Tuesday, October 10, 2017

FT3 Should Ride Tonight! And Race CX Saturday!

Dude, you guys should go for a MTB ride tonight! I will think of you while I am looking for rattlesnakes on the Sacramento cycle paths. Oh and by the way I have to pick up your kits at the Fed Ex place in Rancho Cordova because they did not deliver them at my house! Going the extra mile for you FT3ers. Like now, posting this call out without even a chance of riding. Have fun gents, my hiatus is over half way done, I will see you on a Tuesday soon.

Read this article, this is just about how I prepared for the Carson City Off Road this year:


Sacramento Cyclocross Race # 1 is this Saturday at Bass Lake Regional Park in Cameron Park, get out there and support this local venue!!



Viva FT3


  1. N+0. Still in Missoula through next week. Hope to make FT3 on 10/24. I was recently offered my job here (R1 Regional Bridge Engineer) permanently and I accepted. Opportunity knocked. Formal letters and final dates forthcoming so the details are still in the works. Not sure how long I'll be back in Placerville before moving but it should be at least a few weeks/month(s?) but who knows. Tacostrong!

  2. Dang B jumping on the blog and dropping bombs on the FT3 crew. We will have to throw down hard as hell while you are back, at least a HoBo ride. You can be the honorary HoBo. You will be missed bro, we will have to roll an FT3 vacation ski or ride trip up there some day. Seems like the right call career wise, and there is that kindergarten teacher there. Viva FT3!

  3. Its amazing the impact a young single woman can have on a man's profession. Congratulations B. In protest of your departure from P'Ville and FT3, I am abstaining from FT3 tonight to cry in my beer alone.