Thursday, September 27, 2012

Return of New Guy (Lars), Bambi & Nosauce

I offered shuttle services and B and Long Dog gladly accepted the ride to the Knott. 
. . . and then there were 6! Lars, Local Unknown, Nosauce and Bambi met us at the lot, and just about when we departed, Xteric called in saying he'll be joining us late.  So Lars led us up a few loops around the qualifier area where we met Xteric on the trail. Then there were SEVEN!  Lars continued to ride around the Lake taking the upper trails on the east side.  There were no mechanicals to slow us down so Local Unknown stayed for the whole ride (and departed prior to Tacos). 

At Tacos, great conversations were had.  Bambi was mistaken for Captain and Xteric offered 2 tacos, one of which I had (Thanks Xteric).  A fine evening of great riding took place!

Sunset took place around 6:50PM so I didn't take photos on the ride.

Departed: 6:45PM,
10.7 miles,
1 Hr 37 minutes total
 2,900 ft climbing

Unless other plans have changed, the tentative ride (49, cronan, EDH, bike trail) this Saturday at 3PM has been cancelled. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

CX #1 Race Report and Happy Tuesday

Hello FT3ers - So I figured you deserve to be updated on what you missed last Sunday while you were not racing at the 2012 Sacramento CX Race #1. The first hing you missed was young Gen 2 rider, Colin taking a clean second in the kids race behind a you man on a downsized cross bike with the last name Myrah. Young Colin was racing a single speed, so that would be him first in the single speed category. Check out the style over the barriers!
Nice work young man. Just like your pops.

The Mens 35+ A race was a relatively stacked field of ten. I lined up on the front for my shot at the dry and technical course that included a climb that just got steeper and steeper every lap.

My FT3 climbing legs proved worthy, as I was able to ride the climb every lap. In fact, by around lap three when I was riding, er hanging on for dear life, to a position just below 6th where I would later finish, I decided the race was between me and the hill, I disregarded my competitors,  I just wanted to ride that climb every lap. In fact, I was basically recovering from the climb the remainder of the lap, every lap. It until lap 8 of 9 that the A's started lapping me. And it wasn't until the second half of the last lap the the legendary Don Myrah lapped me. I managed to stay close to him to the finish line, which was an accomplishment in and of itself. My lungs burned, me legs ached. It was a good start to the season. Now if I can only stay motivated through December. 

Other FT3 riders appear to be targeting some CX this season. R.G. is secret training and won't sell me his tubular wheelset. Lars teased me that he would go this Sunday and bailed last minute by saying "I have several on the calendar." Green Fro will be getting his cross on soon. And others??

In case you missed it I recently sent out the 1 year in advance callout for my 40th birthday in Vegas next year. This trip will feature the Cross Vegas Race, Interbike annual bicycle industry show and ???? Who's in??? September 18 - 20th, 2013. Let's roll. 

I am out tonight due to soccer. Have fun.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thanks Golden Spoke for the Free Drinks!

Local Unknown and Xterric met the group at the Knott for a FIVE strong ride.  "It's the Tuesday Riders!" was heard as Cappy ride led the group up qualifier to climb powerline. We made another ascent after powerline and returned to park creek.  At this point, local unknown departed as he was without lights.  Sun set at about 7:15PM.  Park Creek led us to Chopping block (AKA Tokyo Drift by Xterric).  We headed left at the bottom of Chopping block, crossed the flume and climbed back to park Creek.  The we ventured over the deep dust to Barnes back where we met more deep dust the whole way down.  At the bottom of Barnes back, we turned right to head back to the lot via rock garden and 1A.  Xterric took a chicane too quickly and went down on 1A (being safe, I was far behind and didn't see the accident ahead).  We got back to the knott via lake loop after 1a.  No mechanicals on this ride!   At the Knott, the kind Golden Spoke treated the group to free drinks!!  Thanks Golden Spoke!

Table talk included various topics.  When was the last time there was a Ft3 ride without both B and NoCar??  If you were given one last race (Mtb, road, x-cross, track) and you were to never ride a bicycle again, what event would you race?  Cappy mentioned cross, others mentioned Leadville 100, and No Handle said the continental divide race.

 As we were departing, the waitress mentioned something like this, "It so confusing sometimes with your names and all those new people, Especially like that new guy Lars!" 

Ride stats: 18.5 miles, 2Hr 35 minutes total, departed 6:46PM, 4k ft climbing.

