Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ride Report(s)

Who's got two thumbs and is taking advantage of a little time off? This guy right here!

Tuesday's FT3 Roll:
What appeared at first to be a small outing rounded out to a pretty standard gathering. NoCar, RG, and I met at the Mosquito Lot and were joined by B just before rolling up the hill. There we met up with Xterric pulling a full kit for the drive up! The five of us rolled out on a night of perfect weather! We climbed up the sub-qualifier via the lake loop warm up and then the Park Creek Sneak to a new trail "The Ghetto" that quickly took us through a Pollywood 'hood. Xterric left a little skin in the 'hood prior to our departure and will have some cool stories of being chased by dogs and Pollywoodians when asked about his scars. From there we dropped B is for Barf and then hit a complete Lake Loop from there. The night was too perfect to stop so were headed out #8 for Palin's where LOtB went down...yes I went down, LOtB style, on Palin's! We continued down on Blairs and then decided to check on the spill way...dry?!?!?! Again being too perfect to stop, we exited the ride by hitting Back Door and Road Kill.

Taco's were a bit slow on the the delivery, which allowed Ghost to get comfy after his road ride up to the Knot. B and Ghost got some new fangled crispy shells and questioned their origins? Xterric put in a late taco order and B and I were happy keep a brother company while he ate his tacos. We talked and got on a calendar for late July and reverse Happy Valley CX ride ending at the Happy Valley Brewery.

Wednesday's "Work" Ride:
NoCar, and I joined B for a "work" outing up to Camp Creek to check out a bridge. This is the third day in a row that NoCar and B have put in some big climbing and logged real miles! I was only able to join up to the Starks cut off. There was word of a Ghost connection but he had not caught on by the time I peeled off. NoCar took the Camino sprint as I timed my surprise attack way too early. The talk of the river cooled Steel Reserve was tempting but I had to get home.

Thursday's Cross Adventure:
Tomorrow will feature a cross outing calendared by NoCar earlier this summer. This weeks route will be more of an urban assault exploring some possible dirt road connectors. It looks like departure time will be at about 1:30.

Sunday's Ride:
A 7:30 Sunday gathering is still protocol. However, I will be heading south on 49 for a family house-boating trip early Saturday am. I put out a 5 am roll out call and will see if anyone bites.

Until We Ride,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back in the High Life!

I can't help but notice that as I wake up every morning, there is still the ongoing news information of the gulf oil crisis...NoCar sent this video through awhile back and it seems to get more and more relevant and important every day oil continues to spill into the gulf!
It is good to know that not only does FT3 help keep me sane! We may actually have an impact to the preservation of the planet...lofty goals are good!

I think I might have training wheels on the bike tonight. It has been so long since I rode on a Tuesday night, I am afraid I may have forgotten how to ride my bike. All things aside, I am in for tonights ride. After the the weather and temps the last few days, I am wondering if tonights ride should just be a swim! I guess summer is here. Tomorrow's ride report will most likely discuss the intricacies of dust.

The fact that I am still recovering form last weekend, begs the question of how long it takes to recover from running 100 miles. Padre did FT3 proud showing some real HTFU to get through some rough stages. In the end he ran a 100 mile PR in 19:20:01! Yup, that's 19+ hours of running...Spot on mate, spot on!

Sunday's ride report was offered up by NoHandle:

Short note about Sunday

(Insert Taco Handle) and (Insert Taco Handle) joined me, Cap’n and Xterric for a classic S. County+ Starks grade loop.

Out Cedar Ravine, Bucks Bar, Old E-16/Happy Valley Cut-off, Pleasant Valley to Sly Park to Cold Creek, 5 spot, starks, through the neighborhoods avoiding much of sly park to Ridge Way and then bomb down PE and Carson.

(Insert Taco Handle) and (Insert Taco Handle) are legit and hung in real well. Xterric had to bail at the Pleasant Valley Holiday Mkt and Cap’t had to bail at the bottom of 5 Spot, but (Insert Taco Handle), (Insert Taco Handle)and I enjoyed great climb up starks.

Notably for me was (Insert Taco Handle) enthusiasm for the Camino and Dave’s Christmas Tree Farm sprints. No sooner had I explained to him the cycling culture around sprints and he was lining up try to take a flyer. We also enjoyed more lively discussions of the demonstration rail and trail for the El Dorado Museum proposal. I look forward to much more on that topic which Cap'n's and (Insert Taco Handle) inputs.

Looks like the Sunday ride has become somewhat routine! Way to make it roll guys!

