Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Last Tuesday was another high point in the lives of three riders. The small pack meant more preBRs, more FT3BRs, less dust, and more attention from the Taco Bitches.

Fro is sick of waiting for attendance tallies to reach 25 before handing out red shirts. Last estimate was three remaining, better show tonight if you want one.



  1. I'm out; working in Vallejo this week again.

    Love the picture, nocar.

  2. I suppose there is an off chance I would be riding if a few additional FT3ers had shown up to help me move, but that may be the same optimism that makes me think I can complete a HoBo ride in 4 or 5 hours. Thanks to those who did show, XTeric, Green Fro and Unknown Local represented FT3 well. They deserve some Aces and chicken bake.

    1. Yeah, sorry 'bout that Cap. I was not in town. Way to step up, XT, Fro and UL.

  3. It is notable that our page views are approaching 6 digits. Would anyone like to predict when the blog will hit 100k views?

  4. Can anyone remind me of what I was supposed to do this weekend? Seems like I had an obligation but my calendar is vacant. Who has a long ride window this weekend for some local high country rambling?

  5. Missed out was working up in Humboldt I'm sure you can guess as to what.