Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ALWAYS Wear Your Helmet

Well guess what FT3 riders, other people do actually read "our" blog. Just when we thought the internet was safe. "Anonymous" recently posted the following comment in the hidden comment field for a posting of July 29, 2009; "I thought I would set it straight, as I just came upon this blog, the guy did NOT die as was posted, he is alive and well and back at work. Please find out the facts before posting."

It appears one of our esteemed and multi-credentialed writers made the mistake of printing somthing that was not in fact, fact, on this blog. At least that is what "Anonymous" says. That being said, if we take what "Anonymous" says as fact, it appears one of our great journalists made a mistake. It also appears that the supposed helmetless rider is alive and well, which is most excellent news indeed.

Maybe he will come ride with us tonight.

The posting of July 29, 2009 reads as follows: "The rumors around the lake and trails are apparently true, a local rider without a helmet on, took a spill and landed on his head and has died from the result of the injuries. Keep those helmets on and encourage others, especially the younger folks, to do the same!"

Upon second reading, the words "apparently true" seem to indicate some measure of doubt in the writers words. Either way, the writer took the opportunity to turn this event into a tabloid rumor and utilized it to encourage helmet use and encouraged readers to encourage others to wear helmets. Such foul use of rumor. I will personally ensure that writer receives the appropriate and well deserved consequence. The short ride. One writer plays, we all pay. It's gonna be a short ride.

I believe the record has been set straight. Once we suffer through a good short ride, then we can put this behind us.

It's Tuesday. Go bicycling. Wear your helmet. Brush twice to be sure. Rinse, repeat.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Well it's Christmas week and time for another chilly but dry FT3.

Let's spread some FT3 Christmas cheer around Sly Park.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Io sono un ciclista!

"In fact, I'm a cycling super freak!". Ok, I may not be a Rick James protege, but I like to suffer a bit. Suffering and penance have a long and storied history in our sport. Our cycling forefathers endured excruciating races, with none of the technical gear and support we enjoy today. In case you forgot, Magni nearly won the Giro with a broken collarbone in '56; he held a rope in his teeth to give him leverage for turning the cranks. Our own NoCar has rivaled this feat, tweaking his skeletal structure on several occasions, riding through the pain, and claiming a medal made of pure Ti.

No matter the circumstances, we are drawn to pain, and perhaps to the notion we are paying a penance on the bike. Like we must make amends for some long lost sin. If that is the case, I will be paying up for many years to come :)

In norther Italy, near lake Como, they have a patroness saint of cycling, the Madonna del Ghisallo. At a small church near the top of a mountain pass, a flame burns for lost riders, and all comers may give an offering or prayer on their way through. They have a tiny museum, with artifacts and bicycles from legends and their races. I am drawn to this form of religion, to the blending of cycling and spirituality.

Whether it's guilt, wanderlust or the search for a decent shot of espresso, your councilman will make a pilgrimage to the old country in the coming months. I wonder if they make an It's It with gelato? More on that at the Knot table.

Live long, ride well. I will see some of you at Mosquito at 5:45.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cold Tuesday

It's SSFT3, FYI. I hope to see the Old Soldier, Kona, Kish, Mtn. Tec, and Specy 29er out there. As NoHandle would say, bring the kitchen sink. Should be about 31 degrees when we roll out. If were lucky, it won't be raining.

"You were lucky"