Mosquito @ 5:45...Exit 54???

ONE (1)

Until We Ride:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ride Report

Happy to make the taco and hydration portion of the ride last night with Padre. Although it seems like we missed a mighty outing. New trails and crashes marked the table side discussion. In addition there was some conversation around the SSFT3 being open to interpretation pending time of year and viability of the quiver. There may be a few CX rigs showing on the first Tuesday of July...we will see how it goes.

B put himself into Hot Sauce Hell with a unprovoked lashing of the Possible Side Effects...curious minds need an update of the situation?

Just finished watching an epic US Soccer battle, US scored the winner in the second minute of stoppage time and won the group! Fantastic!

Until We Ride

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Solstice +1 Ride

One day out from the summer solstice, draws another Tuesday on the calendar. As the pattern has been, this is again another Tuesday I cannot ride. Alas, I will make the hydrating and eating event post ride. A very full weekend vanishing in the rear view mirror may dictate an interesting ride. However, Tuesday it is and my faith is in those with the hall pass to put down another fantastic ride.

Solstice Music Event:
Even though there were people present, I have to admit, this was an awesome event. FT3 made a good showing on Saturday with NoHandle
representing for the entire event. With perfect weather and a superb kids bike riding loop (and a really cold river) there was much fun to be had. FT3 Generation Two is definitely cutting its teeth and will be ready to join us before we know it. I am happy to report, with the loaner of the trail-a-bike from Cap'n, I have had both kids out on the bikes a fair bit lately!

Father's Day Massacre:
Spot on mate, spot on! The Happy Valley CX loop provided the training grounds for laying the first part of the 2010 CX campaign foundation. We were joined by Mr. Safety for the first part of the ride and then picked up Bambi at the Holiday Market on E16. From there we quickly turned off onto Happy
Valley and started the climb up to MET. And climb it was. Actually before it headed for the sun, we passed the Happy Valley Brewery (By Appointment Only), I might be making an appointment and heading back out. Anyway, back to the ride, did I mention it went uphill,
nd like really steep uphill! After about 5-6 miles we hit the dirt and it continued up hill, like really steep uphill. Did I mention we were going up hill. I did my best to be like B, but the 42x25 was not my friend on Sunday. Finally we made up to familiar grounds in Pollock and the MET. Cap'n put in a monster pull up to Park Creek, shelling what little push I had left. RG came on form on Park Creek, NoCar is showing some real form and fitness, great to see Bambi back on the bike, in all we were all there at the end and still chomping at the bit to roll. Park Creek rolled pretty quickly and we were all

ready for some smooth roads after a fair bit of time bouncing over the bumpy stuff. NoCar and RG took the down hill sprints and I suffered up Big Cut to call it a day. Happy Father's Day indeed.

Running Co-Opting!
This weekend is the Western States 100. Jrom is in town to put in an effort and see what the running gods throw his way. In all honesty, if you have time Saturday night to roll down to the 49 crossing of the states trail in Cool it is a pretty cool thing to see the lead runners come through there with about 10 miles to go.

Mosquito at 5:45...Exit 54 (there is a real possibility)

Until we ride,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fathers Day Massacre

The Father's Day Massacre has been set:

Roll out on CX bikes at 7:30 from the Bagel Shop. The route will most likely ride the Happy Valley, much talked about yet never attempted, route with a possible return via some of our Tuesday Night Trails.

Bring your Dad card and throw down!

Until We Ride:

Thursday is for CX Adventure

As we rolled down the road last Sunday, I enjoyed hearing NoCar's tales and plans for Thursday CX adventure. Have had some vacation time starting on Wed, I thought, "hey, I could join him for next weeks adventure!" And an adventure it was! We departed from the bagel shop after the afternoon World Cup Match where Mexico stuck it to the Frenchies. We were quickly on to the improved sections of the SPTC and then as the plan was...we rode the length of the corridor to Latrobe road. There were a few sections of walking and near the end the trail kind of petered out (note to readers: the trail petered out, but the riders were chomping at the bit). However, the vast majority of the ride was pretty frickin sweet! In fact lots of miles were wide open double track making the CX the perfect choice. We successfully navigated the entire length without any mechanical incidents and popped out onto Latrobe with just enough time to make it to Councilman's place of business and steal a ride home! And then wouldn't you know, ppffsssttttt, a flat on the road! What gives! Got it changed and headed for home! Thursday is indeed the receipt for a CX Adventure!

