Wednesday, March 30, 2016

State of the Trails Address

A merry seven assembled at the Knott Lott. Jr. dutifully assumed the RideLeader mantle and led us on the classic Pacific House route. Soil moisture provided grip and spring in such perfect measure a hard man could weep.
The hallowed trail builder has started sketching out some new curves on Chopping Block. We rolled the industrial features of the EID ditch and made a quick line for the riotously reckless descent to the old Brockliss Bridge site. All party intact, we finished the whiskey and beer and didn't share any of it with the cattle.
Nap Time is running angry these days. Hostile angry. The landings of the log drops have been excavated. The first casualty resulted from cautiously approaching a log drop, sticking the front wheel in a hole. A few bold riders attempted the lower half. XT nearly drowned in the creek crossing.
We were Motherless at the Taco Table and the Bitties were upbeat. Prepper became Golden Boy. His single rye order was poured to the brim.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring has Sprung

Last week saw a repeat ten pack, with only one roster substitution. The evening was astoundingly beautiful: alpenglow lit the snowy peaks, followed by a plump moon rise, and patches of fog that gathered so thick our lights couldn't penetrate the air. 

Anyone make it our for an Easter ride?
I did, and Pollywood conditions are prime. Even the logging roads are sweet right now.


Oh yeah, those are new brakes.

Forecast shows a slight chance for a trivial amount of rain. Temperatures may dip into the thirties, though. Hopefully nobody decides to skip the ride in favor of the warmth of Patty's house.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Latest Fashion

A little bit of sunlight, cool temps -but not cold, damp soils -but not soggy, should be very comfortable riding conditions this evening.

Unlike last week when we got to enjoy all of the different saturated soils.

The newest, bestest thing will be presented in the Knott Lott this evening. The select few who have five (5) blog verifiable rides in for 2016 are eligible to purchase their own FT3 T for a mere $7.

For those who don't have five rides in yet, shut your weep hole and start showing up.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Uh oh. Looks like we're going to be on the wrong part of the curve again.

Making it a good night for one speeds, plastic bags on the feet, and fenders. Or spend the night with Peter if you don't like replacing your bottom bracket.

The word straight from the Mother's mouth is that the Knott Hole Bar and Grill will be open, however the market will be closed. Hopefully someone will have the foresight to secure a suitcase of courage before they arrive.