Cappy's tentative call out for Saturday September 29th!  3PM Squito lot for Cronan, EDH, railroad loop. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It must be spider mating season

Captain kindly waited at the Squito Lot for me, B, and Long Dog.  Long Dog had his boot removed and paw showing positive signs of recovery.  After loading the bike up, B, securely mounted the FT3 bib shorts flag on Captn’s truck.  We were greeted by Xterric at the Knott Lot with his trusty new (3 week old) Titanium bike.  To accommodate his through axle, Xterric had a special setup in his truck.  Local Unknown took a glance at us and drove off:  later to return with his cellphone, making the group 5 strong.   Pre-ride discussions included what helmets are great (Squish, you missed out on the fabulous discussion).  In short, buy a comfy helmet and one that works with your light.  Don’t buy Captain’s helmet, it may leave you with helmet marks 4 tacos in.

Local Unknown was properly handed ride leadership and he took us on some great trails around the qualifier.  Some of the trails included rock garden, 1A, and other fire roads leading to and from the lake.  Captain punctured his rear tire (lack of sealant) up a climb and it reminded him of his shared flat with Xterric on the Folsom to Placerville ride.  Xterric and I offered help to any of the riders that need to install tubeless tires as we both have air compressors.  Send us a back channel if interested.  At 8:20PM near the lake, Local Unknown handed over ride leadership to the remaining group (Xterric, B, Captain and me).  We jointly agreed to complete clockwise lake loop taking the horse trails, towards upper Palin’s.  This is when we were greeted by the tarantula spiders.  Two were on the lake loop and Captain encouraged them to reside off the trail.  After completing upper Palin’s the group attempted the XXX climb by the first dam a few times and returned to the Lot via backdoor.  Captain almost rode into 2 webs with 2 more spiders but went around them back to the lot.  Long dog was excited and happily greeted us upon our return.

In remembrance of our fallen heroes and brave fellow Americans 11 years ago, someone should have ordered a 9-11-01 but no one took that order.  Tacos were great as we were presented with special green salsa to accompany our taco order.  It was a great night of riding and everyone had an awesome time!!

On the ride, I realized that I don't have contact information for a few riders so if you're interested in having an informal FT3 directory, let me know in HCF (hidden comment field) and I can put something together and get it out to everyone.  This way back channels can include everyone.  Thanks!

GPS ride info:
15 miles (I started the GPS late so maybe 15.5 miles)
Departed 6:50PM, 2hr 35 minute total time
4,600 ft climbing

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Penance Ride

A gathering of the devout took advantage of the cool Sunday morning to race to Plymouth. Deep in cross-training, Cappy drove the pace and Green Fro gave him chase. The hills weren't climbed, but conquered. After a South County loop that was a flashback to the Slug Gulch Century route, we started our return. NoHandle, under the guise of RideLeader snuck in a bit of idyllic Happy Valley.

Too soon, however, we were on Unpleasant Valley. The miles stacked into the forties, the temps reached the 90s and, all of a sudden, staying up late for the Doug not Josh CD release party (with guest drummer Cappy) seemed like a bad idea. The paceline raced forward and I clung to the wheel in front of me. Behind us cars piled up like empty bottles on a Tuesday night. We were riding too fast, and our line was too long for safe passing on the narrow road. And we were so focused on the requisite twitchy handling that we never noticed the swarm of angry drivers that, once unleashed, laid on their horns as they passed. But, they all give us a wide berth, and none of them threw anything, so it was just noise.

Turning onto Big Cut, free of the car pressure, I fell off the back. My body declared that electrolytes and water were not in proper proportions and if I tried to ride hard the kidneys would be turned off. NoHandle who had been lingering behind on the sporty mid-ride spars, started a solo attack. I have no idea if he managed to pass any signs before Cappy.

After reconvening in Placerville, I started the climb to Camino. I wanted to call the Mrs. since we were a couple of hours longer than planned. But, I hadn't brought a phone, or tools or anything, because, in the hazy morning, I concluded that the pack of "Be Prepared" riders would have everything. And thus I experienced full atonement when my tire flatted near the top of the EDT and I had to walk the last mile.

B, not quite ride satisfied, went mountain biking with Noob later in the day.

