Tuesday, September 25, 2018

First Tuesday of Autumn

Still warm and dry, but it gets dark earlier and a big harvest moon will cast spectral shadows in the dust.

Last week set a pretty good precedent with the new taco proprietor: we treated his drunken ass with thinly veiled irritation and he bought us a round of beers. Hopefully he found another taco bitch, especially one that knows how to make the meat.

Always something new.


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Questions of the Taco Kind

Another week is upon us - the news came through early Monday that our taco needs will be met this week in spite of new ownership at the Knott Hole. Jolly good. As Even Keel and the Taco Mom settle in for their first week of relative worry free life and contemplate trips to Michigan for a grand baby fix, we ponder the important things like - "Will the tacos be different? What about the shells? Will I still have red hot Wednesday? Will the prices skyrocket? Will there be PBRs? Will they be warm as we expect them to be? What about the sauces? Will FT3 get the respect it deserves? Will I EVER be TacoStrong again???

And that 's just the taco part. Will we be charged for parking? What about the dust? Will it rain, ever? Will the ride leader make me ride my MTB on the road?

If you want answers to these questions and more, you have to come out and ride tonight.

If anyone expects to ride lead and actually intends to take the group on the road please declare so in the HCF so we can bring the appropriate bike!

In other news, we need to put this adventure on our LRP ticker, our friend from Folsom who recently joined us (what was his taco handle?) has offered to take us on this super sweet journey:


Also, remember how XTeric wanted to ride the Rubicon Trail, well someone did it on a Fat Bike and wrote about it and posted a video, check it out here:


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Not at the Knott

Well, my brothers, the time has come. The Knott Hole changed hands, and I was just informed by Mother Rye that there will be no taco Tuesday tonight. And the market isn't even open. Hopefully next week.

We sure have had some good times at the old Knotty, hopefully the party won't stop.

At least for tonight, we are untethered from our tradition, free to ride wherever we want and eat whatever we can scrape together, because nothing will be open.

Not sure what to propose, but I'm IN.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Air quality seems good, hope winds continue from the south

With another fire in Placer County, air quality could be questionable but winds from the south keep the smoke away from the trails.  It'll probably be hot and dusty but still a good evening for cycling.  Will RG make a come back from retirement? Is Nocar going to ride up? Will Cappy and NoSauce make an appearance?  Who's in tonight?