Monday, February 29, 2016

Ride Your Bike!

The annual start of Long Ride season, NoHandle's trek to the Solvang Century, is just around the corner. And several other rides are looking for spots on the calendar; Rock Creek Loop by Fro and Hobo'n by Xteric. Time to start logging miles. And no better way to do that than The Full Tuesday Ride (not to be confused with a Complete Tuesday). Currently, five riders have indicated they intend to ride up. That many riders means most will have to ride back. And that's a lot of miles.

An important note to recall from last week: when we strolled into the Hole at 9:30, the taco staff accused us of coming back early. Clearly, the curfew has been extended on our ride bedtime.

Other business, the FT3 Ts drop next week. Attended five rides yet? Better check the past comment fields and make sure.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Perfect Conditions?

Tonight might be the best riding conditions ever. The possibility warrants a thorough investigation.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Fat Tire Fat Tuesday (No Tacos) delivered a high potency good time. After leaving Camp Knott Lott, we made a beeline for the left lip. Fro carried in a roll of hardware cloth that we used to retrofit the dangerous log ladder. After that, the pack lost cohesion. When we finally started back to the Knott Lott (sometime after 11), our group was fractured. All blamed Cappy. Burgers and brats sizzled on the grill while Xmas trees torched in the fire pit. With no pressure from staff trying to close, it was tough to concede that the night had to end.

After the carnival, is the period of penance, when riders abstain from indulgences to harden themselves for Long Ride Season. Whether it is not making dinner for the family, coming home early from work, or putting off doing the taxes, sacrifices must be made in order to ensure a full commitment to the Tuesday night ride.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fat Tire No Tacos Fat Tuesday Ride 2016 (FTNTFT)

(Video below insert by NoHandle

Well it's that time of year again.  I awoke with anticipation similar to a child waking upon Christmas day.  Oh my, it's gonna be sweet.  Record breaking highs and a week of no rain should yield a rather tacky and mud free ride-a-thon.  Dare I say fun enough to maybe even get PeterG off the couch and on a bike?

But, before we get too far ahead with the trash talking and ride wishing, there is still some planning that needs to be done.  There has been some back channeling going on, and now is the time to state the intentions properly and in a public manner.

Here is what we know; Fro has dropped off a trailer at my house with a BBQ, fire pit and fire wood (I threw in my old Christmas tree too).  The knott hole is supposedly closed - whatever that means.  We have insider knowledge that we can still bust into the lot.  I am planning on swinging in to Safeway on my way up for provisions.

Here is what we don't know; is Chicken bake coming, are Hurricanes in the forecast tonight, and where should this party go down (I'm in favor of Knott Lot, although anywhere would work)?

A quick list to organize :

Burgers - Orphan
Burger Buns - Cappy
Dog/Brats - cMan
Long Buns - Cappy
Condiments - no Handle
Chips - No Handle
Beer - Newb
Pineapple - Newb
Hurricane Fixings:
           Rum - Cap'n
           Rum - ???? (cause the recipe calls for two kinds)
           Grenadine - Nocar
           Passion fruit juice - ????
           Orange Juice - ????
           Limes - ????
           Cups - ????
           Ice - ????
Paper Plates and Towels- Newb
BBQ Tools - Newb
Pop Up Table -Newb

Here's to a start.  We can ax any of the above items if the group wants.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Best Attendance - who is in the running

The snowfall today and recently will add to the fun tonight for sure.  But, will it impact the tight running for attendance?  I believe that as of last count, NoCar leads the pack with perfect attendance for 2016.  However, there is a tight pack of 3 or 4 in the running for 2nd place w/those who only have one absence this year.
You'll note my use of the word "absence", as opposed to attendance.  Myself being one of those in the running for second place may have have an asterisk (aka: half a star) on my record based on my attendance last weekend.  Rest assured, I was there, I rode my bike and I ate tacos.  I think that counts even tho XTerric and NewB say otherwise - they are so mean, so hard core.  No matter; when the final ballots are counted in Dec. I will have slipped down the list.  Bastards!

The real question is who will be in the 3 or 4 way running come later this month when NoCar has already announced his upcoming absence.
You know who it WON'T be.  Or should I ask the question who has perfect un-attendance this year. No Stars on Thars.

This does raise another question about the % of FT3'rs with good attendance vs. those with one wheel in the grave.  Not sure the exact percentage but I am sure that I'm riding tonight and keeping my attendance at only one absence *

One !
* suggest a ride wussed out a bit b/c his little legs were too tired