Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Minute Details

Here are the last details of Camp FT3. In the end if you are worried about an item essential to you throwing down hard as hell and doing the name proud, make sure you take care of it yourself. There is usually plenty of food and H2O as people tend to eat based on how the stomach feels after a lap. So here goes, this list is courtesy of NoHandle - Camp Boss!Coffee: Ghost got 2lbs and C-Man has the equipment to brew. Sugar and Cream are not clear to me.

I am bringing a stove and some utensils, a small propane heater. People should bring a mug at least.

Bambi is bringing a 2 Gal Jug to mix up Gatorade or cyto + bike stands

NoCar is bringing 2 large water jugs for drinking etc. + a home cooked meal of some sort

C’Man is bringing some home cooked food

2 tents per team

Ghost said that Inlaw etc want to camp w/us (I think that is good, more space to share)

Lars is brining 2 Ez-ups and some own food, love seat camp chair

A few people planned on bringing ice chests full of beer

Jerry has an ez-up, 1 table, maybe a cot for Trevor if he needs to crash.

Everyone was going to bring as much as they could tomorrow and take home what was not needed: Tables, Chairs, tents, ez-ups, canisters of propane etc.

We should car pool down as much as we can.

2 cans of food required per car to get in

$5/per car parking

It will be sunny and hot

Until We Race,


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting the week done!

Sounds like there was a ride last night. Team 2's new rider was escorted up the qualifier and then sounds as if the loop was rock garden and lake...appropriate for a pre-race ride.

Worth noting that the 43 comment "blow up" was an FT3 record yesterday.

Clouds are clearing and the weekend is coming.

Game face my friends, game face!

Until we race,

Monday, April 26, 2010

What's in the Barn?

Four days and counting! In this last run up to the 24 hour race there has been some talk about the training up to this point and where we all stand. I for one am a firm believer in the 365 day training cycle as the proper prep for this annual event! The men of FT3 have been on it for the last year, battling through foul weather when others wouldn't ride, racing our tails off in a "kick ya in the teeth" cyclocross campaign, and staying true to an unbroken chain of Tuesday nights. Therefore my friends, get your rest and get ready to throw down hard as hell! As discussed on Hackomiller last weekend, keep it looking Fast and Loose while all the while knowing that you are full of some HTFU!
I will be hitting the trainer at home this evening, unfortunately work calls and I cannot make the ride. However, seeing on the hays well...where it is suppose to be, I think this will be ok.

Mosquito at 5:45...Exit 54?

Saturday is rapidly approaching...time to man up!

Until we Race,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flying the New Colors

I took a solo flight this morning to fly the new kit. Ran by the Spoke who had already seen the goods! RG must have done the rounds on Friday showing off our team apparel. All I can say is that I looked fast and therefore must have been!

Sunday's Hay in the Barn Outing:
We are officially within race week. Nothing we do now will add to fitness for next week. However, we could easily overdo it. So there is going to be a pretty mellow morning roll (it is ok to attack on a mellow ride, you just can't attack for the entire thing!).

Meeting will be a Zia's (b/c it is on the sleeve) at 8:00 am! This is an official team outing so dress appropriately!

Until we ride,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Need for Two Postings

I rarely get two postings in a day. However, I am feeling the need to make up for the poor form yesterday. With the 24 hour race now set in the 10 day forecast I am starting to feel the race anxiety and the need to do whatever it takes. What was that you say, did you say Whatever it takes? That's right my friends and teammates, sometimes in the heat of the competition you are forced to throw yourself head first into the endeavor to pull off something miraculous. Win or lose, when it comes down to the post race talk, did you do everything you could? What heroic feats are you going to pull off?

If you did not read the ride report, keep scrolling down.

Until we Fly,

The 4th Last Snowy Ride

Delayed ride report...Don't know what happened yesterday, but somehow I didn't manage to get the report out. As NoHandle pointed out, with the new iPhone, there really are no excuses.

