Monday, December 30, 2013

A Knotty New Year

Tomorrow is Tuesday, so I assume all those not on the injured reserve roster are charging lights and checking tire pressure. Especially since this is one of the rare Tuesday's when the following Wednesday is a holiday. As has been noted, there will not be a post-ride Taco Tuesday. Instead, The Knot Hole will be serving all those other delicacies that we are occasionally served when Mother Rye wants to clean the leftovers out of the refrigerator. Think chickenbake, taquitos, guacamole and the like. And if they aren’t serving tacos, then the whole menu gets thrown up in the air. Imagine ordering a draft beer or a vodka and tonic!?! Certainly the ultra-conservative P-party wing of FT3 will boycott such tomfoolery, but I am excited about reveling with the regulars. Also, camping in the new Supermax parking lot is permitted, along with burning Christmas Trees. (Though, we may not burn any of the 22 cords of wood that Spawn has neatly stacked.) The best part is that B has volunteered to be on babysitting duty the whole night, and I’m certain a designated driver (cough cough taxi cough cough) can be found for anyone who insists on sleeping at home. 

I am OUT for the ride (expected return date is 21 January), but Mrs. Chickenwing and I plan on making the party. 


  1. In and in and in. I got a wife, who's pregnant that also has a licence. Could do squito meet up so she'll have the Volvo that can take two extra bikes and bodies.

  2. I'm in for the ride, the chicken bake, and a modicum if merriment. I will be heading home, so if anyone is inclined to sleep in their own beds, I can accommodate a handful of riders. Vive le FT3NYE!!!

  3. Ride & Run - in for ride, eat, then gotta run. Can take an extra bike home if anyone needs that.. UL

  4. The Mrs. and I will be biking up. She may try and catch an earlier ride home. I would like to hear last call, and will be prepared to bivouac if all the drivers leave early.

    What no word from RG?
    We may have to tear the PBR off his sleeve!

  5. I'll be having a mellow, mildly buzzed but in bed before midnight kind of New Year's with the family. You all do it up right, and I'll see you the first Tuesday in 2014!