Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Fresh Meat

Rolling nine strong last week, dust avoidance measures were critical. Which caused some concern when Cap'n insisted on taking the helm. However, he dutifully led the classic Brockliss ride, which was mysteriously littered with abandoned cars.

The Taco Table narrowly avoided a crisis. Mother Rye had to rush from her dinner party at the Governor's Mansion when she heard that the Taco Meat had run out before FT3 arrived. Just in time she whipped up a batch, but she swore she would never do it again. Next time it will be meatless tacos. Just as long as we get fries...

What's in store for this evening? Only one way to find out.  

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Triple Crown Training

XT and I have been logging some miles lately. Everyone has their priorities, and ours have been similarly matched. Don't stain the deck, train for the Triple Crown!

Last Tuesday, Junior demonstrated his ride leading brilliance by delivering another dust-tolerable route.

Then on Sunday we tackled the Strawberry Kirkwood route.
XT decided that the trailhead would be a good spot to set up his tubeless tire.

Not having B along through the tangle of roads above Cody Meadow upped the excitement as every turn seemed wrong.

 Thunder rumbled above Carson Spur.

We added a new piece of singletrack, the East Meadow trail that runs from the Kirkwood market to Highway 88 and afforded this view of the KI.

The weekend rain should have refreshed the Pollywood trails a bit. Hopefully, we can find some dirt that hasn't been hit yet.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday Night and Sunday Long Ride Callout

Remember when....


Weather Service is calling for plenty of heat, dust, and ozone tonight. Good time to enjoy a cold PBR, a refreshing dip, and a little mountain biking.

Best to take it easy to make sure everyone is in top form for the highly anticipated Rubicon Jeep Trail Long Ride going down this Sunday.

At a mere 18.7 miles and 2,530 feet elevation gain (one way), this will be a short Long Ride. I would still tell the Mrs. to expect us to be gone for 14 hours. What with all the hand ups we'll be enjoying and all.

Here is a DRAFT kit design. Overall theme is dark blue/grey lettering/black - deep yellow chainring. Dropping the graveyard and Trail Butter logos. Colors may not be exact on screen.