Councilman, B, Bambi, Cap'n, NoCar, NoHandle, Xterric, and yours truly gathered up in the wintry mix to see what the trails had to offer. As the winter mix turned to snow and NoHandle verbally abused his rear wheel, we headed off on a surprisingly good ride. Snow and cold were the constants for the night, however the trails stayed in really good condition! We hit a early section of the horse trail that proved to be a poor choice on a wet ride, then headed up the sub qualifier before dropping B is for Barf, and then looping back to the picnic table graveyard and down to the lake loop. Did a classic tour of the lake and then headed up Rufus' rage and down Fleming, Palin's, Blairs, and then home. C-man was crushin it!

Taco's were ruined by Keagles! Maybe not ruined still a fine post ride experience, just left a lasting image that has haunted me! other way to put it!

Rock God is back from Sea Otter and has some news to report!
Until we ride:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lazy Sunday, I Think Not

Some folks just don't get the Sunday morning call. They sleep in and then use the rest of the day to accomplish as little as possible.

As for the men of FT3, there is no such thing as a lazy Sunday. We go, and when we go, we go hard. Baring of course the litany of mechanicals that one encounters on a long Mt. Bike ride. Councilman, NoCar, Xterric were there if force representing team 2, as where team 1 members NoHandle, Bambi, Cap'n and me. We rolled down to Cronan getting on the bike just before 8. We rolled Cronan and then headed over to Cool for a race course loop. The elements of Hardcore seemed to be coming over the group as race day approached. When stung by a bee, NoHandle battled through the reaction and motored on, spot on mate, he did look pretty funny though.

Tonight's roll will be back to the Knot Hole as getting the bikes covered in Cool mud again seems a bit silly, and hey, no tacos!
Mosquito 5:45...Exit 54?

As for the lazy Sunday, outside of the Mr. Pibb and Red Vines, I will take the ride any day!!
One (I hope)

Until we ride,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Canvas

Long time rider B, long time absent Chad, and I hit the Cronan Ranch trails in the tailing light yesterday. It was a great treat to get in a good dirt outing on Wednesday after a FT3 standard Tuesday ride. Feels like a big mileage week!!!! Although my heart is tied to the Pollywood trail labyrinth, and I am occasionally enamored with the Cool network of single track, I must admit, Cronan delivered last night. Aside from the ample "tire conditioning" for B, the trails were mostly dry, fast, smooth and tons of fun. Not much of a ride report as most of the trails were new to all of us and therefore there is not the collective understanding to accurately detail where exactly we went. However, there are indeed some highlights from riding at Cronan. This area does not shy away from the short steep climb that kicks ya right in the teeth, these are often followed by a similar descents, which gives that area a unique yo-yo aspect, very little flat cruising. We also discovered the trail connecting Salmon Falls to Cronan...after exploring down this trail for a few miles, it appears to be open as no signs were visible stating otherwise. This would make for a great long outing to link these two systems up in a single ride...Sunday anyone? I know FT3 has ventured here before, it was new to me and I am itching to go back.

Speaking of itching...friends restock your shelves with Technu. The Poison Oak is out in force and with the forecast for the next few weeks, the "poison" may be reaching its peak for the 24hr race. It was healthy, trail side, and thick last night and I only see this getting worse. I bathed in the Technu last night and no itch yet...I am hoping for the best.

15 days until race day! Unless you are racing Sea Otter...go RG!!!

Until We Ride,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'll Meet You At The Pass

Once again last night saw the convergence of riders, meeting at the Knot Hole. Xterric, B, NoHandle, and Cap'n rolled out for a standard dirt outing, while I had some later obligations and pedaled the road bike up to the Hole to ensure proper training was taking place. From the sounds of the dirt ride, the element of competition was friendly but fierce. Sounds like the route took the riders on a yo-yo tour of Damsel in Distress, up Rufus' Rage, Down the Lip, Around the East End of the Lake, Up Barnes Back, Down Wedding March, to 1A, kept on the dirt home to keep it real.

