Tuesday, October 27, 2015

FT3 Begins to Languish

And so it goes, with the movement of Lars, starting of the schools, breeding of wives, the formerly active club known as FT3 begins to languish. There was a time when multiple riders participated in weekly rides, LRPs, cross races, Sunday Road rides. Dialogue on the blog HCF was the peak of one's day, and banter was proceeded by banter setting the stage for tenuous discussions shortened to brevity by the three minute rule and given anticipation until such time that a high number of hard men should gather at a taco table. Will it go on? The great season of drought may give way to El Nino, weather may return, but will the mighty men of FT3? Late in the afternoon on this Tuesday, for the second week in a row, no blog post, no banter. VD FT3 awaits us. But will we be there to accept our duty of long riding and late taco'ing? Or shall the rest of us go the way of Lars and the Scouts?

Thou shall not take part in the answer to the great call of FT3, at least not on this Tuesday. Go forth and do work busy FT3ers! Do the work of hard men! Ride your bike cycles diligently into the forest!
Your carbon fears you and your rad abilities and non-sensibilities. Go forth men, do work, 3,000 feet minimum, 20 plus miles, a light should burn out in the hopes that one shall still be burning at the mighty Knott. Do not languish men, answer the call.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm In

Word on the street (or on the last post) is that Spawn is off of his two month suspension from FT3, and is excited as we all should be that the trails are dust free again.

The German lady from Light and Motion was good to her word and I'll be illuminated again on the trail.

For those who missed the fantastic No Handel ride, all I can say is that it was awesome.  And while some of us might not have brought our super A game legs, we all did bring flasks.  And having the Strawberry Lodge as the halfway point felt natural and reassuring, which made us wonder why we haven't done that more often.  I don't have pics, so if you do post them up.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Well, I'm in anyway.

A few weeks ago I had the unique opportunity to go to the UCI World Road Bike Championships in Richmond VA.  It was awesome
I know, this is a fat tire blog, but bikes are cool no matter how fat or skinny ther tires.
While at the airport, we ran into a young cyclist just transitioning off of a development team to his first pro contract.  He was very down to earth and excited that his contract was not finalized but would be soon.  Keep an eye on  Alexey Vermeulen:


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Rare Pond Turtle and the More Rare VDFT3

First, let's give thanks for the rain.

The rain provided the MTB equivalent 'powder day' conditions last Friday and over the weekend. Hero dirt provided opportunities for perfect rides, stolen KOMs, broken dreams. Rock God was able to clean the Rock Garden in the uphill direction. He pointed out the lovely sound of his tires gripping corners.

The un-Ft3er "Sheldon Street Wear" joined us. His smile at the bottom of every decent told the story, no need for words. As rare as this day was in the recent drought of good conditions, it was deemed extraordinary when we came upon the rare and endangered Western Pond Turtle, which was, wait for it... moving slowly across the trail. Luckily for the turtle, I was able to spot him before running straight over him, and I saved his life by gently moving him off the trail. We used to regularly discuss the seriousness of the pond turtle and its impacts on MTB races in the Pollywood area. In all the years since the big controversy and cancellation of the Sly Park 50, we have yet to see the rare species in the Pollywood area. And then, on this day, last Sunday, we saw him.

Western Pond Turtle More Critically Endangered Than Once Thought
New Research Splits Freshwater Turtle Native to California,
Oregon and Washington Into Two Species

He was at least two miles from water on a steep hill. We believe he was on an LRP of sorts. Or searching miles and miles for a mate. Proper young turtle, proper.

VDFT3 2015 Edition

And in other news, the calendars have flipped and the world has spun 'round enough times to land Tuesday November 10th on the day before Wednesday November 11th, which also happens to be Veterans Day. Many years ago there were some scouts who rode with us, Lars was still an FT3er, and FT3ers had fewer children. On that night we welcomed in Green Fro, who was not yet a regular, and rode miles and miles around Bonetti Ridge, somewhere else and back. Returning late, we were lucky to get tacos then we rolled to our campsite to tell stories of yore. Some of us rode to the Pine Lodge, all of us stayed up till the wee hours of the morning. And alas, it shall happen again. Mark your calendars.

And since I am blogging with one wheel in the grave I must go and tend to other duties that will continue to keep me away from FT3. I expect to make the VDFT3 event however. I also will continue attending Folsom Rodeo Cross on Wednesday nights if any of you would care to join me some time. Repping FT3 all over the Sac CX circuit - alone. Race #2 is this Sunday if any of you care to come off the couch and join me.

Peace out!