Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fat Tuesday Fat Tire Taco Tuesday

For a bunch of guys who have referred to themselves as a "bunch of skinny dorks on bikes," that's a lot of "FAT" in last nights ride title. Oh well, it will have to do, and Rear Wheel Taco doesn't sound nearly as fun! Looks like Xterric will keep the FT3 stimulus package rolling with a new wheel.

Here is the NoHandle ride report.

Great ride. B, RG, X-Terric, Councilman and I hit the trails. Up Barnes Back to wedding March. At the bottom of Wedding March I tried the Carbon 9er on the rock garden after a sweet jab from RG that he had already cleaned it on his Ti-9er (which he was riding SSFT3 style last night). I bobbled and he came around me, clearing it again!

We noted what may have been possibly the first ever all Big-Wheeled FT3 and also that it was FTTF3 – Fat Tuesday.

Also of note was XTerrics first ever Taco order from the road, as in he tacoed his rear wheel while hopping a water drain on PAVEMENT! He got it banged back into rolling status and we rolled back to eat real tacos.

Jerseys were tried on in the lot for sizing prior to departure as well.

If you have yet to contact RG for sizing on your kits, get on it as this order is going in soon!

Well done on the FTFT3! Racing days are getting closer and closer and team one had a poor showing last night. On nights I miss, I am thinking about bringing the trainer into the office and spinning all day as punishment!

Until we ride,


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  1. Pactimo Orders! Please check the spread sheet at the link below to confirm your orders & send me updates via email (I'm not enabling mass updates). I'll post a final version of the order which will go out early next week.

    I will need to collect 1/2 payment next week and 1/2 upon delivery; same as Pactimo requirements.

    Also, we have a few items that are on the verge of making the 5 unit minimum. We seem to be split on the Long Sleeve Jersey versus Arm Warmer Vest for options; the latter will be more versatile now that we're approaching Spring.

    My elbow from LarZ's Crux Crash is fine, just need to go back an dial that thing on the hard tail, it's that versus a Niner issue.