My ride up the hill was uneventful, although a bit sketchy.

Tacos were good, sauces were hot, tired legs were had by all.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Pirate Vessel FT3

Arrrghh, ye scurvey spandex wearing mutineers! Show yer ugly mug or its the depths of Sly Park lake for the lot of you.

Talk of high seas mutiny aside, 'tis Tuesday and time to ride. The sun has broken through the death grip of clouds and rain and the dusting of snow should be gone by tonight. The count down is on to the 24hr race, Sea Otter rolls out later this week, the road scene is still rolling, and races were entered over the weekend. Can't imagine why it is hard for us to find time to ride...its not like everyone also has jobs, a wife, and kids. Those pro's have no idea what a real cyclist is all about. Tonight is the three week count down to the Cool rendezvous. That being said, there has been a bit of pre race chit chat missing. I will be keeping my training secret from now on, but am game for any wagers on fastest lap, best avg, fastest 5th lap etc.

Tonight's Ride: I have to attend a late meeting but will be doing the Mosquito roll up and will need a ride home please.

Mosquito @ 5:45...Exit 54?

Weekend Recap:
Bambi, NoCar, Xteric, RG, and I all rolled on Sunday for a great Pollywood session. We hit it early to get in under the storm and we did. Not a single drop of rain and some great trail conditions was our reward.

Napa Dirt Classic:
Cap'n threw down - race report below
Surprise, surprise, there was a downpour well underway by the time we arrived in Napa yesterday morning. Luckly the rider from FT3 who made the trip to Napa was no stranger to such events. After going through the tough decision process of determining what to wear, I chose knee and arm warmers + vest since the weather of Napa is a bit warmer than the temps in Pollyworld we are accustom to. The warm up was short and included a preview of the start of the course which proved to be very wet and muddy. This was not sticky mud but rather wet slopppy mud, much like the downpour laps of cool. I toed the line with several other Cat 1 racers, all age groups lumped together, no way of telling who's who. We took off on the uphill start and by the time things got sorted out I was sitting pretty well, between the top five or ten. The whole first half of the race is very fast, with a few short climbs. Eventually it puts you in the trees for a windy tour of the Napa single track, this was sweet, not too muddy, just slick with lots of leaves on the ground. During this section the riders got bunched up a bit and some guys were getting all PPP about wanting to pass. I totally kept it together, stayed mellow, rode my own race, I think one rider went by me, but we were all together and I knew the climb at the end was going to take it's toll. There is a decent into a valley after the single track, and I battled with a fast DH'er down that but once the course turned upward him and several others were off the bike and walking. This last climb is classic, super steep, with a taster at the beginning, then a longer second part - all small ring climbing - think top of rock garden - and then it backs off a bit but keeps going uphill. I was able to stay on the bike when a lot of riders were walking, tackling the steep climbs with full force making the low back hurt. It was carnage up there, my smart racing paid off and I cleaned some clocks on that climb. I think by the top there were only two riders in front of me, I passed at least five. Atop the climb there was a slight uphill section and I was beginning to recognize that the end was near. The legs were burning and I was digging deep but for the moment nonone was in sight. Closer to the finish, on a technical decent followed by a super slick mud section and a couple riders showed up behind me, one fairly close and two others chasing. I decided then and there that all my work wasn't for naught and I dug deep and barrelled across a wet meadow toward the finish. As my tires hit the pavement, I realized they moved the finish and now we had to sprint a parade lap around the asphalt track before the finish line, alas, cross skills prevailed and I dug deeper and noone got by. A glance at their number plates told me that none of them were in my class...oh well. My friend and carpool partner Brian Rouse, who was in fact in my class, we believe won our class. He said there was one other guy in our age group near him, but amazingly he also said he hadn't been there long before I got there, and that there was an empty gap between us. We didn't stick around to find out what really happened, it was still raining and now we were freezing. In the end, I felt like a veteran racer out there, I used my energy wisely and raced a smart race and possibly got a good finish. We'll see.