Father's Day Massacre:
There has been some back channel discussion of this Sunday's ride, yet no plan seems to be emerging. Here are the facts, and just the facts:
Riders I believe are going:

Routes mentioned:
Happy Valley Cross
XP or some variation of such
Road Ride out of Auburn
Standard Sunday Morning Road Ride

There will be some music festival conversation today to establish route and tool of choice, hmmm maybe that's not what I really wanted to say. How about which bike to grab!

Until we Ride,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back Channel Ride Log

The back channel ride was an adventure for all. Whilst at the Knott lot, just after running into a running anniversary pair looking smashing in their attire, collective "not it's" were issued leaving Cap'n in charge as temporary ride leader. Being the Cap'n wanna be I am, I embraced the challenge and took the group including, B, NoCar, NoHandle, Xteric, C-Man, and Rock God on a back channel adventure. It is notable here that B cycled his way to the Knot lot on a single speed crosser via Starkes Grade, spot on mate. As I was not really sure where we were going we headed out toward the qualifier then took the left towards B is for barf but didn't end up there. We found some new trails aptly named 'back channel trails' and after a bit of confusing looping around hitting private roads and passing gates whilst hearing barking dogs and yelling but no gun fire we dropped back down to our usual Qualifier fire road. The peleton seemed happy to have enjoyed the small adventure. More adventure was in order. Once at Park creek we railed that like roadies to Hazel Creek, regrouped and dropped that to...US 50. Eyebrows were hardly raised as FT3 riders are always game for ridiculousness. We crossed 50 and entered the XP trail at Pacific House and dropped that to the Brockliss Bridge site. We enjoyed the high water, in accordance with Cap'n's orders no one fell in, and we marveled at what a future bridge crossing might be like there. B took photos and provided some rough cost estimates and XTeric was volunteered to head up an effort to have PG&E pay for it.

The climb out was good and followed by some historic sepia tone photos at the old bar in Pacific House. After a bit of indecision that included crossing US 50 two more times we took the Pacific House frontage road to the old cattle undercrossing of US 50 and rode that to Fresh Pond (yes, that is four US 50 crossings, a first for FT3). At Fresh Pond we took the road back up to Park Creek while discussing riding along the canal. By this time we had climbed at least 6,000 feet and rode over 30 miles. We took Park Creek to Wedding March which was decended at top speed. No really, at top speed. Fastest ever according to Rock God who flew by me when I was really, really trying to stay out front. Another wonder of FT3...when you think you are going fast RG, Bambi or someone else will always be there to pass you. We collected ourselves and enjoyed some mosquito bites while B fixed a flat on the SSCX near the start of Rock Garden 1A. Then we dropped 1A, again at top speed. Indeed, FT3 is enjoyed the tacky trails and the fact that we could feel our toes. We rode back along the lake and most of us took the back channel route up and over the road/to qualifier in reverse to drop back in near the gates.

Commentary below by C-Man

The Knott was packed with Knottheads. Given our later-than-usual arrival, we had thought the fire would be open and the tacos would fly out of the bar. Not so. The crowd lingered, and we languished at our table, ready to club some Frenchies or Aliens and steal their tacos. While we gnawed at our fingers in anticipation, the conversation veered between the inane and the inspired. A technical discussion of Project Mgmt ensued, with differing opinions on certifications, educational requirements, and a few off-handed comments ending in "B.S.". Again, there was agreement we should start bringing supplemental taco offerings; sour cream, fresh chilis, guacamole, etc. Someone suggested we could lug in our own fixings and prep tacos FT3 style. Although a novel concept, I think the proprietors might take offense.

Eventually, the tacos started trickling in, and they were solid. I believe B reminded us that late arrivals get the fattiest meat (from the bottom of the fryer). Sauce selection was weak, but, never fear, C-man provided stand-ins of varying flavor and quality. Blair's Death Sauce was considered a player, the Mongoose wreaked havoc on all who dared, and the rest were tried/combined in some fashion. As we devoured our well-deserved calories, the commentary fell off the radar. Some of the endearing qualities of FT3 are the diversity, color, and tenor of topics discussed. Last night did not disappoint. I will never look at Booker the same way again ;)

Thanks to Cappy for solid leadership on the ride, and to the rest of the crew for an enlightening taco portion.

Strike Two!

Not only did I post very late in the day yesterday, but my outings with the wife were not according to plan either and I showed up at the roll out with a wife in tow! Hey at least I didn't wear the wrong jersey...sorry Councilman, had to throw it out there. Although I was happy to have made it out to the trails for an outing yesterday, even if it wasn't on a bike.

