Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hot Sauce

Harvest time.

Is home made hot sauce time.

According to The Chili Pepper Popper, 'The Nocar Family sauce opens with the sweet and tangy notes of vine ripened tomatoes and cider vinegar, followed by the robust flavors of red jalapenos, and chili de arboles. The subtle kick of the ghost peppers is experienced the next morning by a delightful searing of the rectum."


Note from Cappy Re: 100 Year Centennial Ride from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe:

All the Details as posted on Facebook:

9/26/17 Update:
Less than a month away. Cross your fingers the weather before and during is favorable!
-Start Date/Time: Friday October 20th... 7am -- for whoever wants to start as a group. Everyone is welcome to start whenever they'd like. (7am start time is open for discussion! Hepting and Budd apparently started at 2am!)
-Start location: Where the Sacramento Wheelman clubhouse was in 1916-1917... between J & K Streets and 21st and 22nd Streets (called Jazz Alley now). See link in event announcement.
- Routes: 2 mile pedal from the start to American River Bike Trail.... ARBT to Folsom... a few options to In-N-Out Burger/El Dorado Trail off East Bidwell St.... lots of miles of El Dorado Trail to Placerville and Camino (some may opt for country roads).... then...... STILL WORKING ON IT! I am having challenges creating a route on Strava so I'm getting familiar with Ridewithgps.com (which seems to allow route creation that isn't on established roads/trails). This is what I'll be focusing on these next few weeks! If you have suggestions on how YOU will tackle this ride route-wise, please share.
-Lodging/SAG: You're on your own! Perhaps an organization or 2 will end up setting up an aid station somewhere, but don't count on it in your prep. You might want to reserve a room at the Strawberry Inn if you think you'll be stopping there the 1st or 2nd evening. I have not reached out to them to let them know what we are doing and the role the Inn played 100 years ago... they might be stoked to hear about it though!
- Echo Summit: I'm still hoping to recreate the sign that was at the 1917 summit the boys took photos with. I think it would be neat if all participants stopped and took a photo of themselves with the sign 😊. (If anyone has time to work on this, I'd appreciate it!)
- Finish: I plan to finish at The Beacon Bar & Grill (1900 Jameson Beach Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150). This is very close to where Hepting and Budd finished their ride at "Tallac"... which was a structure on a pier in Lake Tahoe (long gone now). I'm not sure how we could really do a post-ride celebration, with everyone on their own schedule and timeline.
- Getting back: You're on your own! Perhaps social media will help people figure out carpools. Maybe some of you will ride back, like they did 100 years ago!
Some people will do this in a day.... others in 4 days. Some people will only ride one segment. Others will do it all as a relay team. There are no rules for anyone that wants to participate in some capacity (other than don't expect help from anyone you don't arrange help from yourself).
Questions? Ideas? Is anyone else still planning on doing this? 😜

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Last Ride of Summer

Shorter days, cooler temps, some humidity- perfect mountain biking weather.

Are you riding tonight?

Or working?


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Shout Out to Larz, Champ Rabbit

Our own DRL Larz, who, for some time now, as you all are aware... has gone the "way of the shoe" competed in the "Run Rabbit Run" 100 mile race in Steamboat Springs Colorado this past weekend.

Yes that is 10 pound bike Brent on the right. 

Mmmmm, this medal looks like a delicious burger right now. 

Mile 84, deep in the pain cave. 

According to Larz himself, he has no ass left. He ran it all off. Finished the race in 29:56:03, 4 minutes under the "fast runner cutoff" of 30 hours and well under the course requirement of 38 hours. That's a damn lot of running, more than a full day of running in case you are not good at math. 


Future Western States Contender... we will need to recruit Bambi and Partial Credit, who have also gone the way of the shoe, to pace him. I am good for .2 miles of pacing, as long as it is during cross season. 

Who's going mountain biking tonight? Not I. Have fun. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Did you order your kit??

A great showing of 8 riders strong (Cappy, Xteric, Green Fro, Keds, Unknown Local, No Car, Newb, & Safety First) met at the Knott with rain awaiting.  Before long the rain passed and the group headed out with Xteric ride leading.  Trail conditions were tacky and just perfect.  The dust mites remained on the trail and the riders in the back sucked in clean fresh air.  Before long, a wooden log decided it wanted to play with Xteric's right chainstay.  But, the rear derailleur wasn't playing nice and got in the way of the log so the two got in a little fight.  The log won big time.  

wooden log: 1
Xteric's rear derailleur: 0

  After some time messing with the chain length and using Newb's rear derailleur expertise, we did the best we could.  I even suggested to Xteric to do what the pros do.  There were at least 2 other bikes in the group that Xteric could have ridden off with.  After all, he was the ride leader.  We then headed off into the tall shurbs.  Unknown Local must have known that the trail didn't continue as he was waiting for us a hundred yards back.  Xteric's bike wasn't fixing itself so we decided to head back on the pavement by the lake.  The camaraderie among FT3 riders is unparallel to anything else.  Xteric got many free pushes back to the lot.  

The Store is open and if you haven't remembered, it's time to put in your order. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Remember when the first Tuesday of the month was SS night?

Still dusty, but a chance for thunderstorms and a big moon should make for a beautiful evening. Might be the right night to hit the MET to North South to Bonetti route. Or we could just practice trick moves all night.


Don't forget to order your kit. Cappy is getting all riled up that he's going to lose his deposit. And we all know how not funny Cappy is when he's all riled up.