Tuesday, May 7, 2013

And Cycling For All....

"Poetry is like bread, it's for everyone".

I saw this photo on FB, and it made me think how, deep down, we are all poets at heart. From nursery rhymes to Hip Hop, we all just want to "rock a rhyme, rock a rhyme that's right on time". This isn't a craft reserved solely for eccentric, artistic types, nor scribes from 12th century Persia . From prince to pauper, we can all take up the pen, and hone our creative expression however we see fit. 

But this is a site about bicycles, so why do I ramble thus? Cycling is equally universal in it's following and folly. Despite leaps in technology and reach, the art of cycling is alive and well in anyone astride two wheels. Our friend, the late night Sly Park commuter, knows this at his very core. Whether he rides because he wants to, needs to, or has to, he pedals on, and remains true to the spirit of our craft. And, at the end of the day, who dares begrudge him the title of cyclist merely because he doesn't compete in sport, or don the latest apparel and accoutrement. We are ALL cyclists, equally entitled to our share of the road or single track, and like the ancient poets, beholden only to that authentic expression that comes when we put pen to pad (or rubber to dirt) and follow the flow. 

So, on this damp and cool night, join the fray and express yourself in whatever way defines you. Tis SSFT3, so a 'ring of one' is encouraged. Yet there is room for all shapes and sizes of cogs, and none shall be shunned. There will be talk-o table discussion around Kwalifiying, renewing your Long Ride License, or nutritionally themed long rides with narrowly defined dietary requirements (see B for elaboration). 

Lastly, I pen this missive with a heavy heart, as my new career is calling me to begin co-facilitating a weekly parent skills group for challenged youth. You guessed it, the meetings are held every Tuesday, from 6-9, for about 12 weeks. I may indeed join for the taco portion, but I will see the rest of you on weekends and alternative night rides. 

Fare thee well, men, and I pray your PreBRs are fresh, precisely chilled, and waiting for you upon arrival to the Knott. 

0  ;(


  1. So counselman, I was under the impression that tonight was going to be your last FT3 night. Am I reading your post correctly in that you are NOT going to be participating in tonights festivities? I sure hope you can, as it could come accross as though one might be bowing out due to weather and lack of gears.....

    In any event, ONE pushing one GEAR!

    1. never, and I say NEVER due to weather or a lack of gears. I was mistaken on my schedule, and will be meeting with the lead facilitator to review materials before the class commences next Tuesday. No LAST rides, either, just a hiatus in the name of professional development.

  2. What is this talk of "Last FT3 night" Never say that. I'm in SB again so missing tonight sadly so as I can see the conditions are as good as they can get for SSFT3 or any night. And just when the dust had started building the blessed rain comes back.

  3. No HCF blow up this week? Nocar should have received funds for the jersey from me a few weeks ago. Hopefully the order is going through because I can't wait to represent FT3 with style.