I have not yet gotten a ride report, but I didn't want to be accused of sleeping on the job again so I thought I would start the thread and then add to it.

Here is what I know, the day was flippin perfect for riding or any outside activity. Trails were solid and seem to be holding up very well through the early part of summer. Cap'n, Councilman, RG, NoCar, and Xteric carpooled up to meet NoHandle, coming from the PV direction, and B, doing the first ever ride up to ride commute. There was a quick exchange with me in the parking lot as my anniversary run concluded, and then the riders were off. There were a lot of other cyclist out on the trail last night, and for the first time this season the camping grounds appeared to be filling up. Outside of this, I will need some details...

Upcoming Ride:
I will be joining NoCar tomorrow for the new addition of Thursday's Epic Cross Roll as we roll the RR tracks to Folsom.

Sunday Father's Day Massacre? Its been awhile since this ride went off, but I am around on Sunday for a ride if anyone is interested? I know many folks will be down at the music festival for some or all of the weekend, but a good cleansing ride may be a good call on Sunday.

World Cup News:
Yes I know this is a biking blog, however, I occasionally pollute the text with some running, so why not add some futball news when appropriate. Low scoring yet hard fought games seem to be the norm for the tournament. A big upset this morning as Switzerland pulled one/nill upset on Spain. However, the most pressing news story to watch is that of the bright orange miniskirts of the Dutch fans! Apparently some arrest have been made and the scandal heating up...and as reported on ESPN: "Yes, Robbie, people will be very interested to hear that full story when it does come out. Anything involving 30 Dutch women in orange minidresses tends to get attention." Stay tuned!

Until we ride,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who Manages this Blog????

Man you try to get something on a routine basis around here and everything falls apart! My apologies on the tardy posting today. I wish I could say something cool like I was watching World Cup games and got lost in soccer mayhem...although I did catch the stoppage time header by New Zealand this morning to force the tie, impressive fight to the end! But alas I have no good excuse, I have been tied up in meetings all day and unable to type my favorite Tuesday posting.

I am out, as it is my anniversary and I am electing to spend it with my wife, sorry guys.

Mosquito 5:45...Exit 54?

Sorry again, I will not fail on my blogging duties ever again, or at least not this week.

Until We Ride

Monday, June 14, 2010

Or, we could just take Snow's!?!?!

Last Sunday's mass was something special. In short, weather and climbing were both on the up and up. Cap'n, NoHandle, NoCar and I all rolled out on a perfect Sunday morning for a gathering of Our Lady of the Skinny Tire. Cap'n, having a previous engagement to get home for, joined us for a standard climb through Apple Hill. As the conversation got lively I did notice the tempo picking up as well, making for a solid day of talk and training! At the Cedar Grove turn off of Mace, Cap'n dropped back to town and the rest of us took off for Pollock. The route up to Pollock was standard on Ridgeway and then we started getting creative. We headed through the Gold Ridge neighborhood and then dropped down to Starks for the rare yet really fun descent of Starks. At the top as we discussed the return route NoCar continued to interject, "or, we could just take Snow's". NoHandle and I pretended not to hear at first but then faced with either new "Chip Seal" or Snow's...Snow's it was. As a peace offering, we did decided to take the Braden route to the top of Camino. The super steeps kicked me in the teeth and hurt, but the climb made for a super fun drop back down into town. Great outing on a fantastic day for riding!

Until we ride,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

"I don't feel Tardy?"

Death, taxes and inevitably falling off the back of the peleton are my constants in life. The good news about the last one, is that you always claw your way back up top again. I am really hoping that I have begun the path back up into the group. However, in terms of full disclosure, looking at the calendar does not bode well for the next several Tuesdays! Good thing its the off season! No need to worry, for the men of FT3 keep the engine on idle and are ready to throw down whenever possible! Last Tuesday being no exception, a ride went out and it sounds like had another first of the season, the post ride lake cool down! So without further adieu, here she is in all her glory, last Tuesdays Ride Report...

B is an animal. I traded bikes w/him, giving up my 24 speed carbon machine for his stealth SSCX. I was pretty excited about the big & light wheels until we hit the first hill.

All I can say is B jumped off my bike as soon as he heard me unclip and offer the trade back. I have no idea how he hammers that big gear up-hill.

The pace was about the hardest pace I’ve seen in a very long time at FT3 and ride leader Xterric clearly did not get the memo that this is the offseason, at least for me.

