Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Short ride

In a stunning display of back channel maneuvering yesterday, a coup displaced Cappy's callout for a trip to auburn. Good natured as always, the Cap'n took this in stride and joined the rest of the crew who had selected bikes and attire more appropriate for the new agenda. Councilman stepped off the injured bench and made his first FT3 since knee surgery. After a send off visit from Safety First we undertook a ride that will become legendary for its abject lack of miles, dirt, bad weather, mechanicals or steeps. We did make it for tacos. Apparently our devoted Spotters had missed us in Pollywood, as several of them called ahead to the Knot to announce our progress.
Many grave conversations were had over dinner. On the topic of a regular replacement ride for Pollywood shut-out nights, NoHandle tried to devise a plan. However, he lost any credence when he placed a single taco order and no one listened.
Also, the 24 hour race was discussed. Sadly, Team One will not be able to field a full team and thus forfeited to Team Two. Instead of racing, enthusiasm is building for several summer adventure rides.
Fortunately, the snow should be sufficiently melted for things to get back to normal next week. But, just to be safe, we should all carry chainsaws.

Monday, March 28, 2011

FT3 A-Town Excursion

FT3 brothren. Our trails remain under snow. We are faced with options; stomp (thru snow), slide, or ride. As you all know, I am a big proponent of riding. While the local excursions have come to have a special place in the hearts of some riders, I for one am longing for some good riding. That being said, I am proposing an excursion to Auburn for tomorrow's FT3.

While Fat Tire Taco Tuesday is becoming legendary in the Pollywood area, let's get back to our core this week and make riding a priority. Epic trails await us. Bring a sandwich, or we can bounce up into Auburn for a quick bite to eat after the ride. If we are efficient about our departure (5:15 anyone?), we could be riding right about 6:00, leaving ample time for eating and being home at a reasonable hour. My truck is going to Auburn.


24 Hour Racing

On a side note, it is important for FT3 Team 1 and 2 to know that the date for the Coolest 24 hour cancer fund raiser ride has been moved out a month, from June to July. That being said, there is still a Boggs 24 hour race on the previously held June date. So all is not lost if people want to race in June. While the July 'Coolest' date makes NoCar available for Team 2, it may have initiated problems for Team 1. If the rumors hold true, this date change may sever FT3 Team 1's composition and three year run of Coolest 24 hour same-four-member dominance. Team 1 back channel discussions are ongoing. Team 2, fire away.

Fixie Ft3 sighting

While riding with FT3 Gen 2 member, Colin, there was a fixie sighting on the El Dorado Trail. Ghost, and the long lost VD were out fixieing about on their fixies on the EDT. VD, sporting a dashing beard and sweet "Leader" fixie was reminiscing about the days of FT3 and even asked about "the Keagle." Ghost is still game to ride pff-road but needs to iron out some MTB mechanical issues that are beyond the capabilities of my home shop anyway. Hopefully we will see him or both of them again soon.

Ride like the wind,


Monday, March 21, 2011

Bikes, Skis, or a Boat

Man, has it been raining or what. I thought last week's outing with a 70% chance of rain that turned into a torrential down poor (and 4 stitches + machete chop of a beard) was a bit unexpected. Since then I don't think I've seen the sun. Our local trail expert has me informed on the back channel that indeed the trails are gone again - really, shoker. Is this round 3 of 3+ feet of snow in polly wood shutting us out?
While I think canoeing across Sly Park w/our headlights on, or Kayaking down Weber Creek would be cool adventures, I don't think they quite hit the mark for an FT3 outing. I for one, prefer my bikes, any of them. Most of them in fact are a bit sick of the rain and are in dire need of an overhaul but what is one more rain soaked ride. Peter, stay back I say stay back, I'm wearing many layers of clothing and you don't want a piece of me.

So my brethren, I say to you, what will it be. Who is core and who is a bore?
I am down for a ride tomorrow but will leave other options on the table.

My two cents is for some sort of P'Ville ride followed by Powel’s if our resident local can secure the taco orders again.

One - for whatever that entails.
THTH, out.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Anything But Routine

As we have all come to know, tuesdays, at least the FT3 part, are anything but routine. There is the routine of gathering the gear on Monday night, determining the DTI, and the following night's weather. Will there be a storm? As for tomorrow, forecast calls for rain. At the time of this particular call out, there is a 100% chance. Over the weekend, the weather was fair, and a fair bit of riding took place by a disbanded band of FT3 brotheren. B took down some A-town trails on a saturday outing. Lars summoned the crew for a ridiculously early road call out for the pithy or crazy on Sunday. Cap'n suffered mightly through another Cool Mountain Bike race, finishing 7th in the Single Speed category. NoHandle conquered another Solvang Century. By all accounts, riding is a routine that all FT3 riders agree about. With soreness in my legs and spring on my mind, I present this call out to go ride in a line. The rain will fall, and storms will come, as they occasionally do, but the band of FT3 brothers will get out and do what they do.

Ride like the wind,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

lasissez les bons temps rouler

A few of last night's riders were scratching their heads this morning, wondering over new bruises. The group slowly assembled in the snowy Knott Lot. The air tasted of passion fruit and sugar cane as a tropical storm gained strength, bearing down on FTFT3. Yelling over the high winds we considered ride leaders. B, for instigating the hurricane ride, was given the option, but his proposed route was rejected. By default Cap'n steered us towards the Qualifier. Instead of finding a trail, a snow wall sent riders scurrying like ants for a new start. Someone probably wrecked.

While trudging up the Qualifier, riders were scattered in all directions by the Hurricane. Search parties were dispatched, bikes were ghost ridden, several riders probably wrecked, and, finally, all were assembled and accounted for, except for B's hurricane bottle. Cap'n called for a full surrender. But, the group mustered on, with a few more exciting crashes and bike vs. man confrontations.

While the tropical storm did much to warm the moods of the FT3ers it didn't melt any snow. The lake loop -- more hiking than biking. Pushing the bikes onto asphalt, Cap'n called for a meeting where he planned to order a return to the Knott Hole. It was considered if the Councilman's wisdom may be necessary to decide a dispute. Then, NoHandle declared himself Ride Leader and ordered a return to the Knott Hole. Not that anyone was dissenting.
After a few sprints, a spillway inspection, and a lost dog, we victoriously returned to the Knott Lot. Mother Rye was surprised to see us a little early, hungry and not that thirsty.

Let the good times roll.