Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Blizzard of Twenty Fifteen

We five hard souls met in the Knot Lot. Amid swirling fat snowflakes, we sipped strong tea and piled on layers of clothing.

 Given the depths of the drifts, The Supreme Ride Leader chose the easiest climb, MET.

Several four wheelers drove past. They took video and called us crazy. The snow blew hard into our faces and tried to seep beneath our layers. For the effort it seemed we should have reached highway 88, but we only made it to Park Creek Road. When the Ride Leader asked if every man was committed to a descent that would be impossible to climb out of, we all shouted "Aye!" and plunged into the powder.

Our descent was a riot of white. Our hubs disappeared into the drifts, the snow spraying up like waves crashing into a ship's bow.

The little climb from Park Creek to Barnes Back was a mighty effort. Even shallow descents required pedaling in an easy gear. As we neared the lake snow turned to slush and the wet made everything cold and heavy. We made a beeline for dry clothes and tacos. 

As usual (except, obviously, when Cappy is present) the Taco Table discussion included upcoming long rides. Taco Spawn is intent to produce his circumnavigation of Pollywood, including a staged camp site at Sand Flat. Should be coming up any weekend now, except for the weekend of April 24th when the big Nocar gets old party is happening. Consider yourself warned.

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