Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tunnel Vision

We found a sweet dust free trail last week.

I'm sure there are others.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Last Tuesday was another high point in the lives of three riders. The small pack meant more preBRs, more FT3BRs, less dust, and more attention from the Taco Bitches.

Fro is sick of waiting for attendance tallies to reach 25 before handing out red shirts. Last estimate was three remaining, better show tonight if you want one.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I can't ride, but someone will

news on the street is some of you are ready for red shirts. Fro is ready to deliver.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Weekly Ride Report

A combo perhaps unseen assembled at 6:45 in the Pollywood lot.  There may have been an Ice beverage.  Led by Buttons; XTeric, nocar and I rolled out and went up the lower reaches of Qualifier.  After that we went some more places.  Buttons, with some helpful input from XT, led a fine ride in his own favela, full of short, punchy climbs followed by rewarding drops.  Then he was en fuego a la taco table, riling up the esteemed Knott staff with his creative lyrical adaptations to what the juke had on offer.

As indicated in the last post's HCF, this weekend is the Meyers MTB fest.  There will be shuttles, demos (plus bike anyone?) and most importantly the supported Triple Crown Ride on Saturday.  Placerville's Red Dirt Ruckus will be playing Saturday afternoon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Rose Berry

Last minute preparations kept the backchannel busy last Friday. B was scheduled to drive the four of us to Big Meadows, but his truck was in the shop. No worries.

Did you know that RVs are registered in the same category as limos, and it is legal for passengers to drink alcohol?

The party stopped on Friday night when our shuttle driver politely, but firmly reminded us that we needed to go to bed. With patience and resourcefulness, our man at Mountain Mojo provided service exceeding what could be expected from a driver and got the FT3 shitshow rolling, earning him a rating of 8 out of 8 tacos.

Ride highlights include:
The Bench

Scavenger hunt to the Stash

Reaching Star Lake

The most impressive feat was accomplished by Xteric who spotted B’s brake pads on the trail. Meanwhile at the top of Freel Peak, B was desperately flapping his brake lever trying to create pressure. With typical FT3 ingenuity, XT fashioned a cotter pin out of the foil backing to a tire patch, and B was able to crush the long and technical descent.

Logistics for this High Holiday FT3 Ride are notoriously thorny. our cooperative sharing of duties will be a model for long rides to come. B brought the meat, the Dolphin, and the cookware; Cap’n organized the shuttle, assisted driving, and brought the Party Grill; I got the campsite, organized meals, and did the shopping; and XT’s job was to take out the trash.

Tuesday night. I hear some riders may be getting red shirt call ups. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

It's Tuesday and We Hit Rose-berry this Weekend

Happy Tuesday FT3! To those of you who can ride tonight, congratulations! It's going to be the best FT3 since last week. And to those of you who get to long ride in the mountains regularly, congratulations! It seems Buttons, B and XTeric may be holding the official high mountain high count on participation in the high country. Is there a shirt for that?

You should know by now that Rose-Hole-berry is going down this weekend. Here are the high level details once again. If you have more detail and permission to edit this blog please clarify as needed.

Riders Currently "IN": 5 Pack - NoCar, B, Cap'n (Day 1 rider),  Xteric, Dr. J

If you wish to participate in some manner other that what is outlined here you are welcome!

Unknown Local? Buttons? Day 2, Sunday-only riders? Safety?? RETIRED GUY!!!???

Rose-Hole - the details:

Thursday Evening: Secure Camping Spot at Big Meadow Campground at Luther Pass near Meyers  - NoCar

Friday evening: 

  • Depart Pville, leave car at Knott Hole (or strawberry) for 2 day riders. 
  • Riders drive to Myers and arrive at said camp spot. (FYI to those who wish to ride with me up there, I am heading up at 5 or 5:30pm.)
  • Our shuttle driver will be spending the night at Big Meadow with us. He will sleep in the shuttle rig and will be on site ready to roll when we are
  • Saturday morning: Depart in shuttle at 5:00am? Shuttle driver has authorized a McDonald's stop if deemed necessary this year. The shuttle cost is $30 per rider and I think we should tip him so plan on $35 minimum. I know he is making a big push to take five riders this early.
  • Shuttle to Rose
  • Ride back to Big Meadow (best part)
Saturday evening: Day one riders either spend the night or go home with tail between legs in auto

Sunday morning: Day one riders go home with tail between legs (me included) taking one for the team by returning camp gear to NoCar or B's. Day two riders depart for Strawberry

Sunday evening: Two Day riders arrive at Knott Hole Strawberry Lodge and hopefully eat chicken bake western bacon cheeseburgers, drive dropped car home.

And for tonight?