Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I couldn't help myself.  FT3 has been officially hacked by the one formerly known as Bambi.


Getting off the plane, racing to the car, driving home, going to ft3!  Plane was delayed, so charge time is hurting on lights. Looking for extra lumens from anyone.
The fabled twice baked chickenbake taco.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

All I want for Christmas is a...

After a warm cup of water with fresh squeezed lemon, I started my day with a breakfast burrito swimming in a pool of Cholula. I have squeezed my freshly converted tubeless 29er tires several times already this morning, marveling at the way they brilliantly hold air, sans tubes. The air is brisk and filled with cheer. My Elf on the Shelf is riding a reindeer. My single speed conversion is indicative of the changing season upon us. My hopes for 2015 are beginning to brighten, the Old Caz Grasshopper on January 31st, Cool Mountain Bike Race March 8th, Coolest 24 May 29-30th, Tahoe Sierra 100 August 15th. In 2015, could all of our wildest dreams comes true?

Will we get some fresh new kits?

Or will we start riding bikes like this?

Will Rock get some Nox composites, are those on his list?

Will No Handle ski Shasta, or ride dirt just like this?

Will the Grognard get ridden? 

Will Newb keep on splitten? 

One things for sure, I know I am smitten, with the fact that this FT3 I am gettin. 

So charge up your lights, prepare for your flight, Christmas FT3 is a' happening, and this is the night!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Solstice Bonfire Call out and it is Tuesday too.

It is that time of year again.
The NoHandle family will be hosting our annual Bonfire again this year.
The event will be this Sat. Dec. 20th starting at Dusk.

All of my FT3'ers are hereby welcome.  We sent out an evite last week but I didn't have everyone one of your email addressees so please accept this as your formal invite.  This year's event is a little diff in that we will not be feeding people.  You are welcome and encouraged to bring a fireside pick-nick dinner and of course as always, bring the following.

  • Your own drinks.
  • A chair
  • Flashlight
  • Event is rain or shine
This is a family event, bring your wife, GF, kides and grandma.

Here is a picutre of Newb last year - what was he all excited about?

And here is a picture of B - I think B and Newb were having a celebrate-off.

I'm Hoping all of you can make it and would love to see some cycle commuters here as well w/their Mrs. driving out for the return trip home.

Oh and Peter stopped by over the weekend and left me with a crappy feeling in my chest so I am on the fence for tonight. I may make a game day decision based on how much I want to get wet and cold.  Damn Peter, hope I can sweep him out of my memory and toughen up by EOD.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Breaking News

I was going to post a call out for the ride tonight. It was going to be witty, eloquent, and entertaining. There would be some pictures, and the commentary would contain some reference to an issue of global or national  concern. It would be poignant. 

Screw it. I just wanna ride my bike with some good friends.

See you at the Knot. You know the drill. I expect we'll have quite a time tonight . . .

Last Tuesday:
The numbers were thin last week. Spawn was still tired from the Hobo ride, RG was drinking sherry with Peter, Partial Credit was toiling at this week's callout, and Lars remains under house arrest. 
The pre-ride prep was leisurely, no rain and balmy temps. A fender proved to be the best layer, as we only got wet from puddles. Until about 8:40, when we crested 8B. In a moment the clouds burst and rain pummeled so hard we could barely see. The trails ran with muddy water and we beat it back for tacos. 
Been a flurry of small rides this weekend, I guess everyone is getting ready for the main event: the December 9, 2014 FT3 ride.   

NoHandle "You've heard of photo bombing, this is blog bombing"
Sorry to "bomb" your post PC, but while this is not world news, it is pretty fun to drive around - f'ing fast does not describe the speed.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

First Mud

A new surface texture has recently been added to the FT3 riding experience, mud. In case you have forgotten how to handle this soil form, Taco Spawn has performed a demonstration. He descended at high speeds into a saddle on the upper ridge of the Happy Valley Road. At the base of the saddle a puddle had stored the sediment from road runoff. Slowly the sediment congealed into a semi-solid.

You can see in the above figure how Spawn’s front wheel quickly decelerated when entering the deep muck. It became a pivot point around which the bicycle and rider rotated. Spawn was then projected into the mud pit at speeds in excess of 25 mph. Fortunately, the same properties that make the mud so difficult to ride through also make it safe for crash landings, and our hero emerged unscathed, though filthy.

Tonight will be a night to test men’s fortitude. Weather forecasts predict a quarter of an inch to fall during ride time. You may want to bring two jackets. I’ll bring a thermos of something delicious to keep us warm during the pre-ride kitting session.


Word is the Hobo ride was a success. I haven’t heard a full report. Perhaps one will get posted.