Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Rebel Ride

Last FT3 was tough on the bikes. First to go was my flimsy front fender.

Shortly after that, XT popped a spoke.

And then, Fro's bottom bracket fell out.

Fortunately, we weren't far from the Lot. The ride was so short I didn't even turn my lights on. Still we were completely soaked through and ready for the comforting glow of the Taco Table.

Cappy and I got kicked out of the Rock Creek OHV area yesterday, and ended up putting down a moderate ride in Auburn. To avoid the hordes, we parked at the secret, hard-man spot that serves up a brutal climb to finish.

Father's Day Long Ride (June 16)?

Quadruple Crown (June 22)? Note: Myers Mountain Bike Festival has moved to a new location (Paradise Park) which looks even better than the original venue. 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

LRP Planning

While winter continues, it is bound to end sometime, so it is time to calendar some LRPs.

2019 Early Season LRP Calendar Draft:

Monday, May 27th: Memorial Day on Trail 1: Rock Creek Trail, Monday Meet up - specific details coming soon. Fro is out for this ride, so we need another host or ride leader for this if it is going to happen. I have never ridden my MTB in that area so looking for others to step up. Let's get a count off going for this one in the HCF asap.

Sunday, June 16: Fathers Day Massacre: Gravel Grinder Extraordinaire, HoBo Ride or All the Pollywood Trails?

Saturday, June 22nd: Mother Lode Epic (any interest?) https://www.motherlodeepic.com/

Saturday, June 29th: Carson City Off Road 50 (is anyone actually going this year?) https://epicrides.com/events/carson-city-off-road/event-guide/



Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Some Like It Wet

FT3 wasn't built under sunny skies.

The sweet, sweet conditions like we've had the last two weeks can't go on forever. And we might get bored if they did.

Can I get a tire bump?

That's right.

Third of an inch of rain forecasted for ride time, 43 degrees F, a straight up winter storm warning.

Excellent opportunity to harden up for the long ride Memorial Day Monday.

Once you got it up, keep it up!



Tuesday, May 14, 2019

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Call  it heaven, or paradise, or nirvana, but there are dogs there, and it's very similar to Pollywood on a mild, spring evening. A place populated by an eclectic group of oddballs

who help you up when you're down

and don't judge you by what shoes you wear.

Tonight should be as fine an evening as one can hope to experience.

No long rides have been calendared for the immediate future, but talk is buzzing about FT3 MT. B is ready to receive guests with "open arms". Anyone who makes the trip can expect delicious and cheap eats, national park scenery on trails right out the door, and accommodations,  well it's B's house so you may want to sleep in the car.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Ode to Booker

B's amazingly pleasant dog Booker has passed. He shared many a carpool to FT3, pounced joyously through heavy snow on countless mountains, raised the hair on the back of cute young lasses on Main Street in Placerville, and served as a loyal training partner and compadre numero uno to our own B.

He will be missed. We shall pour some out for Booker this evening. Cheers B, you gave him an amazing life.