Tuesday, May 30, 2017

In Memoriam

Tonight's ride will have an alternative start, so we may participate in a commemorative ride for FT3 progenitor Sore Legs.

The itinerary is something like:
  • Meet at the Mosquito Lot at 6. 
  • Road ride through Apple Hill. 
  • Stop for refreshments. 
  • Proceed to Pollywood. 
  • Ride more. 
  • Eat tacos. 
  • Get home somehow.


  1. Out for ride with some pinched nerve issues. In for tacos and can return 4 to the squito lot. Keep me posted backchannel on taco portion.

  2. I will try and join the ride in Camino.

  3. Out, still in Oregon. Pedaled this morning in Sisters (Peterson Ridge). Hit the McKenzie River Trail yesterday, which was sweet.

  4. Bummer but I am not going to be able to make it. Got full parenting duties with the wife on a field trip. Have fun, pour some out for our homie.

  5. Some of you will remember Josh Bender as the guy who famously said "Go Big or Go Home" after launching himself off a cliff in the late 90's. Well apparently he is putting on a local event in... Georgetown! www.benduro.com

  6. XT and I are sticking with the traditional format