Tuesday, May 27, 2014

LRP Recon Report

The Hell Hole area has long been considered ripe for an LRP. One unknown section stands between connecting Van Vleck to the Eldicott Bridge -the McKinstry Trail and the Hell Hole trail. I figured I could knock those out in a casual morning. Guessing that I may have Cappied the time estimate a bit, Mrs. Nocar cooked up a plan where we would drop a shuttle car and then camp out near the trailhead. This also allowed us to reconnoiter the start of the trail, which appeared scratchy, but present.

I started riding at 7am. The trail immediately disappeared. Besides hiking, I ended up brush crashing, rock climbing, and scree scrambling. When I did finally get back on a trail, about halfway along the Hell Hole Trail, it was so covered by downed trees that I never rode more than a quarter mile at a time. And often I couldn't even make a hundred feet. Miraculously, seven hours later, I reached the dam, and then got to enjoy the sweet Hunter Trail all the way back down to the target car.


  1. out one more time. parents are in from outta town and leave tomorrow. some family time for me. I will see you guys next Tuesday.

  2. I used to ride with some super fast guys in Pollock on Tuesdays. Is this the same group? What time do you ride? Is it ok to wear lycra?

  3. Out tonight. Half way through our G-Town moto ride Monday, I had an allergic reaction to an insect sting, full hives breakout and inflammation of joints. Need to get tested and start carrying an Epi Pen.

    Enjoy the perfect weather and last remnants of ground moisture.

    Keep the rubber side down. RG

  4. Thanks for the report, Nocar. I'm glad the spirit of adventure is alive and well. I wonder - will you be resting up tonight, or joining us for a recovery ride?

    I am fully in for this evening. Good times await . . .

    1. My body, bike, and DTI all took a beating yesterday. Still not sure about riding tonight.

  5. I will be heading out for FT3 searching and hopefully sighting at about ~7:30pm from Chez Barnes...could I be so bold as to ask for a text prior to roll out with rough route details as to assist in my FT3 hunt?

  6. Out with the plague and my last week of academic and professional hazing.

    Enjoy, you lucky %$#&'s

  7. 7 hours of whacking and log hopping is a true test of mental toughness Nocar. Well done
    More changes to the Knot Lot have been made. Get ready to share our sacred space.

  8. Nice ride report Notrail - or was that a bushwhacking report? Chafed? Or Chapped? I've done my share of being lost due to missing trails on maps too. Sure is annoying when someone just draws a line where they think there is a trail. That's where one should drawn a line.
    Unfortunately, i won't be getting lost tonight - as out again. UL