Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Return of Team 1

Year's ago, in the early days of this blog, there was a thing known as "Team 1." That was a four pack of elite FT3 riders that consistently won the Coolest 24 hour race (geared four man team category). Those riders included FT3 founder and early blog specialist "Larz," short for "Larz over the bars." He was not only good at writing on the blog but he also was excellent at crashing up hill - over the bars.

Additionally, Team 1 included the off-the-couch fast rider known as Bambi. For those of you unaware, he used to commute to Sacramento by way of "mooter" and once used his amazing MTB skills to escape death and injury when a wayward baby deer crossed his mooter's path at 55mph on Green Valley Road.

Other Team 1 members include active FT3 member NoHandle, and yours truly, honored to be designated the team Cap'n. While considered a rider with one wheel in the grave, my attendance demonstrates otherwise, while several other riders regularly fail to meet minimum attendance requirements. Such is life in the Pollywood trails. Team 1 is prepared to shred this evening. 

It is worthy of note the participation of Team 2 in the Coolest 24 establishment years of FT3, as it is likely that at least 50% of Team two will show tonight as well. Team 2 includes active members NoCar and XTeric, fringe member Councilman, and one other unqualified and unsanctioned non-FT3  hired gun known then as Pop Tart. 

Tonight shall be another reunion of sorts, be there or be pedaling squares. 


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Carson 50 Report

Last weeks ride was a set up to the Carson 50, perfect trails, a light crew, long light. XT, Uknown Local, NoCar, Keds, Buttons and (not sure of his handle-new Giant bike) and I goofed off a bit too much to take full advantage of the spoils, but in the end it turned out to be a legit FT3 adventure, as always. I was all in a twitter about preparing for the big race on Saturday. Laughable that is in hindsight, since I clearly went into that race over confident and under trained. It was just XT and I who were able to make the trip, Fro had some unexpected back issues.

Here is a brief report from my perspective. First of all, I should have signed up for the 35 miler. And from Epic Ride's perspective XT and I, in spite of being over 40, are not Master's racers. We will need to reach the ripe old age of 45 to race in that category. Here are some quick stats:

Lap Times

Cap'n            XT
1) 1:34         1) 1:47
2) 2:24         2) 2:15
3) 3:12         3) 2:45
Fin) 7:11     Fin) 6:48

XT finished 47 and I finished 55th out of 70 finishers. There were 95 racers in our class, so 25 did not finish.

My in depth analysis shows that both of us would have finished in or around the top ten in the open class we were assigned had we raced the 35. Hmmm.

My cramps started during the last climb of the second lap. I realized the seriousness of the cramps when I began cramping while gently pedaling downhill. I attempted to fuel up well on electrolytes etc. at the end of the second lap, just then XT arrived. We pedaled out for the last lap together. As I continued to suffer I watched him ride away. He was still in sight just before the final aid station, that is where I had to take a few minutes and have a come to Jesus meeting with myself. Ultimately the call was to HTFU, I continued on and suffered out the last of the climbing. The course was very exposed, hot A.F., and rocky, challenging, "Brutal" was XT's word. The decent back into town was actually super fun. Great trails. While I think the course last year would have been better, it was still fun and would have been way better if it was not so hot. It's a great event, we need to line up a crew for another trip next year.

Cappy Gen 2 and I participated in the Klunker Crit, which was super fun, I made the front page of a local online paper:


Here is a link to a race report for the pro class:


And  link to the results if you want to geek out on them a bit (check out Lance Armstrong's finishing time in the amateur class 50):


I am out tonight, but you all should enjoy a warm ride and a cool swim. When is the next LRP?

Larz in town next Tuesday June 27, let's make it special.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tying the Knot

Last Tuesday was not to be missed.

Business in the front, party in the back

Sunset start

The chasm 

Bachelor Down

The true measure of the evening's success was revealed the next morning when no less than three (3) wives sent out texts trying to locate missing husbands and one (1) mother set out to drive through the EID campgrounds in search of a son. 

Rain refreshed soils should make tonight's shredding extra shreddy.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Spawn Song

Bachelorhood: the window of self determination between when a man leaves his mother's house and when he comes under the dominion of a wife. That window slammed shut on Spawn some time ago, since he is now in thrall to his little girl, his wife-to-be, and his mom on Mondays and Fridays. But, society is built on rituals, and if he is getting married then we are throwing him a bachelor party.

For obvious reasons, the Knott isn't an appropriate venue. However, to keep things simple we will still meet there at the normal time. The apres-ride party will be at an EID camp site. EID fees add up quickly, so we will try to bring as few vehicles into the site as possible. Camping gear, night time clothes, party hats, etc, will get put into a vehicle that will head to the camp site.  Bikes and riders will load into a shuttle vehicle. Expect a late night. I will do the dinner shopping on Tuesday, so please chime in early.