Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Who's in?

Tuesday, again.  That's good.  Weather, looks good too.

Is it raining? - NO.  Dusty? - YES.  Cross ride anyone?

That might get Cappy's attention.

Could this Tuesday be the day we all show up for some long mile cross shredding?

ONE (on whatever bike is majority)

Quick Edit: Few updates from the UCI World Road Bike Championships in Richmond VA.

 This is a picture from the cobbles on 23rd Street in downtown Richmond where Peter Sagan began his attack for the Worlds win.
Quality is pretty low but the intensity was plenty high.  This was around 80 miles in.

Libby Hill: Full cobbled cork screw road that was on of 3 hills each of the 16 laps that broke the race up.
Getting our VIP-ness on with Shimano.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Smoke and Dust Free, will it be?

The recent change in weather may have spared us two serious problems and not only cleared the air of the unhealthy smoke but hopefully kept the dust down.  It does not seem as if any meaningful rain fell up in Pollywood last night but I'm hopeful some still will today and the higher humidity and foggy day time weather will help keep the dust down.

Is this a preview of the winter ahead of us - indicating a wet year or is it a preview that suggest many near miss storms.  I sure hope the former. Can't wait to get me some snow riding and maybe our first fat bike up in Pollywood.

Will CMan return from the IR list, no re-qualification required.
Will B join us again for taco time.
Will there be Chickenbake - for sure not, as I will be there.


See ya tonight.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rose to Keys

Few rides promise as much single track awesomeness as Rose to ???. Three riders and a shuttle driver camped out at a partially constructed house in the Tahoe Keys. We grilled our breakfast sandwiches in mayonnaise, illuminated by headlamps. The small crew size let us stop at McDonalds and pause for morning constitutionals without delaying the start much.

Missing B, we flubbed a few intersections, but it’s the TRT, not too easy to get lost. Besides refilling with water and Gatorade from a stash that Fro had left, we ate lunch at the Fox and Hound in Kingsbury. Newb and I ate the Pig On Cow burgers (pulled pork, grilled ham, and bacon on a burger).

The pound of meat settled nicely into my belly. Newb, not so much. In fact, he experienced so much gastric distress that he lost his shred. All the way to Star Lake, on climbs and descents Newb burped and farted his way along the trail. By Freel Peak he got his shred back, and we All Mountained the Armstrong Connector and Corral Trail. And then back to the Keys just as the day faded to dusk.

I am out tonight, headed to Oakland in an hour.