Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kit Distribution Day

Come one, come all, ye get yer damn kits. Distribution will begin this evening at Cross Country finals at the Fairgrounds around 5pm or so, or at the Knott Lot shortly thereafter. Stop by and see how FT3 Gen 2 fares against all the competition. If history stands at all we should see two or more Gen 2 FT3 racers in the top ten or better. There is a good chance that NoHandle Jr. will take an early lead and hit the ribbon first. Hopefully Jr. got a good sleep and pep talk from his father, a former cross country bike racer with huge calves.

For those of you who ordered non-bib tight shorts, there is a problem with your order. They sent us Continental Bib shorts instead of Continental shorts, more details coming soon. This is consistent with the naming convention of what we ordered "continental bib shorts" and what we tried on, "continental bib shorts," but I was told with confidence that "those are the shorts." Fortunately, the position remains on the Pactimo side that those were supposed to be continental shorts, so I will let you know what happens. I was one of those who ordered non-bib shorts, so I have a stake in this too. 

In the meantime, we can ride in our new blue, bro style or otherwise. 

Who is doing the next kit order? 


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

FT3 Should Ride Tonight! And Race CX Saturday!

Dude, you guys should go for a MTB ride tonight! I will think of you while I am looking for rattlesnakes on the Sacramento cycle paths. Oh and by the way I have to pick up your kits at the Fed Ex place in Rancho Cordova because they did not deliver them at my house! Going the extra mile for you FT3ers. Like now, posting this call out without even a chance of riding. Have fun gents, my hiatus is over half way done, I will see you on a Tuesday soon.

Read this article, this is just about how I prepared for the Carson City Off Road this year:


Sacramento Cyclocross Race # 1 is this Saturday at Bass Lake Regional Park in Cameron Park, get out there and support this local venue!!



Viva FT3

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Here we are, back on the first Tuesday of the month. Remember last month's first Tuesday?

Summer showers left the trail in surprisingly delightful conditions. But, nobody rode a single speed, which greatly displeased the all-powerful, all-knowing Pollywood. In retribution It chose to destroy a derailleur, which happened to be Xteric's carbon fiber model.

Hopefully, someone rides a SS tonight.