Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Missing me some FT3

Remember the days when our DRL would post up great long call outs, the anticipation of who all would chime in and the fun on Wed. as your relived the ride through the writing of the "Ride Report".  Remember when Councilman or NoCar would write a witty poetic post filled with inside jokes and good humor. 

Remember when we were 6 strong, at a minimum, Remember waiting for the post to go up and who would chime in.  Remember when the "hidden" comment field grew to 20 or 30 comments.  Remember it?

When was the last time you had Chicken bake (not me, but you lucky ones) or a "Lady and the Tramp" taco share nearly happened.  When was the last time PC pushed a tree over all by himself or RG cleared the RG.  When was the last time someone slept in their car in the Knot Lot?

OK, so times change, i get it.  At least Long Rides and Very Long Short Rides are still happening (sorry, my attendance is abismal).  But, will the Knot Hole be the same this time next month or next year?  Will our DRL return to the blog or his place at the front of the rides on a regular basis (from personal fitness stand point I hope not).

Where was I going with all this?  Oh yea, I'm missing me some FT3.  I know it is dusty and my attendance has been shit, but I'll be there tonight.  Hope some of you can join.


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dusty Ride Expected, Long Rides Projected

Hello FT3ers -

The long and the short of it is that it is Tuesday and I would like to throw out some concepts for future longer than short rides.

1) TAMBA Rose to Toads is nearly full (7 spots left for ride only) , shuttle definitely full. If you haven't registered... like I haven't... it's may be too late without dealing with some logistics on your own.

So depending on your perspective, that is a challenge or opportunity. Opportunity to plan our own, challenge to register right away and deal with logistics. I am going to throw out Sept. 29th for "planning our own." I am sure we can get a shuttle and if someone can help me secure (NoCar) a spot at Big Meadow (NoCar) on Thursday the 27th (NoCar) we should be good to go. Thoughts?

2) Newb a while back said we should do the 24 hours of Old Pueblo ride in February 2018. I like the idea, Lars liked the idea, do others like the idea? Sprinter van trip to AZ? XTeric?? Early registration ends in October. Think about it.

Declare your interest for both of the above and charge your lights for tonight.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups

If its not the DTI, then its the AQI.
We started out 8 strong last week for a spin on dusty trails under smoky skies. Unfortunately, the sensitive group had to peel off leaving only 3 to finish the ride. Got a big batch of sauce from our new sponsor, unfortunately they are too hot for our more sensitive riders.
More of the same tonight. Who wants it?