Loop: We took the hiccup trail to that funcky steep, rocky drop down to where we crossed the spillway and climbed up to the road (I renamed the climb as “spillway”), then Flemming to Palin’s plunge, as we climbed out of the “plunge” Xterric named that steep ass climb out to “Peter’s Pike” I believe but then I’m never good with names.

We then road the lake loop counter-clockwise but did two nice horse trail sections. All of them were hammered hard. I think Xterric cleared all but one technical section up hill – he was on fire.

We finished up w/another steep road climb up to Rock Garden 1-A and on back to the Knot.

Conditions were sick. The limited time I had on the SSCX was screaming fast on the decents. Those little tires hooked up in the oh so good dirt. But not only was the gear too big for me but also, the breaks are so shitty on that bike and I am so weak that I could not hold onto it for long in the drops, my forearms still hurt. B is an animal.

We finished off with a dock side beer. Yea, standing waist deep, cooling off our cannons why we had a few of what remained from the PreBRs. Funny how the one unemployed guy keeps buying the PreBRs. I’ll get the next set, maybe they’ll be cold too, at least to start.

Great ride.


Addition Via NoCar:

The only thing that I will add, which Nohandle was too polite to mention, is that i had three Lars-style unintended dismounts as I tried to keep from falling off the back of the group. Then I went on to commit another graceless move and asked Mother Rye for a glass of water. You'd have thought I asked for a free round of tacos her reaction was so thick with derision and mockery.

One last comment by B:

All I will add is that even though we are uncertain of the exact route, it involved 28 miles and 6K' of climbing.

Well done men, 28 miles and 6K+ of climbing is a legit Tuesday roll! Spot on, spot on. Even though he wasn't present, Cap'n still found room to contribute as well. In fact, he found the way for me to get back up into the group and quickly. And so with this clip, I am signing off until Tomorrow morning, when I hope to be back on a bike and going fast!

Our Lady of the Skinning Tire Sunday Services begin at 7:30 and meet on the hallowed ground where Starbucks and Mr. Pickles go to die that is now the Bagel Shop!

Until we ride,


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm Out

Apparently the short meeting with Bambi was too much for my immune system. I am down for the count with a stomach fact the whole family is toast...keep your distance!


Mosquito at 5:45...Exit 54?


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We Should Have Been on Cruisers

It was a leisurely stroll round the lake last night. B, NoCar, NoHandle, Xteric, RG, Cap'n, and I all met up for the first slightly summery ride this year. Pulling on just a jersey and shorts was a real treat! No rain gear or cold weather gear was needed. After a long weekend of racing and training many legs were tired and there was not a real big desire to go particularly hard or long. B, being B, and being fresh off his OR trip, took his new SS Cross bike out front and hammered up the Qualifier. Unfortunately for B the new bike did not perform up to task. Yes, my friends we suffered our first mechanical abandonment! After NoHandle attempted a noble fix, all was lost as the crank came off for a second time! With B limping back to a comforting rye, the rest of us took up the charge on a Wedding March - Lake Loop roll. The Rock Garden could have had some folks clear but I wouldn't know because I was lips down hugging a rock missing the 9er. I am happy to say that FT3 was not beyond appreciating the beauty of our local trails and took an easy paced lap with many a chance to breath in all the nice terrain!

Tacos were enjoyed outside for the first time this year. No Aces were in the mix, so a round was had on the house! The fire was nice but produced no heat, and hey, haven't used this line in awhile, "no frenchies were around the fire"...actually I don't even know what that means.

Sunday meeting at the bagel shop at 7:30. Rumors of some new riders emerged mid lake...we will see!

Until We Ride,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June SSFT3

Seeing how I am a tad late with today's call out, the count off has already begun via email. Feisty group today, looks like the brotherhood needs some miles in the legs. Nothing spectacular for today's roll other than summer is still trying to find its way to Northern Cal and it's a Single Speed rolling.

NoCar put on a proper birthday event for his wife last night. A solid BBQ, good refreshments, the rear tire skid pad for the kiddos, and a legit cross course for the big kids made for a memorable event. As for the 1st ever Cross TT or CTT for short, here is how it panned out:
Cap'n: 3:48
RG: 3:55 (Required hydration was not consumed = 10min penalty)
NoHandle: 4:09
Bambi (in flip flops): 4:09
NoCar: 4:10
Birthday Girl: 4:24
LOtB: 4:29 (Kilts are not desired riding equipment)
Cappy's Kin: 7:53 (posting the only solo effort by a youngster, solid work)

Mosquito 5:45...Exit 54?

Until we ride: