Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ham's Station

A six pack of Long Riders met near Bonetti Road to commemorate Memorial Day in proper FT3 style. Half were equipped with cross bikes and slick tires, two brought road bikes, and NH chose to mount his new Storcqk.
All agreed that riding road bikes is way more fun when there aren't any cars.

Choking back sobs, Newb had to turn back early.

A surprise to no one, RG went off the front to get to the lunch stop. So, he was the first to learn that the kitchen was closed.
We made do.

Xteric decided to update his twitter account.

Ride stats: ~95 miles, ~11,500'

But, that was yesterday. And today is Tuesday.

See you at the Knot Station.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Memorial Day Long Ride

Who ever heard of a skinny tire LRP?
Starts at the Bonetti road parking lot at 8am, Monday May 25th. Finishes about 8 hours later. Depends if we opt for the 110 mile route or the 85 mile route. Either way we will be having lunch at historic Ham's Station. I called and confirmed that they will be open.

Every mile is paved, but the road conditions are often poor enough that cross bikes will have occasional advantages. And there will be some climbing. There will actually be kind of a lot of climbing.

I added some pictures from a walk I took this week. Trying to keep everyone entertained while waiting for comments.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Event Reconciliation and Bring your Kit Money

I waited as long as I could for someone to post a call out but as none of the creative people have offered up their enjoyable and thoughful authoring, you are stuck with a down to business post.

My bateries are charging, I hope yours are too.

This weekend:  2 events on the books.  The Free Mtn Bike Race promoted by the single best email author in the world - cycling or otherwise.   Then there is the Apple Blossom Bike Tour (http://www.appleblossombiketour.com/).  This tour is pretty much what any worthwhile roadie in our neck of the woods rides all the time.   If you have time, I suggest the Free dirt event.

Trifecta Bike Event:  On May 30th we have 3 events.  Who is doing what.
1) Sierra Century
2)  Lost & Found Gravel Grinder (http://www.lostandfoundbikeride.com/)
3)  Some Mtn Bike Race that I can't recall.

I'm personally leaning towards the Sierra Century, it is easy to get to and back from, well supported and I love the roads.  Oh and I'm not too proud to say, I'm OK with road biking.

Bring a check book or at least show your willingness to support the new Kit Order that RG put together.  RG - please add any additional details

See ya soon,
PS: Where is the 5MFT3 ride report, did Lars show?