Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The trails are freshly washed and the temps will be somewhere between sweaty and shivery, but don't forget your lights. I heard a rumor that Lars and RG will be baking pumpkin squares with Peter, but I could be mistaken.



  1. Actually you are wrong. It will be me who will be baking pumpkin squares. Actually I will probably have some beers and carve the 2014 SF Giants World Series pumpkin. Peter is not invited. There will be 12 oz lifts involved and those hurt his arms.

  2. SAC CX #2 race report: I controlled myself and went off at a reasonable pace. Since the guy next to me was wearing the world champion stripes (and it was not Don Myrah) I knew we were in for a fast one. They guy's name is Henry Kramer, he is the 55-59 Masters World Champ, Don is the 45-49 Masters World Champ. Surprise, Henry ended up taking the win. There is still hope for us young guys. Check out these old dudes crushing the scene!!! The course was relatively flat, weather was warm, there was a really good run up with a barrier at the bottom, a double barrier and another single barrier. Lots of good tight turns and some wide open spots for laying down the power. I have been doing a bit of running and was able to crush the run up and barriers lap after lap without too much excessive overload. Around lap 3 I was passed by one rider, around lap five I was passed by two more. With three to go I started coming around and began clawing my way back. I passed one rider and caught up to the other two who were rolling together. Unfortunately, I was unable to deliver the pass on the last lap. I was happy to have caught them and not to have nearly passed out after the race. It's the little things that matter most. Cappy junior took the 8th place spot in the Junior 10-14 division (he is 8). He beat two kids that were older than him.

  3. Cody Kaiser rode the run up that literally everyone else was running up.


    Check out this video where he threads the needle of other (runners) in traffic:

    1. Looks like he cleared the barrier at the bottom of the run-up at high speed.

  4. I guess conditions will be too perfect tonight for the hard men of FT3.

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  6. Pre b r ratios are looking good

  7. Can't wait to walk some of those steep ups! ha