Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rides On Your Calendar

We parked in the far corner, claiming a little space in the busy Knot lot. RG served refreshments and gave EPI-pen demos. Xteric's quiver got deeper.

Departure was prompt. We followed Spawn, Charging to the Left Lip, then snuck off on a new trail by the log ladder. Horse trails around the lake, and then a bunch more mountain biking including more new trails.

We pedaled miles and miles in a lingering sunset, not turning on lights until we were already hungry for tacos.

The Knot was humming, but the throngs quickly thinned. Tacos were quick, leaving time to linger at the fire.

B and I took advantage of Mrs. Nocar's trip to Lake Tahoe by arranging a shuttle. We rolled Hawley, S. Upper Truckee to Big Meadow campground, TRT, Toad's, to lower connector trail behind Meyers to 89, took Hawley from the bottom, then sang down the XP to the Strawberry Lodge. We arrived with time for a beer, just as California Chrome was led to the gates.

At least four different rides were discussed over pilsner at Councilman's. Some of those had to have gone down.


Father's Day
Xteric will be producing a Strawberry Kirkwood Ham Ride.


Friday June 20
Secret Late, Late Ride

Saturday June 21
Silver Lake Long Ride

Sunday June 22
"Got any ride left?" ride




  1. IN! Did get a ride in on Sunday. An uneventful 38 miles into work followed by bonus miles on mini bmx rigs while at a work function. I'm down for fathers day ride, sounds delicious.

  2. Tonight: In, 2 (or 3?)
    Father's Day: In

    Sounds like all the cool people were at CMans early and left before the rest showed up.

  3. I am going with FOUR. Potentially heading up early for a pre-ride lake loop.

    In for Fathers Day ride.

    Let's continue the discussion started at C-Mans about the Tahoe LRP. Sundays in July are better for me, if we can do Rose to Big Meadow the 13th or the 20th I could go.

  4. I'm in at 6! Tentative on Father's Day, but working on it.

    Nice moves, Newb!

  5. Trying to figure this blog thing out. Barrett way to fly the diversity color buddy. Forest Service would be proud. In for a ride tonight but will need you guys to do a lap around so I can tie in with you a little late. I need my FT3 fix.

  6. My wife is outta town and have to take my dog out for a quick leg stretch

    1. You're almost qualified on the blog, just need to change that Display Name. Full name is way too official.

  7. C-man, are you bringing that keg up so we can polish it off in the parking lot?

  8. I wonder how Squaw Valley, former Olympic host will come to terms with this finding. Will they change their name and submit an apology to the entire world for their wrong-naming of their facility?

    1. They have long tried to changed it to "Olympic Valley".