. And if anyone gets too cold, we know what to do.