Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tacos As Usual

The catastrophic hood failure has been repaired, and the Knot Hole has tacos on the menu. Mother Rye apologized for last week's inconvenience, then proceeded to blame various members of her staff and family for not keeping us informed. Perhaps we won't develop an alternate taco plan after all.

Should be a lovely evening; the setting crescent moon, the trails sparkling with frost, and the aroma of garlicky grease wafting through the air.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Substitute Taco

No one was prepared for the shock. Newb and I pulled into the Knott Hole and found the back gate locked. Figuring we were first to arrive, I got out to tell staff that we planned on parking as per usual. From across the road I heard Fro holler, "we're over here." Aghast, I turned to the EID parking lot and saw the pack of riders getting ready. Not grasping the situation I called back, "Did you get beers." "Yeah," Fro answered, "we got PBRs. And whiskey." So, Newb and I drove across the street. Breathlessly, Will explained that the fan in the hood had broken and only the Knott market was open. We had no dinner plans.

The riding was exceptional. We battled snow drifts up the Qualifier, which was almost entirely rideable, as long as one was willing to redline their heart rate. We then slipped and slid back down to the lake where soil conditions were super grippy and smooth rolling.

When we reluctantly returned to the cars, the Knott was dark. But, we had a plan. We hit the Taco Bell drive through, sneaking in less than a minute before their 11pm closing, picked up some PBRs from Safeway, and found a dark corner in the parking lot to circle the wagons and enjoy our repast. Except for the 32F temps, it was a pleasant arrangement: more versatile menu, later ride bed time, cheaper tabs, flexible ride start/stop points. Hmmmm. Maybe we don't need the Knott after all.  

Monday, November 28, 2016

Snow Daze

Tuesday last was a festive one. We celebrated Spawn Day with balloons
perfect riding conditions, a party at the bottom of 8B, and copious guacamole, Jamaican Pain, and rye at the Taco Table.
Fortunately, the unchallenging conditions didn't last long so FT3 doesn't have to worry about getting soft. A Sunday recon found snow

Fortunately all the trails were rideable. At least downhill. Hopefully by ride time the volume of slush will diminish. Otherwise, spare no effort to protect your toes.

If a night time snow ride isn't enough action, on Saturday afternoon/night/Sunday morning FT3 will tramp the fabled hobo circuit. I saw a couple vagabonds a week ago who had ridden up the tracks. They said it was pretty muddy.