Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Fat Tire Fat Tuesday (No Tacos) delivered a high potency good time. After leaving Camp Knott Lott, we made a beeline for the left lip. Fro carried in a roll of hardware cloth that we used to retrofit the dangerous log ladder. After that, the pack lost cohesion. When we finally started back to the Knott Lott (sometime after 11), our group was fractured. All blamed Cappy. Burgers and brats sizzled on the grill while Xmas trees torched in the fire pit. With no pressure from staff trying to close, it was tough to concede that the night had to end.

After the carnival, is the period of penance, when riders abstain from indulgences to harden themselves for Long Ride Season. Whether it is not making dinner for the family, coming home early from work, or putting off doing the taxes, sacrifices must be made in order to ensure a full commitment to the Tuesday night ride.



  1. 2! The one called Unknown was under he impression that Mother's absence was 2 weeks in length. So we have confirmation there will be tacos tonight?

    1. That information is woefully out of date.

  2. Out. Work throwing pass interference once again.

  3. Still out. Work is grinding me down with 7 am meetings and travel trips every week. I'm getting too old to hang with FT3 AND be 80% plus the rest of the week.

    Old Man PeterG

    P.S. - Plus, maybe the past 4 days of activities have something to do with it. :-)

  4. I added some pics and refrained from editing the "all blamed Cappy" line. I blame the hurricane. No matter, by my next return it will likely be a distant memory. Sadly, out.

  5. In
    No car pool driving from Tahoe.
    I'll take some blame, Cappy. I was the majority vote to press on to the BBQ. B did state to turn around which is what any unfogged hurricane ft3er should have done.

  6. Always sad to be out. It looks like the group did a wonderful job retrofitting the Left Lip ramp! I remember it broke years ago and became more steep after another fix.