Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy to Help

Since our friend NoCar's MTB is still down for the count, and because he is attending a meeting for me this evening that does not end until 6:00pm, we have mutually agreed on the cross roll up to tacos this evening via Happy Valley. He and I will long ride you, and see you at the taco table. Hopefully NoCar doesn't blow me up like he did Newb last weekend. If Newb wants some more, maybe he should opt for this ride?

In other news, today is the deadline to pay only $160 for the Tahoe Sierra 100. Fees go up tomorrow. I am registered already, you should register today... who else is in?

And while others were road riding, XTeric and I arose early for a Echo Summit, Hawley, Rim Trail, Corral Trail adventure in slightly overcast skies. 

Lastly, the one wheel in the grave FT3er known as Councilman had a birthday last weekend. Maybe he will grace our blog or presence this evening so we can raise a glass to the old codger. 


Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Long Ride

After a quiet evening at the official FT3 secret camp site

The LRPers met at Plasse's

We quickly climbed out of the trees

into alpine

and the trails got scratchy
 forest fires erupted in canyons
 and I broke my derailleur hanger.

Now its Tuesday and I haven't been able to replace the busted piece. Not sure if I'm up for an evening on the Mtn Tek. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lars End?

With suitable pomp and ceremony, Lars began a leave from FT3 that may last even longer than his most recent absence. To cement his legacy, a history that earned him the honorary handles Founding Father and Our Dear Rideleader,  after thwarting bike thieves (single-handed on a Tuesday), and basically inventing the uphill crash, now, he has become FT3's first benefactor by donating the Mountain Tek. Whosoever among FT3 needs a mountain bike may ride the Mountain Tek. The price of use is that within a week's time, the bike must be improved. Be that a few drops of lube on the chain or the much needed bottom bracket replacement.

The evening also saw the first successful launch of an Alternate Team. Keds and Streetshorts joined us at the Lot, split off as soon as we started pedaling, and then, as the pack was dropping Qualifier towards tacos, found us again.

Father's Day LRP
Hearing a desire for long riding, but no ride suggestions, I propose:

  • meet at Plasse's on Sunday at 9am
  • ride out Allen's Camp, to Hungawhatever Ridge, to backside Kirkwood, to nourishment at the 7800, up to Thunder Mountain, down Horse canyon, back to Plasse's
  • Plasse's
  • shorter and higher than S-KW 
  • pioneer the Horse canyon Scout Camp trail
Any takers?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Riders in Their Teens

The count became a baker's dozen when C-Man and XTeric rolled in just as the other 11 riders fished buttering their chamois. While teens are not permitted to ride in the ranks with FT3, groups in their teens, while rare, are acceptable. The mighty group included one new member, and one new-old member, yours truly - so without further adieu the group rolled to the qualifier. Atop the first rise, the top finishers, including yours truly, assessed our numbers and awaited the arrival of the newest rider, wondering if we would have to send him packing. Riders continued to roll in, but the newest newbie was not present. Alas, he arrived, sans seat, sporting only an uncomfortable-looking shaft. As the group recognized it was a mechanical issue, not a fitness issue, the group began to announce potential handle's. The new rider informed us that his hometown handle was "The Catastrophe." Since FT3 has had it's share of catastrophe's over the years, we opted not to name him as such. We took in some of the best trails around, suffered another mechanical and two crashes, then climbed to the top of Fleming Meadow to  determine the new rider would be named "Shaft."

Shaft went on to have the best night of his life, riding the best trails in the world with the coolest people in the world, then finding that we get served the best food in the world, including chickenbake. Thanks to Lars, who, even though he was not present, we had chicken bake in his honor. We ate the chicken bake with honor, and our stomachs honored us. Later that night our stomachs hated us, we sweated, and the next day we enjoyed red hot Wednesday.

Why not do it again?


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stealing Away on the Dirt Donkey

It's crazy but it seems like it has been years since I have participated in an FT3. I have grown weary of the road.

Jack Asses like this abound, and each one of them think nothing of you and your life because you are "stoopid" enough to attempt to share the road with them and their large trucks.  Do you work for PG&E? Damn you are stupid.

As such, I have been longing for some time on the dirt donkey.

