Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This one time, at Band Camp

Just as we were all kitted and ready, I received a call from Xteric. He had just left Placerville and wanted to know where we would be riding. Rather than playing the missing rider game, I told him to hurry and we procured refreshments to bide our time while we waited. The Rideleader assignment was discussed. B remarked that he had been rebuffed by Cappy last week, and he still wanted to Ridelead. NoHandle and I then formally nominated him for the role and none opposed.  

When we were finally scrambling to rollout, Booker suffered a paw pad injury while loading into RG's truck. The wound was serious enough to require medical attention by FT3 team vet, Squish.

The tenor of the ride was established immediately. We plunged to the lake, took one of the steeper routes to regain MET at Sly Park, and then started a dizzying array of dam drops and low country secret trails. Many (all) of the short and steep pitches are unnamed, and I could never begin to recall the order of them anyway. It was estimated that we were never further than a mile from the Knott.

Two riders earned special recognition for their prowess:
Xteric, resident puncheur, nailed the climb from the end of the first dam to the horse camp three times, while (to my knowledge) everyone else walked it. Therefore the trail section was dubbed XXX.
Noob let loose a harrowing wail as he careened the trail B called the Spiral Staircase. Dropping to Sly Park Creek from B's chin, this highly technical section keeps getting steeper and the price for failure keeps going up. As he flew out of control on the fully rigid stumpy his life flashed before his eyes. The rest of us were content to walk our bikes down to the tranquil pools at the bottom.  

As awesome as the riding was, no call was made for a long ride. Coming in at 10 miles it was decided that there had never been a ride that packed in so many vertical feet for so few miles. After a refreshing dip we gathered around  a table at the Knott and laughed over the night's hijinks. RG in typical brash fashion ordered fish tacos. Mother Rye served them up with the comment "I used the smallest pieces of fish I could find." Much mocking ensued.


  1. Thanks for the post ride write up Nocar. I updated your write up to include a ride map. You can see the bottom left loop on the map as B's chin, spiral staircase and connector towards the backdoor. The other loops were ridden a few times as I recall. With all the circles around those picnic benches, I sure felt that cross season is upon us.

  2. I just added a detailed section of the picnic table circles. Ride stats according to the computer:

    9.8 miles,
    2hr 14 minutes (departed 19:17),
    3,400 feet of climbing

  3. Hope the pooch is doing well, he was such a trooper. It is funny to see how many times we hit certain parts, much "dam play" to be had indeed. Thanks for the report and the ride stats!

  4. Sounds like I missed an epic outing. Starting this week I work nights for forseeable future but will be working hard to block out some Tuesdays to get out for FT3. Thanks for the great rides this past month.