Until We Ride:

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prepare the Quiver

Thought I would throw an update on Sundays ride out there and see what kind of traction we have.

First off: Good luck to Cappy and anyone else heading over the Napa for the Dirt Classic...Make it, well make it Classic!

Sunday Ride:
Looks like weather is coming in tomorrow. I hope to sneak something in early and avoid another soaking. As stated earlier, my hall pass is early, which may also serve the weather purposes.
Option One: Meet at Mosquito at 7:00 for a Sly Park Dirt Classic! If Napa can do it, so can we. We can hit an exit 54 pick up on the way.
Option Two: If raining/snowing meet at Mosquito at 7:00 for a CX adventure out Cable departing from Chez Bambi?

Until we ride,

Friday, April 9, 2010

Aside from the post nasal drip...

I did not man up, I did not even show up as P3...instead I crawled under a rock and thought the end was near. After several days of pure nasal hell, I think I am turning the corner on health and coming back.

Thanks to the riders of Tuesday we were still able to get a ride report up. It appears the ride was soggy but good. RG is still on form, which continues to give the rest of us something to chase. Fear the catch my friend, fear the catch...because once your caught...well we have all seen the footage of the caught riders going way OTB!

As I was driving home yesterday I saw a sight I knew was a sign that the universe was spinning in my direction...there, hung neatly on the back of a classy RV, was a nice Mt. Tek! They live among us and their power is yet to be tapped. I will note that I have never, ever, not even once seen a Sunkyong on the streets!

Weekend Rides:
I am out for a Saturday outing, but Bambi is meeting 7:00 tomorrow morning for a two hour outing with an old buddy.

Sunday is my day, although my hall pass is for early in the day. I have to be done by 12:30. I would love to get on the dirt as the days to the 24 hr are rapidly drawing to an end. Thoughts?

What are you doing at work today:
Came across this beauty along with the report that Levi Leipheimer will be toeing the line at Leadville this year. The video is of Levi tearing up some trail somewhere. I am pretty sure that a video of me at my desk doing the work I do would not be nearly as much fun to watch. More power to them for figuring out how to earn a living on a bike...

Levi Leipheimer on a Mountain bike from Roger Bartels on Vimeo.

Until we ride,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It was wet so we rode it until we couldn’t stop. Then we ate tacos.

We need some sort of ride report, lest our efforts slip quietly into oblivion.

Moments of note that I recall:
  • Bambi took a hard impact into a large rock. Bruised and bleeding, he rode on anyway without complaint showing his annealed, hard-ass, FT3 riding style.
  • Group consensus was that this was the wettest ride to date that did not take place under precipitating skies. Some even proposed it to be the wettest ride without any such caveat, but Captain and I know better than that.
  • NoHandle, who was the Acting Ride Leader, proposed a new addendum to the by-laws. Riders with multiple gears shall not fly off the front on SSFT3 nights. Is it the rider or the bike? Hmmm ...
  • We rolled in a respectable 6-pak last night. NoHandle, Captain, Bambi, RG, Xteric and myself comprised the pack.
  • NoHandle can probably give a better route description than I
  • Brake pressure was at a premium last night, with at least a few riders having a bit of trouble keeping their speed in check at times
Thank you B for the write-up.

Until we ride,

Addendum #1:

Speaking of 6-packs, I believe a 12 pack of mostly pre-BRS was consumed before and certainly finished afterwards.

The by-law was only in effect if the geared rider was the ONLY geared rider, if more than one was present, then all bets are off.

Route: Drop down to lake, up to road kill to back door over to classic flemming #8 and ass drag back home. Short mileage but lots of work.

(Thank you he "Without Handle" for the clarification and elaboration.)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where is my muse?

The sun is helping, but not much. I have not had inspiration of late?

As for tonight's ride...
Pollock appears to be out? Lots of wet heavy snow still on the ground. I think I will be gone soon but tonight may be too soon.

Cable Road CX departure from Bambi's?

P'ville CX adventure?

Who's in for what?