Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Wrapping Up Another Year of Tuesdays

Last week saw another inspired route choice by the Supreme RideLeader. He followed button hook turns with sneaky downhills and visited a rarely used corner of Pollywood. He even managed to drop a rider less than halfway in to the ride.
 Afterwards, we dined on tacos and cheesecake both sprinkled liberally with pickled jalapenos.

The holiday celebration continued with the annual solstice bonfire, where we atoned for missing rides by symbolically throwing Peter onto the flames.
Has anyone else had the unpleasant experience of trying to pick their way through the logging slash on the lake loop near the Jenkinson entrance? I complained to the EID General Manager. He told me that feedback from the public is necessary for them to demand better from their contractors. So, don't hesitate to speak up.

With temps climbing into the upper thirties, the hoar frost should get sucked back into the soil. I'm guessing ride conditions will be damn near perfect.

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Is it possible that last Tuesday night saw the riding of The Best FT3 Ever? It is possible. The precipitation was late and dry, the mood was festive, the trails were sick, and the Chickenbake was so deep that to-go tacos were sanctioned.

Crazy thing, this Tuesday may be even bester. A balmy night on bomby trails, with hints of a Special Holiday Dinner from Mrs. Taco Spawn. You'd have to be in Illinois to skip this. One.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tacos As Usual

The catastrophic hood failure has been repaired, and the Knot Hole has tacos on the menu. Mother Rye apologized for last week's inconvenience, then proceeded to blame various members of her staff and family for not keeping us informed. Perhaps we won't develop an alternate taco plan after all.

Should be a lovely evening; the setting crescent moon, the trails sparkling with frost, and the aroma of garlicky grease wafting through the air.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Substitute Taco

No one was prepared for the shock. Newb and I pulled into the Knott Hole and found the back gate locked. Figuring we were first to arrive, I got out to tell staff that we planned on parking as per usual. From across the road I heard Fro holler, "we're over here." Aghast, I turned to the EID parking lot and saw the pack of riders getting ready. Not grasping the situation I called back, "Did you get beers." "Yeah," Fro answered, "we got PBRs. And whiskey." So, Newb and I drove across the street. Breathlessly, Will explained that the fan in the hood had broken and only the Knott market was open. We had no dinner plans.

The riding was exceptional. We battled snow drifts up the Qualifier, which was almost entirely rideable, as long as one was willing to redline their heart rate. We then slipped and slid back down to the lake where soil conditions were super grippy and smooth rolling.

When we reluctantly returned to the cars, the Knott was dark. But, we had a plan. We hit the Taco Bell drive through, sneaking in less than a minute before their 11pm closing, picked up some PBRs from Safeway, and found a dark corner in the parking lot to circle the wagons and enjoy our repast. Except for the 32F temps, it was a pleasant arrangement: more versatile menu, later ride bed time, cheaper tabs, flexible ride start/stop points. Hmmmm. Maybe we don't need the Knott after all.  

Monday, November 28, 2016

Snow Daze

Tuesday last was a festive one. We celebrated Spawn Day with balloons
perfect riding conditions, a party at the bottom of 8B, and copious guacamole, Jamaican Pain, and rye at the Taco Table.
Fortunately, the unchallenging conditions didn't last long so FT3 doesn't have to worry about getting soft. A Sunday recon found snow

Fortunately all the trails were rideable. At least downhill. Hopefully by ride time the volume of slush will diminish. Otherwise, spare no effort to protect your toes.

If a night time snow ride isn't enough action, on Saturday afternoon/night/Sunday morning FT3 will tramp the fabled hobo circuit. I saw a couple vagabonds a week ago who had ridden up the tracks. They said it was pretty muddy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Celebrate the Old Skool

There will be a celebration this evening for the young but aging Taco Spawn. We have all observed in honor as he progressed from fast and loose cross racer to wonderful father and partner to one of our favorite Taco Bitties. It shall be a night to remember, and one not to be missed.

While the forecast calls for snow on Wednesday, it appears this evening we shall ride in brisk temps and under clouds the low 40's. That is of course until we enter an inversion layer.

I post this video in honer of the aging Spawn and in honor of the roots of many a FT3'er:

Cheers to the spawn of our taco creator's! Viva FT3!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Post election analysis

And like so many election seasons before, we have selected our fearless leader. Say what you will about the new Prez, but it's no small task guiding our nation. One must have steely resolve, a sharp intellect, and a hearty sense of humor. Not unlike our weekly ride leader. How many are we, what are our collective skills and liabilities, how far is too much far, and what is the mood at
The Knott? Which sauces shall I choose? Are there ride beverages?

So we find ourselves at the cusp of what truly matters in our world 🌎. Who's riding tonight, will there be rain? Will there be nachos or the elusive "bake"? And who will be our rideleader-elect?


