Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recipe for cycling goodness

So I thought I had some bad P3 powerbars last night, but in the end, once again FT3 served up a recipe for a turn over pie!

2 parts blog bashing
1 dash of work place stress
6 fully kitted riders
1 new trail
1,000,000,000,000 parts dust
2 cups slick as snot pine leaves
1 good tree smack
1 non-existent, yet called, out sharp right turn
1 non illuminated light
3 extreme deals replacement lights
1 swim
Many tacos
A solo ride home

Mix all together and enjoy.

The end result is a reminder that all is right in the world and the that two pedaled machines are the way to go and the friends are friends and that dirt is fun and that well, that Tuesday is only ever six days away.

Until we ride,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

At a loss

Not really sure what to post this week. I am in that frame of cycling mind, where everything is cross but our season isn't here yet? Oh well, I guess the best cure is to get out on a bike, really anyone will do, and ride with my friends.

I suffered greatly in the work/family/house equation last weekend. However, I think I am winning in that fight. The great balancing act that is life has thrown its fair share of curve balls to the FT3 crew, but we always seem to rally and put riders on the "line". So my friends, inch your toe on up there and chomp down on that bit and take the challenges head on. Cross season starts in one week and four days! The road of life, yeah, we are always racing on that, "drivers wanted"!


Until we Ride,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Midweek Morning Analysis!

After the dust from NoHandles crash settled, the general analysis is that this was one of the finer FT3 outings in recent memory!

The ride started with a rendezvous at the Knot Lot. I have to admit the easy roll to FT3 outings from the new house is pretty darn nice. NoHandle is coming in on the back roads and the rest of the crew B, NoCar, RG, Bambi, and Cap'n all arrived via a traditional Highway 50 route. As for tradition, we stop there.

Break From Tradition #1:
Along with water bottles, extra tubes, some food and other rides utilities, Cap'n rolled out of the Knot Lot with an axe in hand. The "Johnny on the Spot" ranger at the booth didn't even look up from the computer monitor to acknowledge this odd riding tool. We had a quick roll to the infamous stump and then let loose the terror FT3 style. Fueled by the power of Greyskull, we went fully medieval (there literally was a stoning of the stump) on that stump! In the end we refrained from an subterranean excavation, but left the area totally rideable as tested by B.

Break From Tradition #2:
We hit a new trail last night. After a few home based outings with my eyes wide open, I am starting to find some new trails. The Butcher Block did not disappoint last night. A good new single track trail taking us down to the Flume from Park Creek! As with most trails this time of year it is starting to get really loose and washouts are guaranteed, especially if your name is Lars. It is good to know B had my back was quick to announce to everyone that yes is was indeed off the bike and standing on the trail!

Break From Tradition #3:
I guess based on the last few outings this might be a new tradition that needs breaking. I was happy to see NoHandle smiling at dinner and able to move. That might be different today? He went down and down hard! Careful out there, CX season is right around the corner! As NoHandle stated himself, I think it is very fortunate that no major injuries occurred. Way to HTFU and get back to the Knot!

Totally on Tradition:
Xterric's late arrival put him on the trails alone searching for us. The beacon of light was bright and he found us at the back of the lake for a glorious reunion.

Break From Tradition #4:
Anytime you want to make this a new weekly element I am all game! RG made good last night with the team. Treating all of his domestiques to 4-2-1's and round two! After a fabulous season of racing, in proper team leader fashion, RG returned all winnings back to the team! The mood that this good will gesture created was one of the most festive I can recall at the taco table. THANK YOU!

From there we had a great night of laughs and stories. B read a complete history of He-Man and his empire. I think I will leave it at that.

Until we Ride,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

By the Power of Greyskull!

It is going to take all of my superhero ability to make it out tonight! Fear not my friends, I will indeed find that last phone booth to duck into and come out a new a super strong me Freehub-guy!

Huge weekend of racing and riding. Folsom cyclebration went off, in what appears to be full swing! B did the Super B thang and rode a really long way. NoCar and spouse rode at least 100 miles. Cap'n fired off the gun and lead the first lap of the Mt. Bike race, really being in front, even for a short time, is still being in front! Way to put the FT3 colors out were wearing FT3 colors? Green Fro added to his CX form and raced some races, can't really remember what? And RG what can we say about the God? Apparently the whole 4-2-1 thing is too much for the guy. Rock, that is how we order dinner, not how we finish races!!!! Geesh, some people can't even grasp the most simple things. Well I guess congrats are in order for the 4th in the TT, 2nd in the Crit and 1st in the Circuit...Now lets see if he can handle a 4-2-1 for dinner!?!?!

As for the really competitive rides, NoHandle and I battled on an epic FT3 Sunday outing! We put in like 6 hours in the saddle, no sprints were decided by more than a millimeter or two. I think we clocked at least two Everest's of climbing...all on fixies!

Late news: Ghost finished on the podium in the Omnium (whatever that is?)! Way to go Ghost!


Until We Ride,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today's Call Out

Yes there will be a ride, but more importantly I wanted to say:


The help over the weekend and last were huge, the family and I are in debt to the brotherhood and will pay back soon!

I am out tonight,

Until We Ride,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Solo Wandering in the Woods

So I was good to my claim of .6 and headed out from the house a tad late in an effort to meet the rest of the crew. An earlier phone call with Cap'n gave me the route de jour and I was confident I could get the job done. I must say the rolling out of the driveway and within 10 minutes hitting dirt was a pretty special moment for me! Once on dirt, I dropped the Qualifier, headed around the lake loop, climbed the left lip (thought I saw lights but was wrong), got out to MET and then headed out Bonetti. It was at this point that I lost my way. Cap'n had stated that the route would be Flemming to Redneck to MET to Cappy's Cash and out Bonetti. Try as I might, in the dark and alone I just could not find the connection from Bonetti the super steep part of Cappy's Cash. I sat in for awhile to try and hear if anyone was coming, when it dawned on me; "I am all alone, at night, in the dark, way out here on Bonetti, and I have seen some interesting folks camping out this way before"! So, I started to ride again. I am not too proud to say I think I was moving pretty fast, actually I was flying and well aware of every snapped twig for a 10 mile radius, yeah, I am a bit of a scaredy pants (very different than P3). I climbed back up to the top of MET on trails and then dropped Rufus to the lake and headed for the Knot Hole...when a light caught the corner of my eye. Yes, there is was again! Off yonder way was the distinct flicker of four lights weaving in and out of sight! The Brotherhood had been found! My search was going to lead to a reuniting with FT3. I turned heal and headed back on the lake loop and in short time met up with B, Xteric, Councilman, and Cap'n. They had done the above listed loop and then headed done the Lip and home via the Lake loop...there was some yo-yoing on the horse trail and Palins prior to the Flemming attack. A swim was had by some, I declined as I was still wearing arm was kinda cool!

Tacos were plump and greasy and the rye was smooth! Sauce selection was plentiful and I reek of garlic today!

I am in need of a 56 road bike for the weekend for pops to ride? Anyone have a willing offer. He has refound the fitness bug and recently did a long multi day Oregon Coast ride...I was hoping to send him up MET if I can find a bike.

Until we Ride