Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Dedicated to Tacos + Rose 2 Keys

I called XTeric this weekend and he was at Costco. He was rolling solo, as the family didn't want to join him. He was there for one purpose. FT3. Shopping for FT3 Untethered. Getting supplies. If you ask yourself, who is most dedicated to FT3's untethered status, it is clearly XTeric, he is FT3's Golden Boy. He spent the evening last night working on NoCar's hammered bike as well. Three cheers for XTeric. Alas, tonight we go untethered once again. Don't miss it.

It is also notable that Unknown Local was in MT Riding with B this weekend. Strong work UL!!





And of significant importance, tonight we will discuss the Rose-Keys LRP going down this weekend.

Here's what I know.


Head count: Cap'n, NoCar, XTeric, Fro, Newb, UL for half ride? Any others?
  1. On Saturday we need to make a food and drink drop along Kingsbury. 
  2. Do a ride with Cappy if your available to leave early (I am leaving Pville before Noon on Saturday to get a short Tahoe ride in before the evening festivities at the Keys house, if you can join me hit me up.)
  3. Meet at the Keys house, time TBD (Fro please advise).  How many does Keys house sleep, should we bring pads and sleeping bags etc? 
  4. Make dinner (what do we all bring to contribute?). Will there be tacos?


  1. Wake Early. Eat breakfast (what should we bring?) McDonalds stop? Hah ha  
  2. Depart in XT's van (Time?) to Rose. 
  3. Ride alllll day. 
  4. Drop Armstrong/Corral and roll to Keys House. 
  5. Return to Rose to get van if needed. 
  6. Go home happy. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Don't Touch That Tether

The second night of untethered tacos was as glorious as the first.

Though perhaps we enjoyed the no-ride-bedtime concept too much. We started late, rode far and then lingered after dinner; didn't make it home until Wednesday.

Tentative discussion at the end of last week concluded that we should revisit the Knot Hole tonight for a check-in. This was because XT was likely unavailable and no one else volunteered to handle the taco kitchen. However, now XT is IN, so tonight's tacos will be untethered.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

FT3 Untethered First Edition

The return of Buttons marked the first edition and trial of "FT3 Untethered." Turns out that Buttons is a very capable and self sufficient taco maker, as he sat out the later half of the ride to rest his Achilles and prepare the tacos. The spread the XTeric had laid out was beyond compare. He even ordered taco papers and baskets off Amazon! Foil tins for food storage, and NO Recycling! It is clear that if XTeric and Buttons wanted to start a taco truck, it would be a resounding success. Here are some snaps from the evening. 

We were stalked by a bear during the ride near the over grown Cache. Fortunately, the last rider made it out without being eaten alive. There was talk of sand dunes. This video came to mind:

And so it goes. FT3 may be better cooks and food preppers than what is available late on a Tuesday night in Pollywood. When will we see FT3 Untethered Version 2.0??