Monday, November 7, 2016

Leave Your BBQ's and Fire Pits at Home - The Hole is Wide Open

Yep,I called them today and they said they're going to be open tomorrow.  And the gentleman on the phone also informed me that it's also Taco Tuesday...... hmm.  He must of known that it was me, andwith such spotty attendance for half a year must of thought I needed a reminder.

So there it is.  The Knott Hole will be open, as will another orifice on Wednesday morning - spewing taco grease and hot sauce.  (  )o(  )

Lube your chains, air your tires, and check your bars for cracks 'cause it's gonna be a dust free ripper.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I'm back in town, ready for FT3 tonight.  I may pedal up, schedule permitting ...

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Newb Nails the Script

I was going to throw this update in yesterday's HCF but it is worthy of a stand alone report.

XT was ride leader last night and Newb, Councilman and I rounded out a solid 4-pak.  Everyone knew that our long unseen brother would bring serious excitement and effort levels to the ride.  I'll let the pictures do the talking below.

Of course he broke his carbon bars in half, what did you expect to happen last night?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Been a long time coming ...


Editing some color from recent rides into Newb's post (B):
Name that bridge.  This is from a ferry shuttled 90 miler a few weeks ago from Pier 41-Vallejo

Granite Springs Road

Snow is already sticking around up high (Sayles)

The below shots are all from the sweet mixed surface crosser roll RG and I took yesterday.  Icehouse Road-Granite Springs Road-Wrights Road-XP-Weber Mill Road

Monday, October 3, 2016

First Tracks

I tucked into Fleming with a buddy of mine who had never ridden it Monday morning.

I tried to explain the significance of having waited from Sunday morning when conditions were deplorably dusty. We creamed Pollywood's finest soils; it seemed the pine needles had been put down with a glue gun. The soils were so swollen they pushed back.
 Fucking marvelous.
Tuesday should be gang busters. I'm IN and can't wait ONE!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The First Tacos of Autumn

Seems like everywhere I look, I see something that reminds me of a rider who keeps missing FT3.

Maybe our numbers will swell to three this week.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Blessed Taco

Should be a lovely night for fat tire bicycle riding. And rumors are swirling about the possible return of some long absent riders.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Should be a singularly beautiful evening; the scent of wet earth, the ripe moon peering through broken masses of clouds, and the whumph of fat tires churning dust.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tunnel Vision

We found a sweet dust free trail last week.

I'm sure there are others.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Last Tuesday was another high point in the lives of three riders. The small pack meant more preBRs, more FT3BRs, less dust, and more attention from the Taco Bitches.

Fro is sick of waiting for attendance tallies to reach 25 before handing out red shirts. Last estimate was three remaining, better show tonight if you want one.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I can't ride, but someone will

news on the street is some of you are ready for red shirts. Fro is ready to deliver.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Weekly Ride Report

A combo perhaps unseen assembled at 6:45 in the Pollywood lot.  There may have been an Ice beverage.  Led by Buttons; XTeric, nocar and I rolled out and went up the lower reaches of Qualifier.  After that we went some more places.  Buttons, with some helpful input from XT, led a fine ride in his own favela, full of short, punchy climbs followed by rewarding drops.  Then he was en fuego a la taco table, riling up the esteemed Knott staff with his creative lyrical adaptations to what the juke had on offer.

As indicated in the last post's HCF, this weekend is the Meyers MTB fest.  There will be shuttles, demos (plus bike anyone?) and most importantly the supported Triple Crown Ride on Saturday.  Placerville's Red Dirt Ruckus will be playing Saturday afternoon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Rose Berry

Last minute preparations kept the backchannel busy last Friday. B was scheduled to drive the four of us to Big Meadows, but his truck was in the shop. No worries.

Did you know that RVs are registered in the same category as limos, and it is legal for passengers to drink alcohol?

The party stopped on Friday night when our shuttle driver politely, but firmly reminded us that we needed to go to bed. With patience and resourcefulness, our man at Mountain Mojo provided service exceeding what could be expected from a driver and got the FT3 shitshow rolling, earning him a rating of 8 out of 8 tacos.

Ride highlights include:
The Bench

Scavenger hunt to the Stash

Reaching Star Lake

The most impressive feat was accomplished by Xteric who spotted B’s brake pads on the trail. Meanwhile at the top of Freel Peak, B was desperately flapping his brake lever trying to create pressure. With typical FT3 ingenuity, XT fashioned a cotter pin out of the foil backing to a tire patch, and B was able to crush the long and technical descent.

Logistics for this High Holiday FT3 Ride are notoriously thorny. our cooperative sharing of duties will be a model for long rides to come. B brought the meat, the Dolphin, and the cookware; Cap’n organized the shuttle, assisted driving, and brought the Party Grill; I got the campsite, organized meals, and did the shopping; and XT’s job was to take out the trash.

Tuesday night. I hear some riders may be getting red shirt call ups.