Sunday, June 30, 2019


Owing to pressing circumstances, the FT3 Executive Steering Committee convened an unusual closed session and made two determinations.

First, a new dinner venue will be tested this Tuesday. For many months now, FT3 has contemplated how Tuesday nights could exist without the Knot Hole. After an appalling meal service last Tuesday, proposals for alternative taco service were solicited. Hands down the superior bid came from Chickenbake, who promised to serve delicious tacos to all riders at the Pine Lodge. A 9:30 dinnertime was agreed upon, with taco orders placed before riding. To accommodate the different dinner location, the new parking spot will be the area to the east of Sly Park Road at the saddle, across from the intersection with Onyx Trail.

Second, as no long rides have been scheduled for July, the quintessential LRP, Strawberry-Kirkwood, has been slated for Sunday July 7. Interested riders should contact Junior or Nocar. Uninterested riders should be bummed, because its going to be awesome. 

Also of note, the Rose to Keys ride is scheduled for the first weekend of August, details to follow. 


Thursday, June 20, 2019

For Consideration

Tahoe MTB Fest:
The route for the Triple Crown has been altered as the USFS wouldn't permit the activity when the soils are still so wet. To see the new route go here:

Worth noting that the route is only 20 miles with 4100 feet of vert and starts/finishes a few miles away from the festival location. Not sure if this matters as FT3 doesn't always ride the official route.  

Taco Tuesday:
I finally stopped in at Chickenbake's cafe (South Fork Eatery) and was pleasantly surprised by the nice space and the masterful sandwich she created. But, the big news is that she has teamed up with the Pine Lodge to put on a Taco Tuesday. She prepares the food ($2 ground beef tacos, $3 carnitas tacos) and when her shop closes she keeps it going at the Pine Lodge. Last week she didn't close the kitchen until 9:40! I am confident that the tacos are 100% more delicious than Knot Hole tacos.    

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Long Days Long Rides

Last Tuesday proved, again, that FT3 rides are hard on bikes. But, in the face of a catastrophic mechanical, FT3 made it to the Taco Table on time by marching up the spillway corridor, pushing Lars on his unchained bike along the dam roads, rolling down to the boat launch, then letting Lars do what he does best the rest of the way. 

Some fine riding this weekend:
UL new trails in North Tahoe

Father's Day Pollywood Perimeter Ride

King Fire Forest Destruction Tour

That last one confirmed a route connecting Ice House Road from Peavine Ridge with Forebay Road or Mosquito Road. 

Almost solstice, big moon, water temperature at the Jenkinson marina is 78.


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Excessive Heat Warning

We'll get to experience our first taste of summer heat tonight. Though the trails still rate as super-prime. Fortunately, FT3 likes it hot. Extra Hot.

Unfortunately, some still haven't figured out what season it is. 

But, all the mountain bikers know its the season for looking out for sticks. 

Whatever your appetite, things are going down this weekend. Cappy mapped out a route for his medium length Father's Day ride. 

Better get some heat training in. Swimming anyone?

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Get it while the gettin's good

Sly park trails will be nothing short of perfect this evening. Be there or be pedaling squares!

LRP Planning:

This weekend?

6/16 Fathers Day Massacre: Discussion of hitting all the Trails in Pollywood for 5-6 hours on Sunday June 16th. Early start so we can get home to our families to eat drink and be merry. I propose 7:30 wheels down at the Knott lot.

6/29 I am registered for Carson City Off Road, assuming I am the only FT3er going...unless I hear otherwise, let me know.