Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ride Report: Guest Author

Guest authorship by Cap'n and Councilman:

Xterra Call Out

Ride #58 was of epic proportions and after more than a year of outings, new ground continues to be broken on the FT3 front. Cap’n, B, Councilman, In-Law and X-Teric rolled out to keep it real FT3 style. Default ride leader Cap'n took the riders down a quick drop of the Hiccup Trail. The next move was down the technical section to the spillway, across the bridge and back up to Mormon Immigrant. Then we headed down the technical horse trail toward the spillway for a viewing of a beautiful pond site and not as beautiful old dump site or shooting range. Here, it was determined that tetanus shots should be up to date prior to going on rides with default ride leader Cap’n. Barrett managed to ride all technical sections and then crash on fireroad where X-Teric showed no mercy and ran poor B over. B was up and ready to roll immediately showing blood on the arm, spot on mate. During the visit to the dump site no FT3 rules were broken, and everyone was having fun, especially Barrett. At this time we pondered whether we were in for a second edition of the feisty five outing. After making our way back to M.I. (no Lars, not IM… M.I.) via the fireroad, we were off for a standard Fleming Loop. Fleming was good, albeit a bit dusty. There was much discussion of Xterra and Matt’s amazing Ironman prowess, but always tabled for later discussion so as to avoid long delays. We went up the very dusty Redneck Rising trail, across M.I. again and down the Left Lip. The Lady Parts were good, as it always is, and X-Teric was making FT3 proud in absence of Bambi or Rock God. At the bottom there was some discussion of XTerra again and a possible post ride swim and a few HTFU call outs. The call outs were made and ride leader forced the group to ride the horse trail on the way out. Back to the boat dock we had 100% participation in a post ride swim. Although only three of the riders took part in the swim race to the bouy, it was an honorable mention to Lars’ IM and may become a summer ritual. In-Law has swimming prowess and is now an FT3 XTerra swim coach. It was weak sauce at the Knott Hole again, and the shell texture was less than ideal. B went super deep with da bomb, deeper than ever I think, double siding six tacos, and others enjoyed pepper, a classic spice. Firepit was again taken over by French people or aliens, there were screaming babies, dancing toddlers wielding horseshoes, pissing dogs and foul mouth red neck smokers. Conversation hit rock bottom like never before as councilman relayed emergency room extraction tales from a surgeon friend.


  1. What's going on here. Nearly a week has gone by and not one FT3 blog comment...

    OK, maybe it's not perfect weather, with pristine mountains and no dust like it is here, or is it an offical summer break - what up?

    West Glacier near Kalispell, ID is pretty nice. I found a great 2 hour road ride that has some black diamond dirt bike trails right adjacent; they are open to mountain bikes, but too steep and long if you ask me, probably 4 miles up and barely 'cleanable' on the motorcycle; I had to turn back on Jimmie Ridge trail due to down logs, hands are sore from holding on to the beast. The are some other options to make it up to the ridge, which must have about 40 miles of technical single track running at ~7000 feet; I'll see if I can get up there again today.

    Tired of driving, skipping Canada and starting the route back tomorrow, probably Northern Idaho, Eastern Washington and Bend; I'm also eyeing the 66 mile Umpqua River MTB trail, but I have to be real nice to get some SAG support from the travel mates - that's hard for me. :-)

    Let's get some posts rolling boys!


  2. Indeed, our own Sire of Stone is dispensing with mountainous climbs, treacherous descents, and fair bit of portage, and all the while tending to his TTI (Travel Tranquility Index). Good on ya!

    Kudos to Cap'n for leading the ride and write up last week. I wonder if the softball blog gets that much love??