Pactimo Order List for FT3
Asent Cycling Bib Shorts M
Asent Cycling Bib Shorts L
Asent Cycling Bib Shorts XL
Summit Bib Shorts
Mens' Summit Pro SS Jersey - S
Mens' Summit Pro SS Jersey - M
Mens' Summit Pro SS Jersey - L
Mens' Summit Pro SS Jersey - XL
Men's Continental LS - M
Men's Continental LS - L
Evergreen LW Vest - M
Evergreen LW Vest - L
Custom Arm Warmers - M
Custom Arm Warmers - L
Pactimo Ultra-Lite Rain Jacket (Clear) - M
Pactimo Ultra-Lite Rain Jacket (Clear) - L
Micro Fiber Cycling Cap
Micro Fiber Winter Cap
Aspen Thermal Jacket
Continental Long Sleeve Jersey
Aspen Bib Knickers
Aspen Bib Tights (no chamois)
Aspen Thermal Vest
Breckenridge Wind Jacket

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Two Course Tuesday

"What? No!" NoHandle exclaimed as he rifled through his bike bag. But, no amount of searching would locate the shoe that he had left at home. With a promise to return in forty five minutes he sped off. The rest of us finished prepping and followed Unknown Local to the Qualifier start as he wanted to share some new trails. We followed the road high and to the left of Qualifier proper, began the descent from the five way intersection at the saddle, then dropped a fire line passing burnt out stumps on the trail dubbed Flame Out. We then road the Last Boy Scout, looped the little interpretive trail and followed the lake back to the Knott, where THTH arrived a moment later.  

Having missed the appetizer ride, NoHandle claimed RideLeader for the main course. Out the back, horse trail, up the dam, to Fleming loop, with a Palin finish. Everyone was ride satisfied, and wanted to get back a little early, so we skipped swimming, and took a seat at the beer end of the empty bar. Xteric and I brought offerings, so mediocre tacos had some fresh zing.


Kit Orders: Who wants shorts, bibs, jerseys, or long sleeve jerseys? Tell Rock God now or you will be miss the boat.

Sacraments: The faithful are encouraged to meet for worship of Our Lady of the Skinny Tire. Services will begin at 8:00 at the bagel shop.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Annual EDT Trek Ride

So last week I made the callout for FT3ers to join me on the now annual El Dorado Trail Trek ride (EDT Trek Ride). Two takers signed on - one of them wisely foregoing a potential golf trip for this trek instead. I departed Granite Bay en route to the EDT around 4:45pm whilst Councilman departed Main Street Pville for the EDT just slightly earlier. Xteric had a planned departure time of 5:45pm. Councilman was headed west on improved trail while I took down some of the local Granite Bay mountain bike trails along Folsom Lake (they are actually somewhat fun). A pit stop at Folsom Bike for a free Ice Mocha and rock star treatment delayed me a bit, but alas - I was fully caffinated and ready for the adventure.

When I jumped on the tracks south of White Rock Road, I took the above photo and texted C-man who indicated that he had just departed Latrobe and was headed in my direction. We met a bit before Latrobe and backtracked for some quality track riding and to visit a really cool bridge and water crossing of what I think may be Deer Creek. I will try to add more photos to this post later. The trail section adjacent to Latrobe Road in the area where the tracks parallel the roadway is worth riding. Fun, fast and bumpy with a lot of rollers. From Latrobe up to and through a couple crossings of South Shingle we enjoyed some quality track riding, and the smell of dead animals where we met Xteric. Track riding has a special place in the hearts of FT3, it is akin to riding the slash and sticks of the wedding march in its current state. It was just about time to turn the lights on when our group became three. At this time the trail adjacent to the tracks kept getting better and better, and Xteric, fresh off his Podium Xterra finish and atop a new steed began charging and setting a mighty pace.

Around 9:00pm we arrived at the Shingle Springs market at Mother Lode Drive/Pondorosa. We hauled Beer Nuts Cashews, Jerkey and Big Boy PBRs out of there and went to do some ho-bo'n along the tracks. Once fueled up for the last section we made our way on somewhat familiar trails into Pville. After crossing Missouri Flat Road and nearly being able to taste the victory of our completed ride, Councilman was nursing a slow leak and Xteric and I, deciding to keep it real, took down some dirt along the improved trail just beyond the Weber Creek bridge where both of us, seemingly on the same object - flatted our rear tires. Stans sealent poured like a Pre-BR on the first tuesday of the month. Xteric put in a tube and I went to work on making my Stan's do its job. C-man had put a solid gap on us and Xteric and I hedged our bets on whether or not he departed for home - it was now 11:00pm. Like any good Councilman, he was at Forni Road awaiting our arrival. There were cheers and we raced on low tires toward Main Street and Xteric b-lined it for his house which was his original starting point. A fun time was had by all. Those who enjoyed the westbound trip indicated it was a merry and joyous time. And, I who only had a eastbound trip too indicated it was a merry and joyous time. FT3 local long ride - C-man had about 56 miles, I had about 52, Xterric about 45. Let's do this again!

Happy Tuesday & SSFT3. I am out tonight! Have fun!