Please join me in welcoming myself back into the fray of FT3 after a lengthy hiatus. Will there be new riders, old Newbs, or rarely seen C men? Will the count stand at 12, or consist of a pithy core of 5?

Here is a picture of Thomas Frischknecht with 90's fitness (and then some).

Here is a picture of my former SoBe Headshok teammate Shonny Vanlandingham. 

She went on to become the 2010 XTerra World Champion and, according to Triathlon magazine, has won more races than anyone in NORBA history. 

I am ready to ride. Are you?


Ride Ready

The recent warm days compel one thing: get up to the mountains, it's long ride season. Riders have been reporting lots of extra-Tuesday activities in preparation. So much riding has been happening that Pollywood's boundary had to be extended out to North South road.

Ride temps in the 70s. Except for during the thunderstorm.

Important LRP business has been slated for the Taco Table. Bring your calendar.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Still Crazy After All These Years

A rootin' - tootin' good FT3 went down two nights past. The tomfoolery started with the arrival of Lars (Lars!) with his near-defunct Mtn Tek.

B and PC pedaled up, which naturally led to concerns of a prolonged, mid-ride sandwich delay. 
We slayed the exceptional skid trails and whizzed past a new little park section at the bottom.
Hearing that Councilman had ejected over the bars and was performing a post-wreck bicycle safety inspection, Newb decided to try out the new jumps. We rode back up and Newb made a big display of getting everyone off the trail and out of his way. As promised, he got big air off the rise, then landed on his front wheel, the tire burped, and Newb and Soukri went cartwheeling into the bushes. Before we could even finish laughing, he remounted and executed both jumps with grace and style. We continued laughing. After the back to back wrecks, we decided that we needed to chill out and quaff some trail beers. 
Continuing around the lake, we stopped at the first bridge, and convinced Buttons that there were hookers and blow underneath. Boy was he disappointed. 

Then we did more riding, watched the big moon rise, and were uncannily caught by Xteric. 
The family style taco pendulum swung from famine last week to feast this week and the baskets kept passing until all were sated. The early to bed crowd started sneaking out. As we waited to pay, Lars burst back in and told Xteric that his bike had been stolen. A manhunt was launched, and faster than I could order a manhunt beer to go, the bicycle was found in the bushes. The culprit had been at the bar all night, is well known by staff, had attempted to create a subterfuge by warning us of fictitious kids that were loitering by our bikes, and his girlfriend was seen returning to the scene to repossess the stolen property. While this incident ended without loss of steed, and without any FT3ers committing retaliatory felonies, it does bring to light the risk we take by tempting the tweakers of Pollywood with ~$12,000 of unguarded bikes. Probably the craziest thing we do on Tuesdays. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Season of Change

As we wave goodbye to the Month of Bicycling (AKA May), we have several contenders for the most miles. It looks like RG, NoCar, Fro, and several others from the LRP crew are pushing for the top spot. Lest we forget our pow punishing personnel, B has once again set records (in a drought!) for most comp time days spent exploring the backcountry. And while many of us are ramping up for, dare I say it, wait for it, break out your sweatshirt.....

the TS100, there are some who have quietly disappeared into that good night. Our own LoTB will load up his car for the last time and make haste for some sunny valley somewhere in ID. Safety left us a while back, and still threatens to return from the great beyond. Ghostrider, who came, left, and came back, has yet to make an official showing, even for tacos. And what the hell happened to the Scouts? I thought for sure we'd find them one day. And then there's Cappy, who despite his proximity to the Mosquito lot, has made only rare appearances in the last year. He made the ultimate sacrifice, and one leagues beyond mere Tango lessons. At least when he returns, he will have redefined the DTI for years to come. And what about the author? Last time he was a contributing member, we had a different congress, Xterric had only 9 bicycles, and none of us owned a motorhome.

Seasons change, and so does the FT3 roster. If only we had a way to memorialize our fallen, our wayward, our gone but not forgotten...Oh snap, we do! On our Kits!! Speaking of which, payment is due. Unless you want to be struck by lightening, or turned into a pillar of salt, I suggest you proffer some cash to the God of Stone.

And with that I remind you today is the first day of, well, the rest of your life, but more importantly the first Tuesday of the month! So don your ballerina outfits and bring your single minded, single malted, single-ringed bike out for a spin. Oh, and there will be tacos...