Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Subject to Flooding

Given the green light to get out of the house for a few days, I started looking for a partner for a bike tour. Always hard to come by, I managed to convince a buddy, promising more beers than miles.

We parked at the Sacramento train station, crossed the I street bridge and continued straight up the bowels of northern California, the Sacramento River. Watering stops included the Elkhorn Saloon, Sting Rayz Marina,

Lovey's Landing, and Rocco's Marina.

We traveled along quiet agriculture roads, passing more tractors than cars,

and on top of the levees.

For camping, we crashed through the riparian brush to find the sandy beach at the inside of a river bend. 

A big night of partying in Chico made Monday morning feel disturbingly like a Wednesday morning. We wanted to take the train home but Amtrak sucks. A fortunate screw up at the car rental set us up with the perfect shuttle vehicle though. 

 Mrs. Nocar is traveling for work this week, so I'm out.


  1. Nice trip. Solid watering hole selections.

    N+0. Will think FT3 thoughts while I bike home from work though.

  2. NoCar, that is a great tour, way to keep it close to home and on the DL. I'm glad to see you doing it and a bit jealous.

  3. Out tonight
    Nice ride Nocar. I’m jealous too!