Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Post No Car Post

Moving from text thread to more appropriate domain for musings, misgivings, and more.

Last week marked the end of an era, with yet another principal (pithy) member taking flight. Ok, it's really just a long, but lovely drive through wine country. Some of us celebrated on Friday at Melters. Non FT3 folks were in abundance, as was laughter and cold beverage.

There will be more celebrating this evening, perhaps the buff trails, mild temps, and general spring like conditions. The latter brings me out of retirement and (for now) more dedicated to two wheeled pursuits.

Until wherever we meet and whatever time we depart...

We are at 5, cinco, cinc, cinque.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Ode to NoCar

We never want to anticipate that there will be a last FT3 Tuesday. But with little fan fair NoCar quietly declared he would be riding Tuesday, 2/4/20 like it was his last. And while NoCar shall go on to ride "gentrified trails" in the bay area as Buttons would say, we know that we have not heard the last of NoCar. He will be just a car drive away in Santa Rosa, where the gentrified trails will welcome FT3, as we will him when he travels back to the Sierra to see his old friends for snow or bike play. In the same state, nonetheless. So we will make more memories soon enough. For now let's look back on all the incredible memories we have made over the past decade plus. PBR after PBR, taco after taco after taco. Shred on NoCar.

With all due respect and love from your least favorite FT3er, Cap'n.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Ride Every Tuesday Like Its Your Last

FT3 continues to break new ground. With Cappy RideLeading, we shredded Barely Legal which has been cleaned up and expanded to tie in with Canteen Boy. Then, revolutionizing the comfort and ambiance of Tacos, Phantom introduced his port-o-fire pit.

Tonight should be more of the same; buffed out trails, cool temps, clear skies. Though there will also be something different, some new surprise that FT3 hasn't experienced, because there always is. Another Tuesday to savor, before its your last.