Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Snowed Out

This late arrival of winter is negatively impacting our ability to ride our "not fat enough" fat tire bikes in the deep deep pow that lays upon the trails of Pollywood. Thus, we must make amends. 

We don't have one of these:

But we do have one of these:

We also have local trails and routes that can be weaved together. Last week our four pack had a nice time taking on the cycle paths of the valley. We also enjoyed some delicious tacos plates and beers that are possibly better than PBRs. 

No Handle Leaned how to "Bro Haul." 

Keeping it real. 

Urban FT3

Delicious Beers.

There was talk of an FTSki. What say ye? 

I am voting for another urban assault, my splitboard would be extremely inefficient in the pollywood area. 



  1. I can't make it tonight. Too much tapering, kids activities and extra curricular activities. I highly encourage the Urban assult if your interest is cycling, last week's event was a surprising amount of good fun and Mexican food.

  2. Urban assault or mtb ride at Cronin. Up for either

  3. I’m out with a ski injury and grieving from loss of a friend at Kirkwood on Sunday. Hope to join the ranks again soon even if it’s from the rear.

    1. Dang man, sorry to hear this on both fronts. I wasn't aware there was an incident at Kwood, so sorry man...get well soon...

    2. Sorry to hear the bad news. Also hope you are on the mend

  4. Sorry to hear the news! Was your friend the Mother Son tragedy?

    As for riding, I am with Fro. If it is RR, I suggest Frenchtown loop. I heard from a local that the snow is melting fast in Polywood. Unknown

  5. Talked to Fro, he left his house with road bike. See you at Mosquito lot at 5:45 with road bikes. I think we will go Folsom again to stay off roads in darkness.

  6. Out. Still waiting for a surgery